August 6.

That’s the day America is waiting for.

That’s the day that it is on!

August 6 in Cleveland, Ohio: Trumpamania gets real.

Or unreal.

Or more unreal.

Or…well…you get the picture.

Whatever it is, this Trumpamania thing is getting serious.

Seriously funny, seriously sad, and seriously bizarre all at the same time.

It’s as though the judgment of God has come upon the Republican Party and its desperate Pagan “conservatives” in a uniquely comedic, derisive, and destructive way. Consider the following passage in light of The Donald’s utter domination of establishment-preferred “leaders” in the “top tier” of the Pagan Political Right:

Why do the nations rage
and the peoples plot in vain?
The kings of the earth set themselves,
and the rulers take counsel together,
against the LORD and against his Anointed, saying,
“Let us burst their bonds apart
and cast away their cords from us.”

He who sits in the heavens laughs;
the Lord holds them in derision.

~ Psalm 2:1-4 (emphasis added)

When we see that the Pagan Political Right and Pagan Political Left are two wings of the same dragon and that America has been purposefully cultivated into a people openly at war with God on nearly every front, this passage seems to take on a certain clarity and application for “the land of the free” and the home of the NSA. (See: How’s that Pagan “conservatism” workin’ out for ya, Christian?)

While I don’t mean to force Scripture inappropriately, I can’t help but see God’s derisive laughter on display here in the form of Trumpamania(!).

After all, is there a less repentant, more proud, or more perfect representative of “We the People” of the Pagan Political Right than Donald Trump? (See: When Conservatism Trumps Christianity.)

Before we get any further here, let me be clear that though I believe that The Trumpinator can win both the Republican nomination and the general election (yes, really), I’m not necessarily saying that I believe he will do either. We’ll talk more about that in future posts, perhaps.

What I am convinced of is The Donald’s value as a gauge and indicator as to the true character of the Pagan “conservative” Right and the comically desperate extremes to which it will plunge in order to “make America great again” apart from humble repentance and submission to Christ as King in practice.

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Apparently, we’d rather have the “leadership” of The Donald than the lordship of The Lord.

That’s what will “make America great again” to many on the Pagan “conservative” Right.

And that’s what’s known in deep theological terms as “a big problem”.

[Tweet “Would we rather have the ‘leadership’ of The Donald than the lordship of The Lord? Apparently so…”]

So what do we do?

What do we do today, tomorrow, and every other day between now and Trumpamania(!) on August 6?


Pray for American brokenness, humility, and repentance. (See: Confronting Americult.)

Pray for Donald Trump.

Pray for Barack Obama.

Pray for all of our would-be “leaders”, that they might repent, believe, and personally take up the Gospel command to make obedient disciples of all nations, teaching them to do all that Christ the King has commanded. (See: Matthew 28:18-20.)

Pray for leaders who will follow Christ in all things and inspire others to do the same, politically, economically, and in every other area of life.

That would be, as The Trumpinator might say, “Absolutely amazing!”


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3 Responses

  1. Trump appeals to voters because they are tired of illegal aliens being treated by all levels of our government with kid gloves, and yet the same government cracks down on the ordinary citizen. They are also sick and tired of the media and their sob stories about illegals (sorry, "undocumented immigrants", a dishonest term if their ever was one, as if they just forgot to bring their papers) when most US citizens (me included) just want the hordes of illegals to get out of our country. They are also tired of "press '1' for English" and labels and signs in Spanish as well as English (those things make me wonder what country I'm in). Legal immigration too is keeping millions of citizens out of work and depressing wages in many fields. We have the lowest labor participation level since the Great Depression.

    I really wish a godly candidate would come on the scene and say some (some) of the things Trump has, such as Mexico (and further south) sending their social and criminal problems here, along with otherwise somewhat decent people (I say somewhat because, if they are illegal, they are breaking the law every second of every day while here). Maybe, Scott, as I believe you have stated before, God doesn't want to raise up a man or woman for the job because the so-called "leaders" we have are His judgment upon us. May we repent and believe all that Christ commanded! Maybe then God will raise up true servants of Him, glorifying Him and blessing us.

  2. There are suggestions that Mr. Trump's standings in the polls are proportional to the number of times he is mentioned in the press. That his poll standings are shown to increase after spurts in media coverage. Based on that, decisions by Huffington Post and Glenn Beck to no longer cover the Trump campaign as political news seem well reasoned once the cause and effect are understood.

    1. Excellent point! How accurate those suggestions are in detail and how it all works out in practice from here on out remains to be seen, but that reasoning is well worth keeping in mind as we watch Trumpamania do its thing (whatever that thing ultimately turns out to be).

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