Disney World is a magical place.

But you knew that already.

What you maybe didn’t know was just what kind of magic is really goin’ on ’round there.

I’m talkin’ black magic.

Some of the blackest – and bleakest – of magic, actually.

Black economic magic, to be precise.

I’m talkin’ ’bout the All-American Corporate State’s ongoing accumulation and relentless pursuit of power over you, me and everyone else here in the “land of the free” and the home of the NSA.

In an article posted this week entitled Last Task After Layoff at Disney: Train Foreign Replacements, we learned of roughly 250 technical workers at The Magic Kingdom who were just “let go” by Mickey Mouse and Friends, but not before they were made to train their much-less-expensive imported replacement workers:

The employees who kept the data systems humming in the vast Walt Disney fantasy fief did not suspect trouble when they were suddenly summoned to meetings with their boss.

While families rode the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and searched for Nemo on clamobiles in the theme parks, these workers monitored computers in industrial buildings nearby, making sure millions of Walt Disney World ticket sales, store purchases and hotel reservations went through without a hitch. Some were performing so well that they thought they had been called in for bonuses.

Instead, about 250 Disney employees were told in late October that they would be laid off. Many of their jobs were transferred to immigrants on temporary visas for highly skilled technical workers, who were brought in by an outsourcing firm based in India. Over the next three months, some Disney employees were required to train their replacements to do the jobs they had lost.

“I just couldn’t believe they could fly people in to sit at our desks and take over our jobs exactly,” said one former worker, an American in his 40s who remains unemployed since his last day at Disney on Jan. 30. “It was so humiliating to train somebody else to take over your job. I still can’t grasp it.”

Still can’t grasp it?

Seems understandable enough for those who aren’t paying much attention and are buying into the happy propaganda (and prescription medication) that tends to not-so-coincidentally permeate virtually all Corporate-owned “news” and media mouthpieces.

So yeah, this worker, who has probably been counting on the Pagan Right/Left “democracy” puppet show paradigm to somehow work things out for the better, is probably a tad surprised by events like this. In this context of manufactured obliviousness and reliance upon the inherent goodness of the Corporate State-owned American system, one’s inability to “grasp” the situation is both understandable and predictable.

But we’d better start grasping what is going on here, and fast.

None of this is accidental.

None of it is random.

It’s all quite purposeful and part of a long-planned march into a Magical Corporate State Kingdom owned and operated by money-crafting elites and populated by masses of happy, compliant State- and Corporate-programmed drones. (See: Fiat $lavery: We have been bought and paid for…with nothing.)



Ironically, as reported by the Washington Post, a certain mister Jeb Bush also recently paid a visit to The Magic Kingdom, looking to boost his Pagan Right “leadership” credentials:

“. . . a strident, almost cocky Bush showed up at the forum held at Disney World to tell the ‘Florida story’ he’s been sharing with voters nationwide. In a friendly room packed with longtime associates, he earned two standing ovations, more than other attendees.

. . . In a chaotic bilingual exchange with reporters, Bush said that Paul was “wrong about the Patriot Act” surveillance provisions and more aligned with Democrats than Republicans on national security. ” (See also: So the American State has to destroy our freedom in order to protect it? Oh yeah, that makes sense.)

Disney World is indeed a magical place!

Where else can you have the firing of 250 technical workers who are then forced to train their much-cheaper imported replacements almost literally alongside the latest wave of Pagan Right “experts” and “leaders” who are proudly and openly advocating the next steps to Corporate Statist hell? (See: Jeb Bush makes the Pagan Right pitch on religion (again). and Confronting the Gay Orwellian Party: Dragging the Pagan Right out of the closet and into the light.)


How magical is that?!

There can only be one cure for this building wave of black economic and cultural magic, of course, and it is the one thing that every “expert” and “leader” on both the Pagan Right and Pagan Left will dutifully avoid and condemn as they go about selling us the latest incarnation of the secular swill that they will always pitch in its place. (See also: How to Kill the Two-Headed Dragon (Before it Finishes Killing Us).)

And what is that one cure?

That one unspeakable cure?

That one unreasonable cure?

That one impractical and impossible cure?

The one and only cure for the looming hell of American Statism is this: Repentance and submission to Christ the King in practice in every realm of life right here and now in accordance with His Gospel-fueled Great Commission. (See: Roaring into Post-America Christianity.)

You won’t be seeing that pitched by GOP “leaders” or Mickey Mouse anytime soon.

And the reason for that should be quite easy to grasp…if you have eyes to see and ears to hear. (See also: Loving America by Killing the America Idol and The America Idol: How “Christians” Worship and Enable the Anti-Christ State.)


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