“In God We Trust!”

“God bless America!”

“Oh, how I love Jesus!”

This lingo is all over the place in America. As the culture war rages, loud and proud appeals are constantly made by tens of millions of American professing Christians – especially “conservatives” – who claim to love, trust, and adore God. But what do these chants, slogans, and snippets actually mean? What are they really telling us about the “Christians” permeating the population of a culture that’s rocketing through chaos into darkness at a quicker-by-the-minute clip?

Could all of this loud, proud talk about “loving Jesus”, “trusting God” and the like actually be a revelation of our contempt for God the Son in practice? Could our thoughtless ramblings about “loving” Him actually be heaping even more judgment upon an unrepentant, unsubmissive people who seem to have no trouble proudly attaching the name of Christ to explicitly anti-Christ approaches to law, liberty, freedom, economics, education, civil government, and pretty much everything else?

Put another way: Do we really love Jesus, or do we just love (and covet) His stuff?

Do we want Him or do we just want His things?

If you love me, you will keep my commandments.

Jesus (the real One), in John 14:15

Whoever says “I know him” but does not keep his commandments is a liar, and the truth is not in him. . .

1 John 2:4 (emphasis added)

Do American “conservative Christians” desire to actively keep the commandments of Christ? Or are we liars?

Do we even want to hear the commands of Christ?

Do we even want to hear what He has clearly said about religious pluralism? (See: Note to ‘Merica: There is no “God-given right” to worship false gods. Repent accordingly.)

Do we even what to hear what He has said about law?

Do we even want to hear what He has made plain about the nature, responsibilities, and limitations of civil government?

Do we even want to hear what He has commanded on the subject of child sacrifice? (See also: Selling murdered baby parts in America? Sure. Why not?)

Do we even want to hear what He has clearly stated about the legality of State-run satanically-modeled children’s “education”? (See: Statism 101: State-run “education” makes a State-dependent population.)

If we will not even hear His commands, much less take them seriously and obey them here in the “land of the free” and the self-described “brave”, then how can we possibly make a credible, coherent claim to loving Him?

Do we actually adore and submit to Him on His terms, or do we just want Him to bless us with “good stuff” like liberty, freedom, law, and the like, without worrying about that pesky “obedience” thing?

Do we want liberty, law, freedom, truth, and life as He embodies them, or do we want to pursue them our way as “We the People” see fit according to our will and our desire?

It sure seems like most professing Christians in America view Jesus as more of a prop or a genie-in-a-bottle tool than anything else.

Which explains a lot about why we are where we are now in America. (See: Judgment begins with the Church…not the Democrats.)

Until by the grace of God we are moved to repent of our coveting the things of Christ apart from loving submission to Christ Himself, things will (and should) only get worse for America.

Until we are moved by the grace of the Christ we have mocked in our perversion of law, education, economics and everything else to repent and submit to Him as Lord in practice, we will only deserve and get the much worse that is coming to this land and culture.

Until we stop coveting Jesus’ things and start desiring Jesus, we will only be drawn further and further away from true life, liberty, law, justice, and peace.

Until we seek Him first, we will find nothing of true, lasting value, and the few seemingly good things in our grasp now will slip through our fingers like squeezed sand until there is finally nothing even semi-decent left to cling to.

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So do we want Christ as King in practice or do we want death? That is, always has been, and always will be the question.

Do we want true law?

If so, Christ – and Christ alone – is that. (See: Presuppositional Law: Where we begin with law determines where we end.)

Do we want true liberty? (See: Why do we allow the open practice of Islam, witchcraft, and Satanism in America?)

Christ – and Christ alone – is that.

Do we want true justice?

Christ – and Christ alone – is that.

Do we want true family, community, and civil government?

Howsabout true and good economics, business, and children’s education?

Oh sure, we all say that we want these things. Who doesn’t? But do we really and truly want them in accordance with the unbreakable Nature of God as revealed in His Word? Uh…no…not so much. We want the things, but we do not want the Lord. Which is another way of saying that we are proud, unrepentant, blasphemous liars and thieves.

Christ – and Christ alone – is the perfect, pure embodiment of all true law, love, logic, justice, art, and education. He is the essential, irreplaceable core of all of these beautiful concepts. (See: Art, math, beauty, logic, law and economics…it’s all about Him.)


No joke.

He is the one and only path to any and all of these things.

That’s Christianity 101, folks.

That’s central to the Gospel-fueled Great Commission (see: Matthew 28:18-20)

To believe or proclaim any other truth – to advocate any other approach to reality – is to deceive. It is to lie. It is to be a liar…like one who claims to love Jesus while refusing to obey Him.

So lets stop coveting and planning to steal Christ’s things while refusing to submit to Him as Lord.

Let’s repent.

Then – and only then – we will finally have all of those beautiful and uncorrupted things that He has made for His obedient people to experience and enjoy.

But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.

~ Matthew 6:33



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  1. Wanna know how I know that even you, Scott, only want your gods things instead of the god himself: if there were no threat of Hell, you wouldn’t be a Christian. If there was no “..or else you burn” at the end, do you think you’d still be like this?

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