How many “conservative Christian Americans” are willing to sell their own children, grandchildren, and untold future generations deeper into slavery to the American State in order to squeeze just one more hit of temporary “benefit” from the Statism-fueled insanity of Social Security, Medicare, public schools, and the perpetual All-American war machine?

The vast majority, that’s how many.

And why?

Because that’s what we’ve been discipled by the State to do. (See: But “Our Schools Are Different!”, Says The State-Discipled Mind.)



And quite unbiblically.

With now daily reports addressing and/or predicting the next “necessary” moves to be made by Pagan elite-controlled institutions (like the American government) in order to try to preserve their ultimately (and thankfully) unpreservable fiction of an economic system, we are well served to first note our hypocrisy as Christians so that we might model the repentance that must come before the true restoration that we all claim to want can ever actually happen here in America or anywhere else. (See: What would happen if Christians just said no to American Statism?)

In one of a slew of now-daily-released articles chronicling the insanity of what is purposefully unfolding around us, Zero Hedge offered up the following:

So what’s left in the toolbag of central banks and states to stimulate recessionary economies if QE has been discredited? The answer: Helicopter Money.

We all know helicopter money of some kind is coming as the global economy spirals into recession. Quantitative Easing (QE)–the monetary stimulus of distributing newly created central-bank money to private banks–has been discredited, as even cheerleaders and apologists now admit it has only widened wealth and income inequality.

So what’s left in the toolbag of central banks and states to stimulate recessionary economies if QE has been discredited? The answer: Helicopter Money.

While the idea of “helicopter money” – the dumping of freshly-minted/printed/typed “money” directly onto crowds from the sky – might sound just awesome to many, it is, in fact, not.

Not at all.

Far from being awesome in any biblically sound (and therefore actually sound) manner, helicopter money, like all of the incarnations of “free money” that have come before it, is nothing but another tool of mass enslavement and elite empowerment. (See: Fiat $lavery: We have been bought and paid for…with nothing.)

After generations of programming through State-run “education” systems and Corporate-controlled pop-culture, the vast majority of even America’s professing conservative Christians have not only become comfortable with rank socialism, but quite enamored with and defensive of it.

How many “conservative Christian” Americans freely ship off their little boys and girls to State-run, State-serving, Statism-teaching “education” systems to have their little minds and fragile worldviews molded in an anti-Christian, pro-Statism direction? (See: Statism 101: State-run “education” makes a State-dependent population.)

How many “conservative Christian” Americans cherish and defend overtly socialistic systems like Social Security and Medicare, even though they know them to be wildly unbiblical tools being funded on the increased economic bondage of their own children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren?

How many “conservative Christian” Americans rail on and on about the “horrors” of ObamaCare and whatever “those crazy Liberals” are advocating at the moment while simultaneously cherishing and defending their “rights” as Americans to things like Social Security, unemployment benefits, Medicare, public schools, and a gigantic military to go to war “to make things better” all over the globe while domestic State-controlled forces maintain the open “legal” operation of mass baby butchering facilities all across the fruited plain, where we literally massacre over a million American baby boys and girls year in and year out for convenience and profit in the name of “freedom” and “liberty”?

And how many of these good “conservative Christian” Americans will be lining up for the next slavery-enabling handout, caring not a wit as to what this all means to future generations?

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The Zero Hedge article continues:

So where will the first drops of helicopter money land? How about the student loan Titanic, which is already bow down after hitting the iceberg of reality?

Or how about some big fat tax credits, politicos’ favorite form of helicopter money?

Ah, “free education”!

And why not?


If mass money printing to artificially prop up the value of the stock market or to procure a gigantic military that we will use to do everything but protect our own children in America from mass murder/dismemberment via Planned Parenthood is in order, then why not for “education” loans, too?

Why not for more food stamps? Why not for “free” homes? “Free” cars?

Why not just helicopter the stuff all over the place?

Whatever we do, we can’t stop printing or typing this “money” into existence in order to keep it all going.

We need our fix.

We must have our Social Security!

We must have our Medicare!

We must have our public schools!

We must have a giant military!

We must have our stock and home values artificially propped up through relentless money-printing and bailouts!

We must have this and we must have that and we must have the other thing and we must have more…always more.

After all: We’re Americans!

This is “the land of the free” public school and the home of the self-described brave!

Our fix requirements get bigger and bigger with each passing generation of State-“educated”, State-dependent Americans.

More, more, more…always more…

That’s what addiction produces.

And we are a nation of purposefully enabled addicts.

