It should come as no surprise that the King of kings has opinions on the subject of marriage and that said opinions are perfect in every way because, among other things, the King in question is the Author, Definer, and Sustainer of marriage.

With that in mind, how do we chart a path to understanding where the intersection of marriage and politics is concerned?

Put another way: How do we rightly understand the interaction between one of God’s creations (marriage) with another of His creations (the political realm)?

Framing the question that way changes quite a lot, doesn’t it?

Ditching the flimsy (and that’s being infinitely charitable) presuppositions that politics and/or marriage are somehow man’s to do with as he sees fit apart from subjugation to the King of kings is an essential first step toward rescuing both marriage and politics from the darkness in which they’re immersed these days in our not-so-coincidentally dying culture.

Reminding ourselves of the actual, real-world lordship of Christ over politics and marriage right here and now is one of the first steps taken in this week’s installment of our ongoing Tennessee General Assembly Bible Study.

For those interested in following along, here are some images of the print material accompanying this week’s study. (We had a one week pause on March 19 due to the annual Prayer Breakfast event being at the same time, so the March 19 study actually happened on the 26th.)

Here’s Page 1:

Here’s Page 2:

Here’s Page 3:

And here’s Page 4:

For those of you supporting the Bible study as we continue in our second year: Thank you!

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If you’d like a .pdf version of the study guide, please let me know. I’m happy to send one on.

Your prayers and support are greatly appreciated!

In His grip,


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One Response

  1. We have a fellow going to our church who was involved in fornication. I think the man is divorced. The woman got pregnant and produced twins. He came to the church to seek forgiveness and I was told he was really sorry for what he had done. On day I was helping him with one of these children who I thought was his grandchild. I knew she was living at his house but had no idea who she was. So I asked him who she was and he said she was his girlfriend. I just about lost my breakfast because he was bringing this woman to church with him frequently. When he told me he had talked to the pastor about it I was horrified.
    I confronted the pastor about this and he told me he knew about it but that the man had come to them broken and sorry. He said the man assured him the woman was sleeping in a separate room. I told him it didn’t mattter where she sleep everybody who saw them believes they are living together. The pastor said it’s a mess, but it was too hard to ask the woman to leave his home because he needed to help her take care of the children. He said they needed to get married, but he could not perform the ceremony and the woman wanted a ceremony. I also asked him if he would tell a man struggling with pornography that it was ok if he kept dirty magazines as long as he kept them in a separate room? He said he knew it was a big mess. I told him this situation was making a mockery of Christianity and proving Saul Alinskys fourth rule of radicals which says “make the enemy live up to their own book of rules. You can kill them with this for they can no more obey their own rules than the Christian can live up to Christianity.”
    Every where we have gone to church the church has had a worldview contrary to God. It is no wonder our culture is where we are. Broken homes and broken lives scattered across America and the church is right there leading the way.
    But there is hope because people like me will never bow to this worldview. Our family is strong today because I didn’t listen to the church concerning marriage, divorce, remarriage.
    Fight the good fight Scott.

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