Somewhere between his offer to give “a warm kiss” to a certain kind of Democrat and diving headlong into the Marco Rubio shaped woodchipper parked next to him at last night’s GOP debate in Colorado, Jeb Bush finally fully flamed out.

Stick a fork in him; he’s done.

Jeb’s most viable path to winning the Republican Party nomination now involves some combination of spontaneous combustion and/or rapture of at least half a dozen folks ahead of him in the race at this moment. And even if there was a rapture, who honestly thinks that means Donald Trump would be going anywhere? This pretty much leaves mass spontaneous combustion as Jeb’s last best hope.

While it’s fun to watch an elitist from America’s First Family of Pagan Right Wing Statists blow up and burn out in such dramatic fashion, we can’t get distracted or let the glory of the moment go to our heads. Where one head of the American Statist Hydra may finally have been lopped off after threatening to warmly kiss others, we all know that two or more similarly Statist wannabe “leaders” will immediately spring into action to take Jeb’s place. (See also: How Jeb Bush despises privacy and freedom for the masses…yet will still get millions of “conservative Christian” votes and campaign contributions.)

The Bush family’s long, well-chronicled history (and present) of explicitly anti-Christian worldview advocacy hasn’t managed to shake hordes of supportive professing Christian evangelicals free yet, so there is still much work to do. (See: Jeb Bush makes the Pagan Right pitch on religion (again).)

Even so, as we go about the business of reforming politics and civil government by exposing, rejecting, and actively opposing the enemies of Christ that we’ve enabled for so long, it’s good fun to watch these Pagan wannabe Masters of the Universe blow themselves up in such dramatically pathetic fashion.

So enjoy moment. Savor the image of a once “inevitable” but now thoroughly burnt Bush. (See: Jeb! (not Bush) Launches Presidential Campaign with “Conservative” Case for the Welfare/Warfare Nanny State.)

But stay frosty. Stay focused. Don’t fall for the gaggle of “conservative Christian” American Statists that will now be scrambling even more madly to take his place. (See: How’s that Pagan “conservatism” workin’ out for ya, Christian?)


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