Just look at all of those American schoolkids being led by their teacher in a mass, Nazi-style Socialist salute. Hard to believe that was common in U.S. public schools not so long ago.


You had no idea?

You think I’m making it up?

You’ve never heard (or seen the many pictures) of American kids being led by public school staff in performing the Nazi-style tribute to the United States flag?

They never told you about that…in school?

Hrmmm…I wonder why?

Why would government-run schools not deeply explore such a seemingly important bit of information as Nazi-like fidelity to the State as a part of their past approach to “educating” children?

The question kind of answers itself, doesn’t it?

If not, please read it again.

The uncomfortable history of government-managed life in the “land of the free” over the past 100+ years – particularly the history of government-run children’s education – is something that we must grasp if there’s to be any hope of properly recognizing, much less correcting, our culture’s current State-run rocket ride to hell.

We have to stop obsessing on cue (via talk radio and/or Fox News prompt) over the symptoms of the symptoms of the symptoms of our fundamental problems and we need to start attacking the root causes directly – root causes like government-run children’s “education”.

Back in September of 2017 we dared to ask the question: Is it ever okay to refuse to salute (or sing or pledge) to the U.S. flag?

In that article we shared the following narrative-obliterating, and therefore inherently agitating, facts:

“. . . I’d like to share a little bit of important American history that most Americans don’t know about the U.S. flag, U.S. public schools, and the U.S. Pledge of Allegiance.

Let’s kick off this little stroll down a near-universally avoided stretch of Memory Lane by taking in some pictures from U.S. history of U.S. kids saluting the U.S. flag in (and around) U.S. schools:

I could literally go on and on with these. There are many similar shots from U.S. public school history to share.

And why?

Because the now-infamous Socialist salute was a standard accessory for U.S. children while taking the U.S. pledge to the U.S. flag in U.S. government run schools, as late as the 1940s, when, for obvious reasons, the Socialist salute became a little uncomfortable by way of association with a particular flavor of Socialism – the National Socialism (Nazism) of Hitler’s Germany.

How could this have happened? Why would we here in “the land of the free” and the home of the NSA ever have considered doing such a thing?

Because long before Hitler fanned the flames of his brand of national Socialism, we fanned the flame of ours, and nobody fanned those flames more purposefully than Francis Bellamy, the Socialist who wrote the U.S. Pledge of Allegiance.

Please don’t skip over the significance of that last line there: The Socialist who wrote the U.S. Pledge of Allegiance.

Let it soak in.


Yes, a flaming Socialist wrote The Pledge that so many “conservative Christians” cherish and defend like a spit-shined golden calf of their very own these days in America.

Think about that for a while, please.

And don’t get mad at me for pointing this stuff out, okay? These are facts. This is history.

All that should really matter is whether these things are true or not, right?

And they are.”

So why is the present generation of state-“educated” young more weak-minded, state-dependent and anti-Christian than the last?

Why is each successive generation of state-“educated” product more inclined to state-control and less inclined to Christ as King?

These are not trick questions.

This is not rocket science.

It’s more like basic math.

Very basic.

We are moving steadily toward government control over everything in the culture because we have given government control over shaping the minds of our children.

For well over 100 years now.

That’s the deal.

There’s nothing to be shocked or surprised about here.

What else could any thinking person have expected?

The path we’re on now is anything but accidental, and until we recognize and repent of the life- and culture-rotting sin of sending our children to the State for indoctrination in an explicitly anti-Christian approach to reality, we will not only continue our cultural descent into darkness, we will deserve it.

We deserve the gender chaos sweeping the land at this very moment.


Because we still send our children to a system for “education” even though we know that the system in question can’t (or won’t) even coherently define “boy” and “girl”. (For more on that, please read If a system can’t define “boy” and “girl”, we shouldn’t send boys or girls to it for an “education”.)

We do that to our children!


If we keep sending our children to that system, it won’t much matter what we do about immigration, Islam, China, border security, or anything else. Any gains made will be temporary and ultimately swept aside by the even more anti-Christian/Socialist product cranked out by public schools over the coming generations.
You can count on that.
Your children and grandchildren can count on it, too.
Apart from rejecting the State-managed children’s education model, our “land of the free” will continue its designed, managed descent into the full blown Orwellian hellhole that we can already see on the horizon.
That’s how statism works.
That’s what the idol of State does.
There’s more than one way to sacrifice a child.
Until we tackle that reality – until we stop feeding the children that God has given us to the beast of State-run “education – we will (and should) continue our current sprint into oblivion.
May God grace us with the vision to see what we’ve done, the spirit to repent of it, and the courage to do what is necessary to make Him Lord in practice over children’s education and everything else.

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