You’ve probably seen the signs before. They tend to make an impact:

These horror stories confront us as part of a provocative campaign against the methamphetamine monster that is ravaging the land. Most of us have seen one or more of these warnings, and those who have are unlikely to ever completely get them out of their head. The images are that powerful.

While the aim here is not to evaluate the appropriateness or usefulness of such a campaign in dealing with the range of sin associated with the proliferation of meth use in America, the impactful images and stories used by anti-meth campaigns do seem to serve as a helpful, if painful, tool by which we might better come to grips with our own profoundly destructive addiction.

To Socialism, I mean.

Make no mistake: “We the People” are absolutely, positively, and quite purposefully owned and hopelessly addicted to American-style Socialism.

That’s what we need to face now if we are to have any realistic hope for our children and grandchildren living in a land that is not defined by ever-deeper, ever-darker State-dependence.

And this “State-dependence” idea is hardly limited to people getting “welfare benefits” like food stamps and the like. Oh no; it’s way bigger than that.

The “State-dependent” pool covers the vast majority of the American population, including most hard working, generally honest “conservative Christian” types.

That important sub-group’s problem – the addiction of most professing conservative Christian Americans to Socialism – is where we should focus to get a better handle on this subject. After all, if “judgment begins in the house of the Lord” (it does) and there is no biblical worldview basis for believing that unbelievers are really going to fix anything in the truest sense, then we’d better focus on the only people through whom real, true, lasting reformation and restoration is, by the grace of God, supernaturally possible: Christians.

This is why we have to start with the dependence of professing Christians on American Socialism if we are to ever actually slay the beast of American Socialism.

So think: Social Security.

Think: Public Schools.

Think: Medicare, Unemployment “Benefits”, Disability “Benefits”, and Food Stamps.

Think: Artificially propped up home and stock values by way of relentless money printing. (You didn’t think that only the direct recipients of “Welfare State” products were addicted to American Socialism and purposefully made dependent upon the State, did you?)

Most politically aware and active “conservative Christian” Americans have no trouble at all identifying the goofiness and danger of some Socialism – the items fitting neatly under the “Welfare State” umbrella – while completely ignoring the many overtly Marxist, openly Socialistic modern American programs and systems by which they feed and fuel their own lives. The hypocrisy apparent in this selective application of standards, criticism and outrage has been one of the greatest enablers of Socialism in America for many generations now.

How many “conservative Christian” Americans freely, proudly, and happily make “good use” of the explicitly Marxist State-run children’s “education” system, which is funded through the State-enforced extortion and redistribution of wealth in order to fund a system set forth in the tenth plank of The Communist Manifesto?

How many “conservative Christian” Americans even stop to notice, much less ponder or address, the fact that this bit of American-style Marxism “for the children” has rendered true, actual home ownership an impossibility here in “the land of the free” and the home of the NSA?

Many Americans – including most professing conservative Christians – don’t even recognize their favored pet Socialism programs as being Socialism at all.

The denial, spin, rationalizations and justifications can get pretty thick, and quickly so, if you ever have the occasion to lovingly but firmly confront a Christian on their use of these wildly unbiblical systems.

Take Social Security, for example.

Most Americans have been so successfully encouraged to happily avoid the details of that program (or any other) that they actually believe (or pretend to believe) that they pay into an account over time and that the money that they’re supposed to get later is coming from that which they put in from the start.

They don’t know – and often don’t want to know – the truth that Social Security is nothing better than a naked Ponzi Scheme by which current “benefit” payouts are secured from the incoming wealth of workers who have some of their earned income confiscated by the State. This is the forced redistribution of wealth. This is Socialism. This is a Ponzi Scheme – and even worse than the typical Ponzi Scheme, since this one feeds itself through the coercive power of the State.

Younger  working Americans with more than two brain cells to rub together and the will to make a spark know that they will get nothing like what others are taking out of the Social Security system when their time comes to claim the “benefits” of this rank Socialism/Ponzi scam, if they get anything at all. They don’t “wonder about” this coming reality. They don’t think of it as “likely but maybe avoidable”. They know it to be true. They know it to be inescapable. They know that they are being economically raped.

And you know what?

