College campuses have long been known and even openly celebrated as massive dens of debauchery, a place where “kids” go to “sow their wild oats” and enjoy “the college experience”, which is assumed to include indulging in all manner of sexual depravity and substance abuse. The basic idea is (and has been for longer than I’ve been alive) that late-teens should not only be treated as children where expectations are concerned, but they should be downright encouraged to seize the “opportunity” to openly rebel against God by diving deep into the sewer of sexual perversion and drunkenness, among other things, all while being given a pass by society since “that’s just what kids do”.

After generations of this approach, we’ve arrived at a predictably disgusting, pathetic destination, a place in which the most routinely and reliably produced human product flowing from American college campuses are skanks, idiots, and snowflakes.

While there are some positive products managing to make it through the same system, the expected norm for college product as become morally perverted, staggeringly ignorant perpetual adolescents who are also staggeringly proud and impressed with themselves and quite certain that, if the universe does not currently revolve around them, it is their righteous mission to make it do so by any means necessary.

This is where generations of anti-Christ approaches to education has taken us.

This is the reality chronicled in a recent article from The College Fix entitled “Slutty sheep: Veteran academics warn college students are going off the rails”, which included the following lovely little bits of insight as to what “the kids” in America are up to these days:

“. . . Today’s college students are “situationally confused.” They have no room in their schedules for “intellectual curiosity.”

And their sexual promiscuity is practically the only part of their lives that their colleges refuse to police.

Two veteran academics who have diagnosed different plagues in modern higher education have little optimism for young people entering college for the foreseeable future, judging by their presentations to a conference this past weekend at Franciscan University of Steubenville, a conservative Catholic institution.

College students have no passions today and “aren’t trained to pay attention to the things they feel connected to,” former Yale English professor William Deresiewicz told the gathering on the “crisis” in American higher education at the Veritas Center for Public Ethics.

In fact, higher education has become “profoundly unintellectual” and student life has become about “accumulating gold stars,” said Deresiewicz, who publicly disavowed Ivy League education several years after leaving Yale.

The author of Excellent Sheep, which fleshes out his views on the failure of elite education, told the Franciscan crowd that most students nowadays think that being intellectual simply means getting good grades.

Deresiewicz explained that most students now engross themselves so much into learning the structural parts of their classes that they “don’t have time for intellectual curiosity.”

Students “can’t think for themselves because they don’t have time,” he said.”

He began assigning A-minus grades to students whose papers simply checked all the necessary boxes for an A but didn’t add any real insight, while working with those students to help them find their own intellectual voice.

Deresiewicz recounted how a student once told him “‘I hate all my activities, I hate all my classes, I hated high school, and I expect to hate my job,’” and that she had accepted this as her reality.”

These reports should be anything but surprising.

Sad, heartbreaking, and even angering?

Sure. Of course.

But surprising?

No way.

The amoral (and therefore inherently demoralizing), anti-intellectual, pagan indoctrination cesspool status of American college campus life has been widely known and proudly broadcast for many decades now.

We covered this at FBC nearly three years ago in Giving Our Daughters “The College Experience”, where we asked and answered some important, and quite basic, questions, including:

“Ever wonder why we’re having the cultural experience that we’re having right about now?

Ever wonder why we’re having the “gay marriage is ‘legal’” experience now in America?

Ever wonder why we’ve been – and continue to have – the “child-sacrifice for convenience is ‘legal’ experience here in America?

Ever wonder why we’ve been “enjoying” the production of more and more secular-minded “Christians” and a more and more openly pagan culture for generations now?

Ever wonder why each successive generation of Americans – certainly including the professing Christians among them – is more and more secular-minded and openly pagan than the last?

Well, there’s no need to wonder, really.

The answer is obvious. Painful, but obvious…if only we’ll take an honest, hard look at it.

It’s all about education. . . “

A year prior to that, in Adolescence is a Big Fat Lie, we asked another equally relevant question:

“Did you know that 18-year-olds are not children?

They’re not kids.

Well, they’re not supposed to be anyway…however much the typical American 20-something male might seem to be living evidence of the contrary.

They may well be the children and kids of their parents, and those parents are always going to lovingly consider them in that light forever, which is sweet in its own way, but that isn’t the point here.

The point is that 18-year-olds, and 15-, 16-, and 17-year-olds, for that matter, do not belong in the “child” or “kiddo” category, because they are – get this – not children. . . “

Who knew, right?

Who knew that there was no such thing as adolescence and that there was no get-out-of-morality-free card available to teenagers so that they might “sow their wild oats” with relative impunity?

Who knew that “sowing wild oats” was never acceptable, never desirable, and would always lead to pain in the lives of those practicing it and the death of the culture that encourages it?

Who knew these things?

Who knows these things?

Biblically informed men, women, boys, and girls, that’s who.

Which is why biblically informed men, women, boys, and girls are about to inherit a slew of incredible opportunities as the systems built upon and promoting the anti-Christ spirit of the age come crashing down in a heap around us.

As “the college experience” continues to take its toll on an unrepentant American culture, unleashing armies of self-absorbed, ignorant, STD-laden, fragile-yet-aggressively angry SJW snowflakes obsessed with imposing their emotion-dominated will upon society before crashing and burning in dramatic fashion, it is God’s grace-fueled remnant that will be left standing in a position of previously unthinkable opportunity.

At the end of the day, this stupid snowflakey storm will pass. When it does, those grounded in the reality of a world made and governed by God will be very well positioned to build and accomplish great things, all by God’s grace, all for His glory, and all to the eternal benefit of His people.

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  1. Social Justice/Feminist are imposing this narrative: As a woman my primal unconscious urges justify my actions and it’s unlawful to question any assumed privilege or feeling I have. The goal of this is the abdication of responsibility, the tool is guilt and shame manipulation, the method is destroying the reputation of conscientious men or women who take responsibility and tell the truth.

    What is the difference between fascism and communism? Fascism is a tyranny that dad would create, and communism is a tyranny mom would create. Things really go sideways when you try to implement the lunatic ideas behinds theses tyrannies on everyone. For instance, feminazis are essentially a female supremist who mostly attack men. If feminazi ideology was imposed on everyone that would change just like the Nazis, no one would be safe. Nazis killed and attack primarily whites, like around 50 million of them.

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