Say it with me now: Abortion. Is. Murder.




This simple, powerful truth – necessary as it is to the faithful proclamation and application of the true Gospel of Jesus Christ in our desperate and dying culture – is often avoided like the plague by most so-called conservative Christians in America.

They want to be nicer than Jesus, they want to be more popular than His Gospel, and they want to be more practical than His Great Commission.

They’ve also found a very comfortable home in the modern American “pro-life” movement.

Last March in A Christian Response to Russell Moore’s “Pro-Life” Movement, we touched on how it is that such a supposedly conservative/Christian led movement has often done everything within its power to suppress the very proclamation and application of the Gospel that is necessary to properly and promptly end child sacrifice in America:

“For those of us still blaming The Democrats or The Liberals or The Gays or The Progressives for the already advanced and rapidly accelerating state of darkness and decay in our culture, we need to understand one critical and increasingly obvious fact while there’s still time: It is conservatives who claim to be Christians yet reject the Word of God in practice who are first and foremost to blame for leading our culture ever deeper into hell.

The latest example of this sad reality comes by way of a “Pro-Life” movement that just fought to prevent the abolition of human abortion in Oklahoma (see: Why are “Pro-Life” leaders preserving abortion in Oklahoma?), and is now taking the Hillary Clinton/Democrat/Progressive position on how women who choose to have their babies murdered must not be treated as…well…women who’ve just murdered a baby.

We can’t call it murder, you know.

That’s so hard.

It’s so heavy.

It sounds so mean spirited.

It’s not a very nice thing to say about someone…calling them a murderer, I mean. Whether they’ve actually murdered someone or not is immaterial; referring to someone as a murderer just isn’t a nice thing to do and therefore must be avoided at all costs – and I do mean all costs – in the name of peace, love and happiness.

After all, how are people going to like and listen to us if we call murder “murder”?

Remember: We have to be marketable.

I mean, if we go calling people to actually repent of sin in detail rather than just in some vague, generic, “nobody’s perfect” sense that keeps people comfortable rather than making ’em squirm with conviction, then how are we gonna build (or keep building) ever bigger, ever badder church buildings with thousands of seats, millions of ministries, and billions of seeker friendly angles on display?

You see, we can’t call murder “murder”. It’s bad PR. It just doesn’t fit into the plan.

So rather that calling sin “sin” in detail, which would mean calling murder “murder” when a baby in the womb is being murdered, we instead call ourselves “Pro-Life”.

Now that’s marketable!

That’s positive!

It’s practical, happy, warm, and fuzzy all at once!

And it has no inherent link to those most uncomfortable (and therefore most unmarketable) concepts of sin, conviction and repentance. In other words: There’s no inherent link to the true Gospel.

Which is just the way most American Christians like it.”

America’s proud, unrepentant commitment to “legal” child sacrifice has been something we’ve tried to keep on a front burner in articles like With “pro-life Christians” like these, who needs Planned Parenthood?, If only ISIS would murder and dismember children in nice little downtown clinics…, and Murdered language, murdered babies, and how one leads to the other.

As we continue by God’s grace to faithfully proclaim, warn, and confront a culture already clearly under the judgment of God, the temptation to frustration is always lurking, particularly as we head into yet another Republican presidential administration that will likely do far more to distract from and minimize the child sacrifice issue by focusing once again on getting us more stuff, better stuff, better paying corporate jobs, and bigger houses (or, at the very least, bigger apartments).

Critical American-culture defining issues like the open worship of false gods (“freedom of religion!”, anti-Christ style) and the open sacrifice of children by the millions are not things that most so-called conservative Christians want to acknowledge, much less address in any meaningful manner.

Even so, this is all purposeful.

God is moving.

His Kingdom is advancing…and likely over the soon-dead body of a proud, unrepentant America…

Barring His supernatural imposition of mass conviction, repentance, and restoration, He is drawing America nearer and nearer to her final death and judgment.

While we hope, pray, and work toward the repentance option, let us never forget that, whatever happens, it will ultimately bring Him glory and His people benefit.

The stubborn refusal of most so-called Christians in America to even identify abortion as what it is (murder) tells us much about where we are, how we got here, and where we’re going.

We have a lot of work to do.

We have a lot of professing Christians to call out.

We have a lot of true believers to wake up.

We have a lot of false converts to lovingly confront and expose, with the hope that they will repent, believe, and be saved.

And we have all of these things to do with the peace and confidence that comes by the grace of a God who has given us all that we need to bring Him glory and advance His Kingdom right here and right now over even the pathetic apathy and laziness of a professing Christian subculture that has no appetite whatsoever for the Gospel-fueled Great Commission of Jesus Christ.

Whatever they may do or not do, let us be faithful to Him on His terms in every beautiful detail as lovingly revealed in His Word.

Whatever the false teachers, false converts, false ministries and false gospels of American Churchianity may do, let us remain faithful to our Lord, advancing His Kingdom and building His Church on His terms as recorded in His Word.

So say it with me now:




Let’s live, preach, and legislate accordingly…all by God’s grace, all for His glory, and all to our eternal benefit.


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