Most of those at the other end of the Social Security system – the ones receiving “benefits” – well…they know it too.

They just don’t care enough to actually stop.

They know that the ones working now are going to get absolutely hosed down by this whole deal.

They know that it’s all gonna come crashing down on those poor saps’ sweet little hard working heads.

But they just…keep…taking

After all, it’s “their turn”, right?

That’s what The American State tells them.

They “paid in” and now they’re due “what they have coming”, yeah?

That’s what The American State encourages them to believe.

Who cares if we all know the whole thing is a scam that will inevitably crash around the younger ones paying in now to prop up the Ponzi Scheme for just a little longer?

That last line isn’t often said, but it is the strongly implied sentiment felt by many of those who are on the “tough luck” side of this destined-to-fail system.

When younger workers see the way that their obvious and apparent economic abuse is simply swept aside by those feeding on the “benefits” they work to provide, those younger people notice.

They see.

They understand.

They understand that for all of the talk of love and Jesus coming out of the “conservative Christians” who defend and use the destined-to-crash Social Security system, when the rubber meets the road, the futures of the young are being knowingly sold into ever deeper bondage so that many “conservative Christian” Americans can get just…one…more…hit.

Just one…more…check.

Who could have ever even imagined that the younger, destined-to-be-sacrificed  workers would not notice?

How delusional have we become in our addiction?

How far have we fallen in our Socialism-induced stupor?

These are hard things, am I right?

They’re heavy. They’re challenging. They may even sound like really, really mean things to say

…but are they true?

And does the truth matter?

Are we allowed to even look for the truth in this situation?

And if we’re not, how are we ever going to even begin to solve this mountain of long-term American Socialism-inspired problems?

How are we going to repent of sins that we will not even acknowledge?

How are people my age and younger going to escape the inevitable end of this monstrous course of action if it is just allowed to go on and on and on without even serious examination in light of the truth, however painful or hard or embarrassing that that truth may be?

For those thinking I’m angry or just being a big meanie here, please allow me to clarify a few things:

First, while I am indeed angry and repulsed by the system that I am describing, I am far more heartbroken for those who are enmeshed and entangled in its tentacles at every level: rich, poor, and everywhere in-between. I really am. This system has fundamentally contorted and warped the hard work and sound ethics of many; encouraged the sloth, covetousness, and jealously of others; and aimed to wrap us all in one form of State dependence or another.

This system is evil, and since Christians are commanded and equipped to properly hate what Christ hates and love what He loves, I have no qualms about saying that this American Socialistic System of systems is disgusting to me. I pray and work toward its death as God makes me able, and I encourage you to do the same…all in a Spirit of Christ-centered grace, peace, and pursuit of justice.

The people impacted, drug down, and dominated by this System are dear to me. I love them. I want the best for them. Which is why I am writing this now, hoping to at least put some hard truths in a biblical light so that repentance, reformation, and restoration might actually come…so that my children and yours might actually find freedom from the beast that we, our parents, and our grandparents have enabled and encouraged for so very long.

Secondly, I have so much to repent of in this area myself that I dare not imagine for even a second that I come to this topic or discussion with even the slightest little bit of self-attained superiority. I do not.

Until fairly recently, I was unaware of most (if not all) of the harder things that I now share here at Fire Breathing Christian on this subject, so I want you to know that while I do share these hard truths in the hope that they will properly jolt Christians out of the apathetic, lazy, and disengaged approach to life that has come to define American “Christianity”, I do so knowing that I am the “chief of sinners” in this regard and that, apart from the grace of Christ in my life, I would seek every “legal” American Socialism enabled “benefit” I could lay my hands on, and without the slightest hesitation or apprehension.

I have used the unemployment not once, not twice, but three times in my life. I also accessed a program to help cover costs when our own precious little Rosie was born not even three years back. Since then, I’ve been convicted and inspired to test these things in light of Scripture and those tests have made very plain that my using these “legalized” systems of State-enforced theft and wealth redistribution was not only sinful, but also practically destructive on many, many levels (not only to me and my family, but to future generations yet unborn). I have therefore repented of these past actions and, as a part of that repentance, I pledge to never knowingly access any Socialist American “benefit” again. (Yes, even though I am still “paying in” to the various systems in question.)

