How does the Gospel define children’s education? (Radio interview on the “Stand Up for the Truth” program.)


I’m quite happy and thankful to report that I had an awesome, cool, and productive time with the crew at Stand Up for the Truth on Monday’s show, where the topic of the day was…*drumroll*…children’s education from a Gospel-centered perspective.


I was on for about the first 45 minutes or so and man, did we get things going! There were more live call-in responses to this particular broadcast than I’ve ever experienced at Stand Up before, and I’ve been on the show regularly for years. (I even wrote this morning about one of the very challenging and encouraging calls taken during the show in Do you have two hours a day to focus on your children?)

Now that links to the recording are up and running, you can check out the whole supercool episode by clicking here. You can also visit the Stand Up for the Truth page dedicated to yesterday’s show, with a summary and podcast links, by clicking here.

As always, thank you for your prayers and support!


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  1. So I listened to your podcast on Stand up for the Truth, and had a question I couldn't ask because it was a couple days after the live broadcast. How do you educate special needs children? Their education is highly specialized and requires people who are trained in educating them according to their disabilities. The parents are Bible believing, church going, devout Christians, but have two non-verbal autistic children. Their church has a school, but no provisions for special-needs kids.

    • Howdy Denise,

      Thanks for listening to the program and thanks for chiming in here with an important question that has to be on the minds of many and should be on the radar of the church as we go about wrestling away control of children's education from the religion of Statism and return it to a biblical foundation under the rule of Christ.

      That said, I think that there are a lot of unproven-yet-assumed presuppositions in your question, which seems to at least strongly imply that (at least many, if not most ort all) parents of special needs children cannot possibly do what only outside "experts" can (and therefore must) do for them. While I can certainly appreciate the need for outside assistance and "expert" input in helping parents to ramp up to face and tackle the unique challenges that come with raising special needs children, the goal should always be for such outside help to only be used to assist parents in getting to a place (as quickly as possible) where they are doing the things themselves that they may initially need help or guidance from outside "experts" to understand and apply. All special needs education – as any other – must be pursued from an explicitly Christ-centered perspective, making Him the conscious focal point of every subject of consideration. This essential aspect of education is unchanged by the "special needs" component.

      Obviously, every situation is unique and has its own context. Local church leadership is responsible for having a handle on exactly what the needs are within the local body of believers. Church leadership should assist in every way possible in addressing the education needs – special or otherwise – from a biblical, Christ-centered perspective in accordance with the Gospel-fueled Great Commission.

      God gives each child to specific parents purposefully. He places each child in a specific family (and church family) context purposefully. It is the responsibility of family and the church to educate children. Education – special needs or otherwise – is NOT the role of the State.

      If a church has members with needs that are not being met, then the church has the responsibility to meet those needs (in accordance with Scripture).

      I hope that these clarifications are helpful.


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