For those who haven’t heard, China decided to reboot The Stand late last year, only with an incredibly annoying twist: They decided to do the whole thing for real.

Before you assume that I’m frantically typing these words in wide-eyed terror while frothing at the mouth in slavish devotion to a massive conspiracy theory complex, you may rest assured that I’m quite chill and relaxed as I write. I’m calm and unafraid. I’m downright happy, even, having finally gotten things mostly situated at a new residence after enduring the truly apocalyptic horror of moving.

My wife is loving the new pad, my kids are loving the new pad, and I am loving the new pad in many ways and for many reasons not even on our radar of possibilities just six months ago, even though we have at least a couple more weeks of serious work ahead of us in order to get everything fully settled and ready to roll into the many projects and plans that we have in sight for the coming months and years. Even so, we’re all basking in the glow of a massive shift for the better having taken place in our world over the past few months of preparing to move (with a whole lotta painting, cleaning, etc.), moving, and then settling into a new home.

Life has been and continues to be very, very good…because God has made it so.

This is the context in which the whole Coronavirus thing came to my attention. Just when I was getting to the point of enjoying the nice, new, exceedingly calm and peaceful nature of our new setting, along came China’s lame Stephen King impersonation.

For those unfamiliar with The Stand, it’s one of King’s most popular and iconic works, centering on an apocalyptic near-future scenario that kicks off when a lethal, government-engineered version of the flu escapes from a top level government-run bio-weapon investigation/development facility and quickly spreads around the globe, killing millions. While it remains to be seen how closely China’s reboot aligns with the original, there do seem to be more than enough similarities to warrant the comparison.

Before I get into the similarities, I should mention that while I have done a lot of research on the subject over the past few weeks, I make no claims to anything resembling expert status and I am holding nearly every belief that I have about Coronavirus with an open hand, very much eager for correction and open to it by way of solid information. I encourage others to do the same, both where initial research (do your own!) and openness to correction/revision are concerned. I should also mention that I do not expect the Coronavirus to produce anywhere near the destructive consequences of the plague of The Stand…though I do believe that The Chinese Government’s Coronavirus can and will do much more damage and cause much more pain and death than people are anticipating right now, which is one reason why I thought I should pause my settlement efforts long enough to share these thoughts.

Despite apolcalyptic overtones of The Stand comparisons, one thing I’ve enjoyed about the ongoing Coronavirus saga has been some of the humor that’s sprung up in the West. As a Corona fan, I’ve particularly appreciated memes featuring things like Budweiser bottles wearing surgical masks while being stuck in a fridge next to some Coronas. The opportunities for quality jokes and memes have been great in the wake of the outbreak over the past few weeks, and while I’ve enjoyed a good many of ’em, I am a little concerned that people have come to write off The Chinese Government’s Coronavirus as a joke…which leads me to the first of what I consider to be a few significant similarities between King’s Captain Trips and The Chinese Government’s Coronavirus: The virus is a government-engineered product.

This is why I’ll be referring to the virus from here on out as The Chinese Government’s Coronavirus.

Big Government needs to get full credit for this bug and all that flows from it.

Communism, Leftism, and Statism need to be loudly and routinely attached to this plague.

While The Chinese Government’s Coronavirus may not have been (but very possibly was) a purposefully engineered bioweapon, it was certainly – at least as much as a guy like me can use a word like “certainly” in a context like this – engineered by what can be called The Chinese System.

Multiple credible reports have confirmed this in various ways, including revelations that the genetic code of The Chinese Government’s Coronavirus explicitly presents hard evidence of artificial genetic engineering, which fits hand in glove with the fact that The Chinese Government’s Coronavirus originated in Wuhan, which just happens to host China’s first (and only) Level 4 bioweapon research facility. They don’t call it a bioweapon research facility, of course, but that’s what it is.

In typical Big Government/Corporate damage control fashion, China (and its sycophantic media tools that permeate Western dinosaur/mainstream mega-media platforms) did their best to blame the emergence of the virus on bats, snakes, bats-plus-snakes, and people who might have eaten certain bats or snakes at or near a market near Wuhan. But before they could get around to blaming the Russians (which would have instantly ended all speculation for many of the most zombified among us), things got out of hand. Information became accessible and examined in detail through God’s gift of the Internet.

In this we see one of the more encouraging deviations between the stories of The Stand and The Chinese Government’s Coronavirus. King’s novel, though presented as a “near future” story, was written well before the emergence of the Internet, leaving King’s vision of the future radically deficient where empowerment of the masses through access to information and unfiltered communication (despite Big Tech’s best efforts) are concerned. The U.S. government of King’s story was able to control The Narrative far longer (in relative terms, considering the actual nature of the two bugs in question) than China and its mega-media tools have been able to manage in the real world of 2020.

For all of the pain, misery, and even death that has and will continue to come through The Chinese Government’s Coronavirus, the free flow of information and independent repudiations of The Narrative put forth by Big Government and Big Media is even now allowing people to study, learn, critique, and prepare in ways that they would not have been able to just a few decades back. To what must surely be the great and growing frustration of the control-freak, big government wannabe tryant types dominating governments and corporations across the globe, things like exist. Things like ZeroHedge exist (despite Twitter’s assassination attemps). Things like the Peak Prosperity video channel exist.

