Back in 2015 in Our Inevitable Victory Over Satanic “Education”, I continued what was then a peculiar drumbeat here in 21st century Amerika. The notion of state-managed child programming as an inherently evil thing was, and still is, quite foreign to the typical Amerikan system-discipled ear. Even now after several years of escalating insanity and increasingly overt hostility to the most basic expressions of sanity, Amerikanized Christians are still trying desperately to preserve the very system that is and has always been designed to escort their children and the culture to hell.

Even after the rocket-ride into Orwellian lunacy that has defined state-run “education” systems in the early 2020s, Amerikanized Christians are still sending their little ones off to have their minds and worldviews shaped by a system that is about as clearly at war with Christ as possible. There are several major ways in which the Amerikanized evangelical church has both enabled and promoted this nightmare scenario, with one of the church’s primary contributions in this direction being its separation of Christ as King in practice here on the real world. With Jesus recognized as the Savior who will take us off to a faraway happy land when we die but rejected as King here in “the real world”, the serpent’s pitch in Genesis 3 has been embraced as the baseline by which we are to understand and pursue reality.

“We the People” of Amerika are proving to be quite an interesting example of what happens when people want Jesus’ stuff (true liberty, freedom, prosperity, etc.) while openly rejecting Him as King in practice. Even now in this late hour as the U.S.S.A. circles the drain under Romans 1/Psalm 2 judgment, most Amerikanized evangelicals desperately cling to idols that the Amerikanized church has taught them to venerate and cherish.

None of these idols are more adored or more toxic than the idol of state-run, Genesis 3 style children’s “education”.

The education pitch first made by the serpent in Genesis 3 has been the assumed legitimate norm for children’s education for well over 150 years in the U.S.S.A., which is why we are now the U.S.S.A.

No institution is more responsible for this multigenerational trajectory than the Amerikanized church, so it’s only fair (and quite important, actually) that we give that church full credit for doing such an effective job of escorting the culture to hell by encouraging and promoting the sacrifice of young minds to explicitly anti-Christian education systems.

These are hard words to write and they are no doubt even harder to hear or read, but they’re important words to consider since, if true, they highlight one of the primary areas of desperate need for repentance in both the general Amerikan culture and, in particular, the Amerikan professing Christian subculture.


The good news is that the Gospel command has been clearly proclaimed and the same King who saves those who bend the knee to Him individually is also about the business of saving cultures that submit to Him as Lord in practice. While the warnings and judgments proclaimed in passages like Romans 1 and Psalm 2 are no joke, neither is His Gospel-fueled Great Commission as clearly presented at the end of Matthew 28. He really is about the business of saving people, culture, and civilization, one supernatural act of loving obedience at a time, all by His grace, all for His glory, and all for His people’s benefit.

In this context, the rapidly degenerating horror stories spewing from the “education” idols that we’ve cherished (and been encouraged by “the church” to cherish) for such a long time are a final wave of warning and a call to look to the King we’ve rejected. The rank perversions and debasements that are now assumed norms in state-run human resource cattle farms (schools) are removing any semblance of denial or rationalization that we might claim. The Genesis 3 nature of these systems has led them to where they are now, as it was always destined to even back when we thought things were good.

One great lesson being taught now through these schools, whether we want to notice it or not, is that the lies we told ourselves about how Genesis 3 style education could be such a good thing, as we imagine it to have been in earlier generations, was always a lie of the most destructive sort.

The Genesis 3 model of setting aside the Word of God as the essential starting point – the essential core – for rightly understanding and pursuing all subjects and areas of life in His creation, was never “good”. It was never going to lead us to a happy place. It was always going to lead us to hell, slowly at first, and then quite quickly as it is now.

Trying to shift back into earlier iterations of the Genesis 3 approach to education is not and never will be the answer. Even worse, clinging to such notions is a telltale sign of our continuing denial and lack of repentance. Since repentance is the only act that can save us now, this is a very serious matter.

And since repentance of havening adoringly embraced and worshipped the idol of Genesis 3 “education” is what must happen now, it would be nice to see the Amerikanized church lead the way and model that approach by acknowledging its profound sin in this area rather than ignoring, excusing, or rationalizing its responsibility away.

The fruit and flower of Genesis 3 style children’s education is only now beginning to come into full bloom after generations of careful, adoring cultivation by the Amerikanized church.

While it’s easy to harp on all of the (hard earned) negatives on full display right about now, there is one very cool aspect just as clearly on display, with that being our unique opportunity to glorify God in spectacular fashion by giving up on our idols and seeking Him in practice.

Educational practice, specifically, and in very real-world focused ways.

Local churches that have failed dramatically in the past have a golden opportunity to step up and follow Christ as Lord by helping their members and community to do the things that are not only necessary, but very much possible – and much more possible than we’ve been led to believe.

One example of this is the amount of time needed for home education. When we realize that as little as two hours of focus each day can do the trick where productive home-education is concerned, the attainable and very much doable nature of healthy children’s education begins to become clear. The clouds begin to part and the sun begins to shine.

These are the sorts of transformative revelations of what were once obvious truths that now have an unprecedented opportunity to shake and restore dying cultures. These are the simple truths that we’ve been unable and unwilling to see while clinging to our favored idols.

Do we have two hours a day to focus on our children?

Do we have churches that will help us find those hours?

Do we have churches that will model the repentance necessary to understand and appreciate the necessity of our finding those hours and saving our children from the state’s human resource cattle farms?

Do we have churches that will stop defending the idols that are leading us to hell and start pitching those idols into the fire?

The answers to these questions will determine our place in God’s creation of history.


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