If there was any doubt remaining as to whether the “professionals” permeating mainstream media were little more than moronic drones programmed and deployed by their corporate masters to mindlessly spew wave after wave of increasingly imbecilic propaganda for the purpose of nudging us toward an age of complete childlike dependence upon the matriarchal Mommy State, one need only consider…the measles.

Which is basically Ebola in Snowflake America.

Worse, apparently, based on the coverage Ebola actually got from the genius guardians of truth in mainstream media when the infamously hellish hemorrhagic fever-inducing virus arrived in America a few years back. We were assured at the time that it was no big deal. Sure, it may have a fatality rate of 50% or more, and it may have earned a grisly reputation for quickly and efficiently killing people by having them dramatically bleed out of their pores and various orifices in agonizing fashion, but no worries. Nothing to see here.

But the measles…well…that’s a whole ‘nother story…

The measles are serious, you see.

Very serious.

Super dangerous, too.

A regular existential threat to humanity.

At least that’s what the “experts” and “professionals” in mainstream media seem to want us to think.

Don’t believe me?

Check out this brilliant bit of work from ABC “News” earlier this week under the headline “Measles cases confirmed in 3 new states amid Washington outbreak”:

“Health officials in Georgia, Hawaii and Oregon have now reported that there have been at least one — if not multiple — confirmed cases of measles in their states. . . “

Gotta love the “if not multiple” insertion there. As in: There might be more than one case of measles involved. [insert shriek of horror here]


You terrified yet?

If not, read on…:

“This comes amid an outbreak in Clark County, Washington, where there have been 38 confirmed cases of measles and 13 suspected cases. . . “

Yes, this article is centers on an outbreak totaling 51 cases…at worst…

Cases of measles.

Not Ebola.

This ABC “news piece” continues:

“The presence of the highly-contagious disease in other states is prompting warning calls. . . “

“Highly contagious”…like Ebola, the 50+% fatality rate virus we were told not to worry about by the same “experts” a little while back?

Or maybe just the kind of “highly contagious” needed to help scare us into a vaccine product or two or…maybe 2-3 dozen by the time your kiddo is 15 months old. (Yes, I said months.)

I feel compelled to apologize for being compelled to interrupt this article after every single sentence to point out how laughably idiotic every single sentence seems to be, but…it is what it is…

…and it continues:

“This active cluster comes on the heels of 187 confirmed cases of measles in New York State this winter clustered in New York City and Rockland County in unvaccinated communities. . . “


“Unvaccinated communities.”

There’s the problem!

They’re way more dangerous than Ebola…not that Ebola is all that dangerous, especially when compared to measles.

The ABC “News” idiocy rolls on:

In Hawaii, state health officials warned that two unvaccinated visitors traveled to the Big Island and had confirmed cases of measles. These two cases are connected to the outbreak in Clark County.
The individuals, whose genders and ages were not released, “were exposed in their home state to an infected international guest,” Hawaiian state epidemiologist Sarah Park wrote in a letter to health providers, which was obtained by ABC News. . . “

First off, what’s a gender?

Remember: The same morons/”professionals” who write this most humorously incompetent of propagandistic bilge also think  – and insist that we all think – that Bruce Jenner is a woman.


Interestingly enough, the fundamental craziness of these people on both TransJennerism and the measles has been on full display for years. Back in 2015 in a post soothingly entitled MEASLES!!! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!, we chronicled the unintentionally comedic “pro” media spin on measles as follows:

“Can you feel it?

Can you sense it?

Can you smell it?

There is a dark terror stalking the land.

[insert Darth Vader breathing here]

A great evil has come.

And it is hungry.

[add Jaws theme music here to accompany Darth Vader’s breathing]

It feeds on misery and pain.

Few can imagine the horror of this monster…this beast…this plague

It stalks.

It watches.

It waits.

Nobody is safe. (Thanks to those anti-vaccine wackos.)

There is nowhere to hide. (Thanks to those anti-vaccine nuts.)

[Add Halloween theme music on top of Jaws theme music and Darth Vader breathing]

Every man, woman, and child is at risk…every man, woman, child is a target…every man, woman, and child is a potential victim. (Thanks to those anti-vaccine crazies.)

A most fearsome predator has been awakened from presumed death. (Thanks to…you know who.)

[Add Omen themed Gregorian chants on top of Jaws and Halloween themes here, accompanied by Vader breathing]

It stalks us with Grim Reaper like purpose and determination.

And it really, really, REALLY …[*drumroll*]…itches!

I mean really!!!





A whole lot!

You have NO IDEA how much it itches!

No idea at all!

Unless, of course, you are one of the millions upon millions who have already contracted and rather easily survived the unparalleled scourge of…THE MEASLES!

No, wait; let’s back up and try that last part again:

[activate James Earl Jones’ Vader voice here]

“…the unparalleled scourge of THE MEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAASLLLLES!!!

Yeah, that’s better.

Nowhere close to the gravitas warranted, of course, but better at least.

And remember always: The one and only power capable of saving us from this devastating (and did I mention really itchy?) super-plague is…State-funded, State-promoted, and State-protected vaccines.

Howsabout that?

See where a few generations of systematic pacification, State-dependence, and pop-culture immersion has gotten us?

It’s like we’re an entire culture of Bruce Jenners or something.

To see the way that the measles are being positioned as the foil by which we might be terrified into pushing for the forced medication of children against the will of their parents is one of the most blackly comedic demonstrations of God’s judgment upon us yet.

The very real good news in this is that once you get through the tears of laughter and/or weeping at our overall pathetic condition, there are many very encouraging signs and opportunities made plain in this sad, sorry tale, including:

1. The System is desperate. I mean, the measles?! Time is slipping by and people are waking up. The State and Statists are making mad, measley grabs for power while they can, because they know that trends are working against them. They have to move quickly and they know it. Hence: The Great Measles Apocalypse.

2. Popular propagandists on the secular Right are being revealed as every bit the Statists as those on the Left. Fox News “conservatives” like Megyn Kelly are increasingly coming out in MSNBC-esque support of State-as-parent positions. This is only helping the awakening process mentioned in point #1.

3. The overall stupidity of the State- and Corporate-contrived and controlled artificial culture in which we have been submerged is being made apparent. While the vast majority of people are still clinging to their denial and idolatry of The Matrix, more and more are being shaken into consciousness by the grace of God through the flagrant idiocy of the pagan worldviews trying to hold them down and keep them in the system. The biblical foolishness of unrepentant man really is highlighted quite beautifully in situations such as The Great Measles Apocalypse.

The fact that the measles (!) has been used as the conduit for the insane, hysterical anti-family, pro-State propaganda of recent weeks is the most telling component of all. Ebola was “no biggie; we have this under control”. But the measles are all: NoooOOOOooOOOOOO!!! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!

…and into the arms of the State, of course…and the Corporations that own the State, which happen to also make…vaccines!

Neat, huh?

Take heart, Christian!

Our enemies are stupid.

And desperate.

Powerful for the moment, to be sure, but desperately and terminally foolish nonetheless.”

Remember always: The Category 5 stupidity of these people infects every subject that they touch, and the disease they spread only gets worse and worse until it either, A) finishes off the host culture, or B) is identified, isolated, and excreted as the toxic waste that it is.

So the next time you read some similarly insane bit of Measles As Ebola “professional journalism” from the nutcases manning the propaganda cannons for Big Brother, remember to wash your hands thoroughly while laughing out loud.

Then flush and get on with life.

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