One of the many strange things floating around the interwebs these days is the proliferation of China-fed data as it relates to the Coronavirus pandemic. The fact that China-crafted numbers are making the rounds isn’t surprising in and of itself, but one interesting thing about this particular wave of Communist China spin proliferation is the way that the rabid anti-preparation/”no need to take this Coronavirus deal so seriously” crew has taken the China-fed info and ran with it. Hard. And loudly. And often.

Yes, this is the same China that, intentionally or not, loosed WuFlu upon the earth in the first place.

And yeah, it’s the same China that’s literally murdered and sacrificed tens of millions of its own people on its long Commie march to 2020.

And yup, it’s the same dark, evil Chinese government that has murdered countless millions of children through forced abortions over the decades.

And oh yes, it is the same China that routinely steals and counterfeits every intellectual property that it can get its hands on.

And yessiree, this is the same Chinese government that is at this very moment desperately trying to prop itself up and stave off complete implosion in the wake of…its unintentional launch of Coronavirus.

So obviously we should assume that China might not be the best source for accurate info on the Coronavirus, right?


Well, whatever you or I might think about the reliability of the Chinese government with regard to its reporting on WuFlu statistics (or anything else), we should be aware that there are many out there enthusiastically sharing Communist Chinese government-fed data as though it was something rock solid and good as gold to build an argument on. This is, interestingly enough, often done in conjunction with efforts to minimize the severity of the Coronavirus and discourage people – U.S. citizens, in particular – from making significant preparations for…pretty much everything that’s happening all over Europe right about now.

I’m not saying that everyone sharing Chinese-government info on the subject of the WuFlu is doing something wrong or that they’re necessarily in the same camp as the hard core anti-preparation/Coronavirus-minimizing crew. There are many people incorporating Chinese government data into very reasonable and responsible presentations.

What I am meaning to shine a little light on here is the fact that Red Chinese data should be treated as inherently suspicious and much less reliable than data that we have from, say, Italy. Or Spain. Or France. Or…you get the picture.

When it comes to assessing the danger posed by Coronavirus and determining how seriously we should prepare for its impact, we might not want to build many arguments or plans around data offered up from the infamously murderous and deceitful government that ushered WuFlu onto the world stage in the first place.

Just sayin’.

It’s in this context that I wanted to share my response to one of the Red China referencing graphics being flung around online by those seeking to minimize the significance of Coronavirus and discourage many of the serious measures being now being undertaken to combat it.

Here’s the image, followed by a response that I shared in three places that I saw the image posted online by folks who are still clinging to the Denial narrative (even as Europe goes into lockdown) and raging against efforts to #FlattenTheCurve:

Yes and, assuming the accuracy of these China-fed numbers, if/when 13.8% of emerging cases in the latest wave of an entirely predictable growth curve require far more hospital beds/resources than are available at any given time, and 4.7% require far more intensive care beds/units than are available, then two things seem at least very likely to occur (when we allow ourselves to consider multiple facts or components in connection with one another to rather than in isolation from one another).

1. #Coronavirus sufferers who require hospitalization-level or intensive care-level care but are unable to receive such care due to a shortage of beds/staff/treatments will become significantly more likely to experience deterioration in their condition as a direct result of needed health care being unavailable, and when you’re already in the “needs intensive care category”, this is a big deal. (See: Italy. Also see: Recent comments from Ohio Department of Health Director Dr. Amy Acton – “I know it is hard to understand #COVID19 since we can’t see it, but we know that 1% of our population is carrying this virus today — that’s over 100,000 people.”)

2. The percentages in this chart will shift, with some in the “severe” case category *unnecessarily* shifting into the “critical” category, and some in the critical category shifting ***unnecessarily*** into the next category over, which will then *unnecessarily* increase the mortality rate.

There is nothing inherently “panicky” or “fear-mongering” about sharing basic facts, logic, and the like in pursuit of a better, more accurate understanding of this (or any other) situation, taking all relevant facts and information into consideration in a coherent, consistent manner that doesn’t isolate/dismiss the things that we don’t want to deal with while focusing exclusively on individual, isolated Lego pieces that we think might help prop up our pet narrative. I encourage all who are interested in finding the truth, myself included, to do our best to set aside emotions and pet narratives so that we might more faithfully and coherently identify and assemble information on the way to forming (or reforming) our opinions.

My hope and prayer is that this whole Coronavirus deal really does just blow over and go away. The sooner the better. I’d love nothing more than for it to have a built in expiration date of March 13, 2020. That would be great.

While praying and hoping in that direction, I also encourage people to be prepared for less optimal situations that should now be plain on our radar as, at the very least, real possibilities. We should not do this out of fear or panic, but out of basic fidelity to God as responsible adults so that we might, among other things: 1. Honor the Lord by honoring our responsibility to provide for ourselves and our families, and 2. Be better positioned to help those who are (and have been encouraged to remain) largely unprepared if/when things do go from bad to worse.


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