I type this at a time when my family “qualifies” for all sorts of “benefits” of American Socialism, some of which are quite substantial, as men measure such things. While we are struggling at times to eek by, we do so happily, trusting with complete confidence in the Lord to provide all that we need. However much the American System of systems may try to tempt us with “help” and “assistance”, we know that the Lord will provide all that we truly need in accordance with His Word. There is no perceived “need” that justifies our rejection of His Word as the standard by which we strive by His grace to approach every area of life, certainly including all economic concerns.

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While I’m in “rabbit chasing mode” here, let me also make plain that, biblically speaking, there is no inherent virtue in material poverty. Material wealth when pursued and used in a God-glorifying, Kingdom-advancing manner, is a beautiful thing and worthy aspiration. While Holly and I hope to build something of great value and impact in Fire Breathing Christian and related works, we trust God to define the nature and greatness of that value and we will not strive to “help” Him or help ourselves along the way by dipping our hands into the State-coerced “benefits” made available to us. Whatever we build by God’s grace we want to strive to build in accordance with His Nature as revealed in His Word.

Finally, I know that it’s very easy to write hard things in a blog and much harder to do the things one might write about. And when we’re talking about truly kicking the American Socialism habit and actually slaying the American Socialism beast, we’re talking about something that is impossibly hard…in and of ourselves. Such an otherwise impossible task requires precisely what our Lord has given us through His Spirit, His Word, and His Gospel-fueled Great Commission.

We are without excuse.

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Earlier this week we posted Our “Free Money” Heroin Habit: Why “conservative Christian” Americans sell their own children for just one more hit of Socialism.

That post hit hard. It was challenging, both to me and many readers.

What I want to do now is encourage you to read that post if you haven’t already and then, as we prep to consider this subject more and try to plan and encourage one another along the way of actually tackling and killing the beast of American Socialism in our own lives, consider the following questions:

Kick these questions around.



Lord willing (and crazy schedule permitting), I will follow up with some hopefully helpful and encouraging thoughts and strategies in the not-too-distant future.

In the meantime, thank you for your grace, patience, and interest in these beautifully challenging (and Christ-like character building) things.

Soli Deo Gloria!



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9 Responses

  1. Again Scott, the point is, what happens to those Christians already receiving their money back through disability (currently). You sit there and accuse us of sin, but offer no S O L U T I O N.. If I were to stop receiving SSDI, I would literally lose everything. My apartment (tiny though it may be), my vehicle (can't have a car without insurance or money for gas and maintenance), the ability to purchase food and clothing and so forth.

    If you think the "church" is going to give me enough money to cover my needs per month, you're wrong. Everyday here in my little (allegedly) Christian resort town in the Bible belt, I see the huge air conditioned tour buses painted for _______________(fill in the blank) Church, 'Happyville, USA'. I pass the buildings where baby food is dispensed to believers who can barely think beyond John 3:16, have no theological wherewithal, and are all too quick to whip out the pocketknife "Judge not" if confronted about anything they do contrary to the Law-Word of the Living God, We can buy tour buses and build huge buildings and educate preachers in seminaries but we can't help the disabled or the elderly, that in and of itself should tell you why Believers use Social Security and SSDI. BECAUSE WE CAN'T TRUST THE CHURCH TO DO WHAT GOD WANTS THEM TO DO.

    Now, a little background: Not too long ago, I gave up cable TV, phone and internet. It was making me sluggish and lazy spiritually and gave me access to see things I shouldn't. I am taking that money I save on cable and investing it into silver. Yes. REAL MONEY. Honest weight and measure. It will take some time to get together enough to make a difference, but that is where I'm led. When I get enough together, I WILL tell Uncle what he can do with his ponzi scheme. Until I achieved that goal however, I am yet entangled, but I DO see the light at the end of the tunnel and it's not an oncoming train.

