Beyond Debate: The never-ending “conservative” pitch for Statism (A biblical review of Round 1 of the GOP “debate” – Fire Breathing Christian Podcast Episode 6)

Ever notice how all the supposedly “conservative” leaders anointed and appointed by the national Republican Party seem to always end up leading us deeper and deeper into the Socialism and state-dependency that they claim to oppose? (See: How’s that Pagan “conservatism” workin’ out for ya, Christian?) Ever notice that no matter how many Republican Representatives, Senators, […]

The Fire Breathing Christian Podcast is now on iTunes

Howdy All! The Fire Breathing Christian Podcast is now listed on iTunes. Woohoo! We’ve submitted it to a variety of other streaming services as well, but now that it’s iTunes ready I’ve put a Podcast tab at the top of the FBC site’s home page linking to the new Podcast Page (which you can access […]

FBC Podcast Episodes 2 & 3

Howdy and Happy September, Episodes 2 and 3 are now uploaded and available now at our Podbean page (which you can access by clicking here). Episode 2 – Ten problems with the “salt and light” excuse for feeding children to the State. – can be accessed by clicking here. Episode 3 – Law, Love, and […]

The Fire Breathing Christian Podcast

It’s time to get this podcast thing a-rollin’, soooo…. The Fire Breathing Christian Podcast is up and can be heard here. I hope to get iTunes and other helpful registrations finished soon. We have three installments recorded and I hope to have the time to set and publish the other two tomorrow. Beyond that, future installments […]