How did America become the sad and pathetic land of perpetual adolescence? (Radio interview on the “Stand Up for the Truth” program.)

Through our embrace of a satanic approach to the pursuit of knowledge (also known as “education”), we’ve become suckers fro pretty much every lame and destructive thing that could redefine and destroy a culture. From the fiction of adolescence to the idolatry of extra-biblical icons, we’ve fallen far and fast in the still-loud and still-proud “land […]

Christ, Culture War, and the Gospel-fueled Great Commission

What is the true Gospel? What is the biblical Great Commission? And what is the inherent cultural impact of that Gospel-fueled Great Commission? I had the awesome privilege of once again joining the Stand Up for the Truth program for most of the hour’s broadcast, where we kicked around these big, important questions and had a blast […]

Stand Up for the Truth Radio Show (January 27, 2015)

I was blessed once again to appear on the Stand Up for the Truth program with Mike, Amy and the crew. We spent the first segment (20-25 minutes) together talking about a variety of things, including the inherently confrontational, corrective, and therefore very offensive nature of the true Gospel. We had a very good caller […]

Isn’t a good conversation just about the coolest thing?

  Isn’t a good conversation just about the coolest thing? Yeah, it’s even better over a pizza and/or quality beverage, but those things, as beautiful and delicious as they may well be, are mere accessories to what is truly the main and most beautiful course in the best of meals, feasts, and gatherings. Of course, I’m talkin’ […]