The deeper we go down this path, the harder our crash and detox will be. Many will not survive. But we already know that, don’t we?

We just pretend not to notice.

We pretend not care.

We pretend that this will all somehow end well.

We pretend that our favorite Pagan “experts” will make it all work. We pretend that they really do know what they’re doing.

We do all of these things just we’ve been conditioned to by our favored, cherished, and adored dealer: The American State.

(Consideration of this challenging subject continues in Kicking the Socialism Habit: Do we love the Lord (and one another) enough to confront and correct our dependence on the State?)


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6 Responses

  1. As the old saying goes "The truth hurts". keep speaking "the truth in love". I am currently reading 'Whatever Happened to Penny Candy" and find it helps me to understand what has happened economically in history and what is happening current-day. It is an easy read, but helpful for our (no longer state-educated) children to understand economics.

  2. Ok, I hope I am NOT misunderstanding this article and correct me if I am;but as for Social Security benefits, I worked for many years at banking institutions that did not pay very much in salary, filed my taxes, so if this article is implying that I am leaching off the system; I am greatly offended. As for Medicare, I have used Medicare a total of maybe 7?times in 4 years. I am basically a healthy person. I waited for over 6 yrs to have a back operation because I wanted to make sure that I was going to get the right corrective surgery. As it turns out, the operation did NOT do much to alleviate my spinal stenosis problem. My right leg (which was NOT the cause of my pain -it was my left leg) now is the problem I am willing to live with this pain because I do NOT want another operation. I take NO medications as I am one of those health food nuts. As for my social security benefits I do feel that I am entitled to them as I worked and paid into the system! YOU do not know whats its like to live on a fixed income and watch every penny that goes out of your pocket. If YOU think that I enjoy living on 1200.00 a month (paying rent, food, utilities, house necessities, etc) I DO NOT!! Even though I am a Senior Citizen I would like to work, but I live in a tiny town where jobs (even part time) are very scarce. I have never shipped off my child to some 'state run facility'. And as for your statement: "conservative Christian Americans” are willing to sell their own children, grandchildren, and untold future generations deeper into slavery to the American State in order to squeeze just one more hit of temporary “benefit” from the Statism-fueled insanity of Social Security, Medicare, public schools, and the perpetual All-American war machine" is highly insulting! Never would I ever sell my child into slavery to the American State just to squeeze one more hit of temporary benefit from Social Security, Medicare, etc! I have worked for what little I have! And I have never abused Medicare, ever. Hell, I don't even take an aspirin for a headache if I don't have to. I don't even buy myself any new clothes. IF YOU ARE IMPLYING THAT WE ARE A LEACH ON SOCIETY, OR THAT INSPITE OF ALL THE YEARS WE HAVE WORKED WE SHOULD SOMEHOW LIVE ON SCRAPS, AND NOT SOCIAL SECURITY PAYMENTS THEN YOU NO NOTHING OF LIVING ON A FIXED INCOME THAT I DO FEEL THAT I'M ENTITLED TO. I WORKED FOR MY SOCIAL SECURITY, I DIDN'T JUST SIT AT HOME AND NEVER PAID INTO IT.

    1. Respectfully, I think that much of your response proves the contention of the article more effectively than anything I have the time to write here, though I do look forward to exploring this subject in more detail soon, Lord willing. The Social Security Ponzi Scheme is not some safety deposit box that people pay into and then later take out what they paid in. The scam – like any Ponzi Scheme – takes (via government coercion) from those paying in today so that it can try to pay out "benefits" to those drawing on the system today. Social Security, unlike the typical Ponzi Scheme – commits the additional offense of funding itself through the State-operated confiscation of wealth. The string of emotional appeals and subjective situational context really doesn't do anything to change the fact that Social Security and Medicare are completely out of line with the biblical parameters and responsibilities of the separate realms of Family, Church, and State. Repentance and Reformation are the only solutions here; rationalizations and emotional spin (and "being offended" by hard truths) will only dig future generations into an even deeper hole of State-dependence. The God-ordained institutions of Family and Church simply MUST step up, repent, and Reform their approach to reality so that they might take on the responsibilities that God has given them. There's no way around this. I hope that these clarifications are helpful. Have a great rest of the day!

      1. There was a time when we lived like this (not long ago). The Church had authority and power and applied it biblicaly. Now the camel has had his nose in the tent for a generation or more, and now occupies most of it. As Nero did when he unveiled the state symbol in the Temple.

    1. No worries. I deleted the other one. Feel free to re-submit the same questions/ideas anytime though.

      Thanks and have a good one!

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