    1. Stop with the self-serving lie of “receiving your money back” already. Nothing being paid out in Socialist Security “benefits” is coming from some account where what you “paid in” was safely stored away. Socialist Security “benefit” payments come from earned wealth confiscated by the State from workers so that the State can then use it to “take care of” you…for now, anyway. The younger fleeced workers of today who are being robbed to have the State “take care of you” aren’t gonna be “taken care of” in the same way, of course, since we all know the System must crash eventually (as all unbiblical paradigms do in God’s creation).

      Additionally, as I’ve repeated time and again, there is NOTHING that you, I, or anyone else can point to about our personal context or situation that justifies the many sins inherent in Socialist Security and other Socialist American programs. Your sheer desperation for food, a car, or whatever neither entitles you to steal NOR TO HAVE ANOTHER STEAL ON YOUR BEHALF.

      Go to your pastor and church if you have no family that will honor their God-given OBLIGATIONS. The Church has the OBLIGATION to pick up where family fails, in accordance with Scripture.

      Scripture defines the roles, responsibilities, and LIMITATIONS with regard to the Family, the Church, and the State.

      If you fear man and therefore look to him to prevent you from “losing your everything”, then you have already not only lost everything, but you are personally enabling and encouraging The System to shove future generations even further down the rat-hole of State dependence.

      Please, please, PLEASE…go to your friends, family and church for charity if you need it. God has provided every necessary solution in accordance with His Nature as revealed in His Word.

      “Therefore I tell you, do not be anxious about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink, nor about your body, what you will put on. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothing? Look at the birds of the air: they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they? And which of you by being anxious can add a single hour to his span of life? And why are you anxious about clothing? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow: they neither toil nor spin, yet I tell you, even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these. But if God so clothes the grass of the field, which today is alive and tomorrow is thrown into the oven, will he not much more clothe you, O you of little faith? Therefore do not be anxious, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’ For the Gentiles seek after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them all. But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” ~ Jesus (the real One), in Matthew 6:25-33

      1. The fact that the 'state' forced me to pay into SSI and did NOT put into an account that was restricted is NOT relevant to the fact that the state owesme the money they took from me and the match from my employer. I understand where you are coming from but you are making false claims that those who are currently being repaid (or under repaid is more appropriate) their 'investment' into SSI are stealing from the future generations. The government who legally requires us to participate in this system is the one who has stolen and continue to steal from future generations. They were the ones who looted the SSI account. I am NOT stealing from anyone IF I ever get to see any of that money. As a matter of fact, most people NEVER receive back what they paid into the system (assuming simple rate interest at the current savings acct rates over the time of investment). What I have paid in over my lifetime, at simple interest, would have me with a bank account for retirement at approximately $350,000 today. I'm a CPA and have researched and know this topic better than most. THESE are the facts.
        In regards to not taking disability if you need it, you say go to your church community if your family will not fulfill their responsibility. I have no disability income and expect to get my final rejection notice. My husband just abandoned me, no family is willing to care for me and my 'church' is ''poor' according to my pastor, but he is looking to see if they can help me with one month's rent ($650), and he's going to send me a list of agencies (mostly government) for me to apply for help (one time help ). Oh, and that was 2 weeks ago. No word from him yet. BUT, everyone who's a 'christian' who knows my situation is 'praying for me'. I don't know you, nor do I know your heart, and my comment isn't to judge you but you appear to live in a totally different world than mine.
        Most of today's churches are apostate. Their members can pay their cable tv bills and drive nice, new autos but they can't help somebody who is capable of living on less than $1,000 a month! That would only take 10 people committing to $100 per month for me to not be homeless.
        Maybe you should mass mail your articles to the pastors here in America. THOSE are the people who need to hear this, not those of us who are helpless in illness and too sick to work for a living. God bless.
        p.s. I've had a rough week with lots of pain and still grieving so forgive the curt tone but I found your post here to be 'naive' at best. Especially the part that stated "go to your church". LOL. I'm thanking God that I still love and follow Jesus in SPITE of the 'church'. And to think that when I left Catholicism (thank you Lord!) I thought I found people who really knew their Lord; just to be hurt as badly by the protestant churches. Struggling to forgive and resentment comes back when i'm in a lot of pain with NO answers on what is wrong and no way for relief from pain.

