As we watch and wonder at the cultural convulsions escorting us through the death of old concepts, systems, and lies that have defined much of our past and present as a people, it’s important to at least try to get a solid grip on reality as it actually is, as opposed to what we’re told it is or what we wish it was. As we finally experience the long overdue end of massively culture warping “Emperor Has No Clothes” scams and Matrix-style systematic deceptions, we are very well served to do our best to notice what is actually going on here.

One great big awesome thing that’s going on right now is President Trump in the role of Godzilla, actively decimating the DC power structure (intentionally in some ways; unintentionally in many others) while fighting off a variety of much-worse-than-Godzilla monsters who love, adore, and depend on DC and the centralized, Big Government approach it epitomizes.

For the sake of full disclosure and in an effort to give readers a better sense of the context in which I see things and share these thoughts, here are a handful of points that inform my understanding and motivate my appreciation of President Trump as Godzilla:

  1. The United States is a thoroughly Socialist/Marxist political construct that could not exist without the support of a massive number of self-described “Conservatives” who actually think of themselves as opposing Socialism even as they actively support massive, government-run Socialism in practice (think: public schools, as just one of many examples of pure, culture-transforming Marxism embraced by the vast majority of “Conservatives” in the U.S.S.A.).
    The present Marxist/Socialist U.S.S.A. construct will never correct or truly reform itself through System-approved means like rigged or easily rig-able elections (though it will certainly promote those means as an effective distraction; political theater will always be a cherished diversion in our All-American version of Brave New World). It will only be successfully confronted or substantially corrected when the weight of its own abuses causes the whole nightmare construct to collapse, as it inevitably will and appears to be doing now. Americans – including most “Conservative Christians” in the land – will not willingly give up their many favored expressions of rank Socialism. Their Socialism will have to be taken from them by systemic failure and collapse of the kind we are very likely to see in the not-too-distant future.
  2. The United Socialist States of America is an explicitly anti-Christian political construct that flatly opposes each and every one of the Ten Commandments, beginning with the First Commandment through its embrace of a satanic counterfeit of religious liberty and working its way down the entire list from there with “All-American” repudiations of each and every Commandment. The U.S.S.A. counterfeit of liberty would actually have us  – and the whole world – believe that it is our “God-given right” to openly worship false gods, including lucifer or Satan or whatever you want to name as the worst possible anti-Christ option. As we wage this pathetic, suicidal little war on the God we claim to love with our lips, we cling to things like Ten Commandments plaques in our public schools or Ten Commandments monuments around our courthouses as if they were magical lucky rabbits’ feet whose mere physical proximity will mystically protect us from any need to actually obey the God who wrote the commandments that we dutifully ignore. Reality doesn’t work that way. (See: Psalm 2.)
  3. The United Socialist States of America is an explicitly pride-fueled, repentance-rejecting political construct whose devotees (dominating both ends of the political spectrum) even now reflexively reject the most crystal clear, plain, and relevant texts of Scripture that command our submission to Christ as King in economic, educational, and political detail if we want to find true peace, prosperity, culture, and life in the realms of economics, education, and politics, to name a few. The thought of treating the concept of Jesus as King seriously in political practice is routinely tagged either as a joke or as a “threat to American values and principles” (as in: the values that allow you to openly worship Satan), and is often equated to things like Islamic theocracies because, you know, there’s no actual difference between false gods and Jesus Christ.
    Here in America, we’ve been well programmed and thoroughly conditioned to keep Jesus in His safely isolated little box just like all of the other gods and god wannabes that are managed, supervised, and “equally respected” beneath the ultimate authority of the American State.

    [Insert “U! S! A!” chant here.]
    These openly and tragically Christ-dismissing/mocking approaches are regularly on display at the same time millions of professing Christians assemble for marches, prayer gatherings, and various political activities featuring thoughtless regurgitations of passages like 2 Chronicles 7:14 (“if my people, who are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”), as if by merely chanting the lines they can once again magically avoid obeying and exalting the actual King Jesus of Scripture in detailed political practice when the very passages that they chant implore them to do just that. The same people repetitively deploying these dead religious chants have a roughly 99% chance of actively opposing the notion of Christ as King in actual political practice (meaning that we go to His Word to determine what is right and lawful on His earth). This level of pride and utter rejection of true repentance and submission to Christ as King tells us much about who we are and where we’re going as a people. (See again: Psalm 2.)
  4. The United Socialist States of America may be much more Brave New World than 1984 at the moment, but this is not necessarily a good thing and arguably makes the U.S.S.A. a much more dangerous character on the world stage in the long run. Our ability to pretend that we are anti-Socialist, pro-liberty, pro-freedom, and, most importantly, Christian, while actively opposing each of those things in practice at nearly every turn seems to be uniquely problematic and dangerous in ways that make the Chinese or old Soviet governments look quite bland, uncreative, and relatively benign by comparison. Their 1984 approach is much more stark and plain than our infinitely more devious and deceptive (including, of course, self-deceptive) Brave New World spin on an anti-Christian Mega State. This doesn’t make us fundamentally better or less of a threat than they are, however much our masters in DC might like us to believe so.
  5. The United Socialist States of America is the epicenter of an evil global economic construct designed to purposefully enslave humanity in service to a tiny group of elites who, with our U.S.S.A. government’s approval and cooperation, effortlessly create (counterfeit) wealth out of thin air. They then use this counterfeit wealth to effectively own and control everyone and everything beneath them. This black magic fiat economic system centers on the U.S. Dollar and is used to feed massive military, welfare, propaganda, and child programming (“education”) programs that could never exist in a real economy based on sound money, while also shoveling mountains of additional (freshly counterfeited) wealth on to elites and friends of elites who then use their fresh mountains of fake money to buy very real assets while the rest of us assume the position and continue our planned drift into perpetual bondage and servitude to the almighty State and its corporate sponsors.

So in this context, right here in 2020 in the fast fading U.S.S.A., along comes Godzilla…

And yeah, I’m really happy about that.

He’s stomping. He’s roaring. He’s smashing and crushing and toppling things that we’d been told could never be toppled, and as he topples things that were never supposed to be toppled, things that were never supposed to be exposed are being exposed.

Like the farce of our contrived unity and the flagrantly anti-freedom, anti-Christ “indivisible union” at the heart of our madness.

It’s easy to understand why pagan power brokers and leaders on the pagan political Right and Left all want to preserve and use the Ring of Centralized Power. What’s less understood, but is rapidly coming into focus for more and more people thanks to Godzilla torching DC, is that the Ring of Power is not a path to a happy place. It’s a tool of darkness and mass bondage.

We cannot make Socialism work.

We cannot make state-run child programming factories (public schools) work.

We cannot make an economic construct based on counterfeit wealth and mass slavery work.

We cannot set aside the Word of God in our approach to reality – an approach first pitched by the serpent in Eden (Genesis 3) – and expect it to work out well in the long run.

We cannot chant Bible verses and caress Ten Commandments plaques and expect that to do the trick.

We actually have to repent and obey King Jesus in practice.

Obedience to Him is not an option.

It’s a command.

There is no other way to make any nation great (or “great again”) in His creation.


Jesus is King. His commands are commands. And “we the people”, however much we may imagine ourselves immune to such things, will soon be wiped off the face of His earth if we don’t get with His program.

The land that we call America is not ours.

It’s His.

This is why we’re living Psalm 2, Godzilla style.

Repent accordingly.

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