1. Amen & Amen! This patriotism nonsense is complete idolatry! I “pledge allegiance” to none other than Almighty God. The rest will be burned by fire. Blessings to you and yours, brother.

  2. Scott, I normally agree with you. But it sounds like you haven't served in the military. I have, and I've seen our flag cover the coffins of those we brought home and those we buried at sea. So the flag, the national anthem, Taps, and other patriotic symbols mean a lot to me. I still put God first, but I love this country. And I think God loves countries that honor Him, as we have done, at least in the past. And btw, I don't want or love a strong totalitarian government, government schools, government health care, or even a government post office (it could be done better privately). But I love this country and I'm thankful that God allowed me to be a citizen.

    • Jim, please try to set personal feelings, emotions, and pet traditions aside and ask the simple question: Is what I've written true?

      Now, "how does it make me feel" or "how does it conform with what I wish reality looked like", but IS IT TRUE?

      I have seen the U.S. flag over the coffins of many killed in pursuit of American State orders and interests. It is my love for these people and sadness over their frequent transformation and abuse through State idolatry that inspires me to say these hard, challenging, but ultimately loving things. If we truly love America and Americans, we will call them to repentance. If we hate America and Americans, we will enable the pride and State worship that has been leading this land into darkness for 100+ years.


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