        1. The fact that the State lied to us and stole from us in the past in no way justifies our perpetuating the same lies of the State ourselves or using/”allowing” the State to steal from others today in order to cut us a check for what we believe/imagine ourselves to be “entitled” to.

          The fact that many professing Christians and many churches are defined not by Scripture but are instead motivated by self-serving, emotion-laden, Statism-enabling excuses, rationalizations, and justifications also does not in the least little bit alter the fact that God has spoken clearly on these things and that the ONLY path into the light on all of these economic issues is to drop the excuses and repent.

          Our obedience cannot be contingent on the obedience of anyone else; the fact that there are “bad Christians” and “bad churches” in no way absolves us of our responsibility to repent, believe, and submit to Christ in practice.

          Statists feed on the illusion that the only way to fix the many problems you’ve listed is to abandon the Word and submit to the “real world” solutions of Statism. Until and unless we repent and believe in Christ, obeying Him in all that He has commanded and trusting Him to provide all that we truly need, we will only excuse, justify, rationalize and spin ourselves ever-deeper down the rat-hole of State dependence.

          The State cannot be allowed to be out church and our god. If TRUE Christians will not stand in such a manner, then there is no biblical basis for hope that anyone will.

          I know that these things are hard, but multigenerational sin (and the excusing/rationalization of sin) leads to hard and dark places. There is no real path out of this hole apart from repentance and rejection of the Socialist Security of Statism.

    2. I hope that you take these corrections in the Spirit of love and truth intended.

      We must lead the way in repentance if there is to ever be anything resembling restoration in this State-dependent land.

      We can't make ten thousand excuses for unbelief and then expect to coherently claim Christ as King, much less advance His Kingdom.

      Our obedience to Him cannot be contingent on the perceived consequences of that obedience being "easy enough" for us.

  2. One thing to add too-the church for many years provided healthcare and other services to the poor (both inside and outside of the check) without the government stepping in. Why are we now so stingy with our time and money?

  3. Hi Scott,

    Thanks for writing this and making it personal. This helped me understand a lot better. I have one question for you. If this whole system was abolished, how would those who are not believers be able to survive? I don’t doubt that God will provide for His people. But what about the poor and disabled who are not? Should they be left to die, without healthcare etc?

    Thanks again for giving your perspective and your story. I think it helps when you make it personal, because I didn’t know that you were in that financial situation.

    Speaking of finances, I guess I have one more question. When we work in any position, we legally have to pay taxes and thus contribute to the system. Should we not pay our taxes, even though that’s illegal?

    Thank you!

    PS. How old is your daughter now? Will you have any more children? How do you think you will guide her when she gets to the age of deciding a vocation, going to college, etc?

    1. Thanks for the kind words. I'm glad this post was helpful.

      Has God not provided for all – believer and non-believer – with countless creations from every form of food to the unbreakable rules of biblical economics? Unbelievers benefit from God directly each and every time they draw a breath, process oxygen, eat a sandwich, think a coherent thought, or anything else. It's not as though there can or ever will be a real "need" for an unbiblical State to "take care" of anyone in any true, biblically meaningful sense of the concept.

      Regarding family, Holly and I have been married for three+ years now and we have little Wolfgang (8 months old) to go along with Rosie (2+ years old). We hope to have as many children as possible because we believe that they are the blessing that Scripture always describes them to be and it would be goofy to want less blessings. 🙂

      Lord willing, Rosie and Wolfgang (and others, hopefully) will be raised to be godly, Christ-centered, Gospel-fueled, Kingdom-building Christians who will embrace their biblically defined roles in that Kingdom, all by God's grace and all for His glory.

      I hope that all is well in your neck o' the woods.

      Thanks again for the kind words.

      Have a great rest of the day!

      1. Hi Scott,

        Thank you for getting back to me.

        I guess I do wonder, if God has provided everythinf necessary, then why are there still people who go hungry or are homeless?

        Maybe we (and I include myself here) also need to repent of being stingy with our money and not reaching out to others in need.

        I’m also unsure about paying taxes. Is paying taxes considered supporting the system?

        Thank you!

        Your family sounds very sweet 🙂

        Wolfgang is an awesome name. Do you think he will have a knack for cooking ala Wolfgang Puck? 😛

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