As if 2020 wasn’t weird enough already, here I am about to vote for a classic “lesser of two evils” option in what is at least for the moment still being billed as a super-serious, credible presidential election. This course of action may seem more than a little curious in light of the fact that I explicitly repudiated and eviscerated the “lesser of two evils” approach in 2016.

On top of that, when it comes to legitimate elections for legitimate leaders of legitimate nations, I still completely oppose the lesser of two evils approach to leader selection, particularly for Christians.

So what gives?

How can I go from not voting for Trump in 2016 to voting for him in 2020 while still claiming to oppose the lesser of two evils approach to leader selection for a legitimate nation?

This is a reasonable question that I’d like to at least try to answer before Election Day is underway. I’m not necessarily trying to convince anyone of anything, and I certainly respect anyone who decides to abstain from playing the voting game for the right reasons. The system is, in many ways, a flagrant sham, farce, and distraction – theatre not unlike a WWE event pretending to be real sport.

So why would I vote at all if that’s the case?

That’s another good question.

If you’ve noticed that the word “legitimate” seems to have been sprinkled thick onto the opening paragraphs of this post, and you’re getting a sense that this term may play a significant role in my reasoning, you have discerned wisely.

The simple, painful, and sad reality is that I no longer believe that the current DC-centered political construct is legitimate in ways that I still at least imagined it might be back in 2016 and 2012 when I first left the G.O.P. fold and refused to vote for Mitt Romney.

Where I used to think of the U.S. federal government as deeply corrupt but still legitimate in some basic, primal sense, I no longer view it as having any claim to legitimacy.

At all.

As in: Zero percent legit.

I believe that our “government” has ascended to previously unrealized heights of Orwellian absurdity and Brave New World insanity, and that these heights (or is it depths?) of lunacy are intended destinations rather than accidental or unfortunate mistakes made on our way to the even much more hellish destinations that are waiting just ahead on our very purposefully charted course.

I believe that the DC-centered system purposefully and systematically aims to enslave us and destroy our freedoms, not because our massive federal system is a “good thing gone bad” or a potentially wonderful governmental approach that’s been hijacked by bad people, but because it is designed to destroy freedom and make slaves. It is built on systematic deceit and it is openly at war with God not in most measurable ways, but in all measurable ways.

It is not evil at the margins or in concentrated spots here and there.

It is not evil accidentally.

It is evil by design and to the core.

When I say ” by design”, I don’t mean the public mission statements, names, or historical associations attached to the innumerable appendages of Leviathan.

I’m talking about the actual purpose of these organizations in the present (and often for a significant part, if not the entirety, of their history).

For example: One of the primary missions of our laughably titled “justice system” is to protect top tier elites from justice.

Consider, as but one of many examples, the treasure trove of digital evidence recently acquired by our “justice” and “law enforcement” authorities in the form of Jeffrey Epstein’s literal vault of CDs and detailed digital records of many, many, many elites doing the worst sorts of things.

Consider Anthony Weiner’s laptop.

Consider Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Each of these three batches of digital evidence likely constitutes a mountain of high octane incriminating information connecting scores (if not hundreds or even thousands) of elites to mind-blowing crimes.

And what happens when the fine “justice” and “law enforcement” professionals working for Leviathan get their mits on this stuff?

It just kinda goes away, that’s what.

At least as far as Top Tier Elites are concerned.

They are never brought to justice or anything close to it.

They are protected from justice.

They are insulated from consequences.

They are preserved and privileged with a godlike “right” to literally rape and pillage with impunity.


Because the true mission of our “justice” and “law enforcement” systems is to preserve these powers for these elites…all while you and I are treated to quick “justice”(/theft) in the form of a speeding ticket if we’re caught driving ten miles per hour over the posted limit.

Joe Biden, Bill Clinton, and every High Elite recorded doing the most vile of things on Epstein properties are vigorously and comprehensively protected whenever possible while you and I are routinely fleeced, manipulated, and abused in the name of law, order, and justice.

This reality is common knowledge and not even disputed by most of us anymore, which makes our continued submission to and enabling of our abusers all the more pathetic.

We need to stop pretending that this is a healthy situation or that it has any chance of moving in a healthy direction under Leviathan’s guidance.

We need to stop ascribing or presupposing a sense of legitimacy for Leviathan.

Considering the sheer quantity of brazen abuses of power and open repudiation of supposedly “governing documents” like the Constitution over the past 100+ years, why are we still assuming any legitimacy at all for Leviathan?

Why are the destructive idiots who set up CHAZ in Seattle less credible in their claims to authority than the destructive idiots who routinely set up shop in DC and go about the business of growing tyranny from there?

I’m not saying that the two groups are identical, but I do think it’s important for us to think about how similar they actually are.

Why are we going on and on and on cataloguing and complaining about the obviously illegitimate nature of what’s been flowing from DC for 100+ years while assuming or presupposing some underlying legitimacy for it all?

Why are we playing along with the “justice system” farce?

Why are we enabling the “department of education” monstrosity?

Why are we enduring the NSA’s open pillaging of our privacy?

Why are we tolerating the Treasury Department and Federal Reserve printing or typing trillions of dollars of counterfeit wealth into existence so that favored elites can use that fake wealth to buy real assets while the rest of us are forced deeper into state dependence?