This isn’t how the future was supposed to unfold from the perspective of the Progressive, Marxist, Collectivist Left and its kissing cousins on the secular Right who tend to be roughly as obsessed with centralized power in education, business, banking, and civil government. From their perspective, by 2020 we were all supposed to be much more easily controlled than this. We were supposed to be dependent. We were supposed to be easily and inexorably marched deeper and deeper into an era of ever-increasing government/corporate control.

But it hasn’t worked out that way.

Not even close.

Oh sure, the majority of people still seem to be under the sway of the collectivist/Marxist worldview/narrative perpetuated through the centralized powers of corporate/government controlled schools, governments, and media conglomerates. But more and more of them are waking up. More and more are being red pilled and finally noticing the matrix in which they’ve slept for most of their lives.

This is the context in which The Chinese Government’s Coronavirus is setting itself up to be one of the most ironically misbehaving weapons in history. Where China was developing this bug as a part of a weapon and/or vaccine research program, its creation is now poised to expose and help destroy multiple foundational elements of the great collectivist lie that captivates and inspires Big Government types the world over.

This bug is teaching us a lot about how much we can trust Big Government.

This bug is teaching us a lot about how much we can trust Big Media which, in the West, is ludicrously submissive to and supportive of Big Government.

This bug is teaching us a lot about how much to trust laughably anti-human, anti-individual, anti-Christian, and pro-collectivist/Marxist organizations like the World Health Organization who, at a press conference last week, comically slathered and heaped on the  praise for China and China’s handling of the virus outbreak as the top two points to be made in examination of the outbreak. If you haven’t seen video of that press event, you should look it up and check it out.

While one Big Good Thing about this event is the significant fuel that it represents for the already raging fires of decentralization that are sweeping the globe, we don’t want to lose sight of the many big bad things that are likely to come as a result of The Chinese Government’s Coronavirus – things like many sick people, many hospitalized people, and many dead people.

So far, this bug seems to have a remarkably high transmission rate – much higher than viruses often hyped in both real world media and the fiction of popular movie products. It also seems to have gone airborne and has, as one would expect in such a scenario, subsequently gone on to achieve a near exponential growth pattern based on official numbers that are easily accessible. There are many reasons to suspect the validity of these numbers, including the basic untrustworthiness of sources like big government in China and big corporate interests linked to big government in China. There’s also the basic fact that we don’t have enough information – validated or otherwise – due to the recently emerging and fast moving nature of the virus.

This thing has only been a thing for weeks.

This makes important attributes like the fatality rate impossible to accurately calculate, since the overwhelming majority of those infected at present have been infected recently and the time that it takes for a victim of the virus to either recover or die is understood to be somewhere between 10 and 21 days. So when most of those who have contracted the bug were infected in recent days, it’s impossible to accurately assess the death rate associated with the disease. What we can tell now is that there is a significant death rate (conservatively estimates at 2-3%) and an even higher incidence of serious complications (requiring hospital care if available for ~20% of those infected). If those reasonable guestimates are even close to the mark and this thing continues along its current breakout/pandemic trajectory, then at least hundreds of thousands will become infected, with tens of thousands being hospitalized and thousands killed.

That’s if The Chinese Government’s Corona Virus is limited to a six-figure infection total, a minimum threshold that seems almost assured at this point. If the spread of infection covers millions or tens of millions – a very real possibility based on what we already know about the virus – then the hospitalization rates and fatalities will be much, much higher.

So what do we do?

Learn. Research. Prepare.

And pray for peace, clarity, and deliverance all along the way.

If things continue along their current trajectory – which I certainly hope and pray they do not – then we probably have a couple of weeks before things get crazy in a big way. By this I don’t mean that the virus will be infecting a bajillion people or that the bug will have mutated into an even worse threat or anything like that. The way in which I’d anticipate things are most likely to get crazy in a couple of weeks if things continue along their current trajectory has to do with public panic. If things progress past the denial/joke phase and on into the “oh man, this is actually happening!” phase, then people will start getting crazy. The herd will stop grazing and start stampeding. There will be runs on food, supplies, and medicine. The medical system will be overwhelmed.

This is why we should be calmy preparing right now.

We should be acting now to ensure that we and our families have the food, water, safe shelter and supplies that they need if things get weird for a few weeks or months.

Not out of fear.

Not out of panic.

But out of a Spirit of true love and responsibility that God has commanded and equipped His people to model.

Two things seem to be particularly clear here at the beginning of February, 2020:

  1. An age of liberating decentralization is upon us and seems to be accelerating quickly, fueled by technologies that God has raised up alongside His people for such a time as this, and…
  2. A great plague is upon us and seems to be accelerating quickly, revealing much about the inherently destructive nature and ultimate futility of the massive, centralized systems of power that currently dominate the globe, but are at this very moment on their way into the ashbin of history, whether they realize it or not.

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