For those of us wondering what The Mark of the Beast might look like if it is to be an actual, physical mark, the answer might not be nearly as mysterious as we’ve been lead to believe. Once we shed the presuppositions imposed through generations of infatuation with laughably bad “end times” theories and even worse works of “Christian fiction” (and, even more sadly, non-fiction) based on the same, we might be startled to notice that there are several present and emerging examples of just the sort of mark described so famously in the thirteenth chapter of the book of Revelation. (See: A Mark of the Beast and Corporate Mark of the Beast rollout continues…)

While none of these examples may be The Mark of the Beast, they are certainly examples of marks of the beast. Their purpose is to identify, separate, and persecute true Christians (and by true, I mean those who demonstrate actual saving faith by being actively obedient to the Word of God right here and now).

These marks exist to make clear the line of demarcation between that which is encouraged and that which is not to be permitted in the worldviews of those who wish to engage in normal economic activity in the “free markets” of the world (markets that are, in fact, the antithesis of free, having been defined and dominated by a money-printing class of elites who quite literally make money out of thin air with which to own and control everyone and everything beneath them – including each and every supposedly “free” market).

One example of such a Mark that seems particularly worthy of note today is the “Best Places to Work for LGBT Equality” badge of honor that appears in a recent Kellogg’s ad featuring Tony the Tiger (of Frosted Flakes fame), which we covered earlier in Corporate America to Your Children: Hating God and Embracing Homosexuality is GRRREAT!

Here’s the ad referenced in that piece, with the Mark in question prominently and clearly on display in the lower-right corner:


So Kellogg’s joins the long and growing list of American (and multi-national) corporations who are very clearly and very openly targeting obedient Christians for overt economic persecution through this…mark.

As corporate strategies, marketing approaches, and HR policies shift more and more into a pro-Gay/anti-Christian mode, for every stride made in favor of accommodating and promoting the legitimacy and value of homosexuality (and, ultimately, every other sexual perversion imaginable), there will be, necessarily and quite automatically, an equally vigorous stride against practicing, obedient Christians.

And as professing Christians continue to enable this “progress” through investment and partnership with such companies for the sake of personal material profit, it is, once again, the professing church that demonstrates its primary role of responsibility in even the implementation of these Marks of the Beast to be used to persecute the true Church. (See: Dear professing Christian investors: Please stop funding the war on actual, obedient Christians.)

May God grant sweeping brokenness, repentance, and restoration to that professing church so that she may, by His grace, take up the Gospel-fueled Great Commission that she has disdainfully abandoned…while there is yet time…


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Judgment begins with the Church…not the Democrats.


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