These things are not legitimate. This system is not legitimate.

At all.

Nobody has the legitimate authority to craft counterfeit wealth out of thin air and then use that artificial wealth to effectively buy everything and enslave everyone beneath them.

This approach is completely illegitimate.

There is no official seal or signet that can make it right or good.

It is evil.

100% evil.

We need to recognize this evil, freedom-destroying, slavery-producing DC-centered beast for what it is.

We need to see the massive centralized power of a mega-state as inherently incompatible with true freedom and inherently antagonistic to true liberty.

So now, back to Trump 2020…

Where once I imagined that something like the FBI might be salvageable if only a “good person” was put in charge, I now believe that putting a good person in charge of something like the FBI, NSA, or CIA is no more likely to make the FBI, NSA, or CIA into a good thing than putting a good person in charge of syphilis would be likely to result in syphilis becoming a good thing.

You can’t reform syphilis. You have to eradicate it.

Similarly, a truly good person put in charge of something like the NSA or Department of Education, and committed to reforming an institution like that in a seriously positive manner, would inherently have to “reform” the institution out of existence.

This is why Donald Trump’s attempts at “draining the swamp” have been and are likely to continue to be frustrating at best and catastrophic failures at worst.

He’s trying to reform Leviathan even as he fights Leviathan.

The first part is why he cannot win (at least not as he understands winning).

The second part is why I am voting for him.

Last month in The Gift of Trump as Godzilla I described what I mean by this in more detail. The basic idea is this: Trump, like Godzilla, is inherently destructive. He’s not good for Tokyo.

But Rodan, Ghidorah, and other monsters out there are even worse – much worse – for Tokyo and the rest of planet earth. And Godzilla is very good at fighting off these even-worse-for-Tokyo monsters. So Godzilla is very attractive, comparatively speaking.

In this context, if you’re a Tokyo resident and you see Rodan or Ghidorah tearing through downtown, you might actually pull for Godzilla to come by and save the day, even if it costs you most of your city. Losing most of your city beats losing all of it, right?

This is where the lesser of two evils approach makes sense. This is where rooting for one monster to win over the other monsters is perfectly reasonable.

When I factor in what I perceive as the 100% illegitimate DC-construct with its open contempt for the Constitution, its systematic evisceration of freedom, its purposeful promotion of slavery/dependence, it’s endless wars and welfare state expansion fueled by its counterfeit wealth, and its open war on the one true God on every conceivable front, I have no problem rooting – and voting – for Godzilla.

This has nothing to do with choosing a legitimate leader for a legitimate nation or institution.

This is about throwing some support behind the monster that is most likely to leave at least one good bridge standing between the smoldering wreckage of today and the promising, post-Leviathan future of tomorrow.

The American Titanic, in its current composition and under its current, explicitly anti-Christian charter, is (and should be) doomed. It is destined to be broken into pieces under the Psalm 2 judgment of King Jesus. We’ve been begging for this judgement for a very long time and we’re watching it happen now.

King Jesus is showing us who’s in charge.

He’s showing us who really owns America.

Barring radical repentance and submission to Christ as King in detail, which I hope and pray comes to pass, our DC-centered Leviathan’s days are numbered and its end is near.

That’s a good thing.

It’s in this context that I see Trump as the Godzilla option and it’s in this context that I see rooting for Godzilla as a perfectly good and reasonable thing to do, so long as we’re not confusing support for Godzilla with imagining Godzilla to be the qualified leader of a legitimate civil government.

There’s nothing legit about our DC-centered Leviathan.


That said, I believe that in the coming years President Trump will allow for more life boats to be built, filled, and freed to preserve life and eventually rebuild culture after the American Titanic finally finishes its spectacular disintegration under the well deserved and hard-earned wrath of God.

I believe that four more years of President Trump will give us valuable time and opportunities to prepare for the final convulsions of Leviathan and the much better, much less centralized reality that will come on the other side of its death.

I believe that, however misguided he may be when it comes to the nature and role of civil government, President Trump has a unique ability to agitate and engage Leviathan.

I believe that God has used and continues to use Donald Trump in truly amazing ways. (See: 10 Reasons To Thank God For President Trump, Even If You Didn’t Vote For Him.)

I hope and pray that the Lord will see fit to inspire conviction and repentance in Mr. Trump so that he might lead in an infinitely more effective manner by modeling active repentance and submission to Christ as King in practice, in detail, and in every area of his life.

That would be Yuge in the in the coolest way imaginable, wouldn’t it?

And God certainly can do it. He can supernaturally save and inspire Donald J. Trump to live and lead as an actual Christian (meaning: someone who actively and unapologetically strives to obey Christ in all things at all times, understanding that King of kings is a political title and that every political decision – just like every other kind of decision – must be made with Christ as its center point).

We should all be praying that God does that to and through President Trump.

In the meantime, I’m thankful for the opportunity to support Trump as Godzilla in an effort to both mock Leviathan’s claims to legitimacy and hasten Leviathan’s demise, all while looking forward to the beautiful life, liberty, culture, and civilization that can and will be build on Leviathan’s grave.

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