Legitimacy is important. It’s vital. A solid sense of legitimacy inspires confidence, trust, and a willingness to endure things that we would not otherwise tolerate. This is why a façade of legitimacy is an essential component of almost any large scale scam.

Which brings us to the 2020 election and the larger system of systems that it serves.

In my pre-election post, I tried to cut through the political dark comedy swirling around us and draw attention to the critical core concept of legitimacy.

Heading into the election, I explained that I’ve come to believe that our current system of systems, while regularly claiming legitimacy and doing everything it can to encourage us to assume or presuppose its legitimacy, is, in fact, not legitimate at all.

In order to help flesh out this idea a bit, I’d like to focus on our secret ballot approach to elections.

With the presently unfolding large scale manipulation of what we call “votes” in an effort to “steal an election”, we are understandably captivated by the high stakes political theater and painfully ridiculous drama playing out around us.

Rather than rehash or explore the many legitimate concerns and serious problems emerging in association with Election 2020, I want to encourage each of us to take a step back and outside of the contrived, controlled political theater sandbox that we’re told is “the real world”. Only when we take that crucial step out of immersion in the sandbox will we be able to see, much less understand, that it’s not the real world at all, but instead a purposefully created system designed to keep us in darkness and stumbling deeper into bondage while thinking we’re enlightened and marching toward freedom.

This is the context in which I want to throw some questions out there for your consideration.

Before diving into the questions, a few foundational presuppositions to keep in mind:

  1. All civil governmental power relies on the threat of physical coercion/force. Without the ultimate threat of physical force being used by the state against those who would disregard civil governmental decrees, those decrees become toothless and are not taken seriously as anything resembling “law”.
  2. Anyone personally seeking to modify or redirect civil governmental policy is seeking to redirect the coercive power of the state.
  3. Anyone casting a vote for a candidate or position change in civil governmental policy is casting a vote to redirect the coercive power of the state in a particular way.

In that context, and without further delay, I offer the following questions…

Is political power something that should be wielded secretly?

For example: Is using the coercive power of the state to confiscate the wealth of one person and transfer that wealth to another something that the recipient of the wealth in question should be able to directly help to enable secretly?

Is a secret ballot compatible with a transparent approach to civil government?

Is a secret ballot something that can be easily manipulated by those who are trusted with that vote?

Are politicians, the state, and those who work for politicians and the state the sort of people and institutions that we can trust more or trust less with secrecy (or anything else)?

If our civil governmental system has openly eviscerated the Constitution in innumerable ways and established massive Orwellian Big Government systems designed to directly assault our freedom, perpetually undermine our liberty, fundamentally alter our culture, and constantly groom us into state dependent tax cattle (Think: NSA, IRS, “gay marriage”, legalized child murder, etc.), is that system the sort of thing we can trust to honestly handle our secret ballots?

How can we know that any of our votes are accurately recorded and processed by this system if those ballots are secret?

If “the ends justify the means” in the minds of many who are most intimately involved in our political processes, why would they not make good use of “secret ballots” to steer elections any direction that they like?

Why should we expect fundamentally dishonest people in an openly corrupt system to magically honor our intent and respect our “precious”, “sacred” ballots when we hand them over in physical or digital form?

Shouldn’t we assume that a system like ours is not going to honorably handle such things as secret ballots?

Wouldn’t a healthy voting system require true transparency, personal accountability, and an actual record of how each participating individual acts to redirect the coercive power of the state?

Is the secret use of political power something we should support or oppose?

Is there a serious (and unavoidable) price to be paid for trying to separate individual personal responsibility and accountability from the use of political power through a vote to redirect the coercive power of the state?

Are we paying that price right now?

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