Will we give up our Social Security checks to stand against “gay marriage” in America? Or child sacrifice in America? Or openly operating mosques in America?

Will we give up our Disability and/or Unemployment and/or Public Schools and/or Food Stamps and/or Medicare and/or Medicaid?

Are we ready to give those things up if that’s what’s required to take a legitimate, winnable stand against the tide of darkness washing over the land?

Are we ready to help others weather the transitional storm that will come if and when they sacrifice those things to take such a stand? (Hello Church and Family – this is your job. You know, the one you abandoned to the State making this whole nightmare scenario possible in the first place.)

Are we as Americans willing to surrender the bonds that keep us under the control of a DC-centralized system that is hell-bent on leading us ever further down a path of “gay marriage”, “legal” child sacrifice, and whatever will come next?

Because make no mistake about it: That is what it will take.

That’s what it will come to.

And that’s why we’ve been led deeper and deeper into the bondage of State dependence by the Pagan Political Right and Pagan Political Left wings of our controlled, contrived puppet show of a political system for many generations now. (See also: What would happen if Christians just said no to American Statism?)

If and when any state or locality gets serious about actively refusing and resisting the evil, lawless “laws” being imposed and enforced from Washington DC, the powers atop the American Socialist State will not hesitate in threatening to yank all of the precious “aid” they’ve made available to “help” us. The All-American happy heroin supply of Socialism will be threatened. And if we don’t shut up and get back in the pro-porn/abortion/”gay marriage” line, then it will be cut off. It will be taken away.

That, my friends, is why there is little, if any, fear in DC of any real, lasting resistance to DC…even from loud and proud “conservative Christians” who are generally as dependent upon Socialism as anyone else in America. (See: How’s that Pagan “conservatism” workin’ out for ya, Christian?)

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Ultimately, it is assumed that we will take government payouts over any protracted and potentially very painful stand against the life-, family-, and culture-enslaving religion of Statism. (See: With ObamaCare and “Gay Marriage” upheld, when (if ever) should we simply say no to Federal control?)

One of the most basic reasons why Washington DC is able to dictate and impose the “legality” of everything from “gay marriage” to freely accessible porn to child sacrifice for convenience in America is because it has successfully made nearly everyone in the land dependent upon the State. Even those who imagine themselves to be “well off” in this way or that are, in fact, almost always entangled and directly or indirectly dependent upon American-style Socialism as practiced, encouraged, and relentlessly expanded by the American State.

So when you ask or hear someone ask a version of the oft-repeated “Why do we keep putting up with this?” or “When will it ever end?”, just remember: The person asking that question is almost certainly dependent – directly or indirectly – upon the continuing flow of Social Security, Unemployment, Disability, Medicare, and/or Medicaid “benefits”. If they themselves are minimally involved, you can be sure that many of their friends, families, and loved ones are almost certainly mired very deep in State dependence. (See also: Kicking the Socialism Habit: Do we love the Lord (and one another) enough to confront and correct our dependence on the State?)

This dependence is paralyzing.

Purposefully paralyzing.

This assumed and accepted reliance upon our DC-based ruling political class to “help” us feed, house, and clothe ourselves is precisely why most of us – including most professing conservative Christians-  are now unable and unwilling to resist.

We’ve been bought and paid for.

Right on schedule and according to plan.

And only the Gospel can change that.

We all have a lot of repenting – and a lot of hard work – to do.

So let’s get to it…all by God’s grace, all for His glory, and all to the benefit of countless generations to come.


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4 Responses

  1. I repented-stopped using the number 20 plus years ago – now I am old enough to collect from Cesar, but why should I forget "all of His benefits"

    (Psa 68:19) Blessed be the Lord, who daily loadeth us with benefits, even the God of our salvation. Selah.

    (Psa 103:2) Bless the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits:

    (Psa 116:12) What shall I render unto the LORD for all his benefits toward me?

  2. You are wrong to equate social security with other government entitlements. The gov. is giving me nothing. It owes me for giving into the plan for 35 years. Something I had no say so since they automatically took it every pay day. So you think that makes me complacent with “gay marriage”, abortion, and Islam? Do you drive on gov roads, take your kids to gov playgrounds and parks? Yes, it's silly.

    1. Hi Chuck, and thanks for chiming in. I know that this is a challenging, tender subject for many, but please consider the following facts that I shared earlier when someone made a claim similar to yours:

      Socialist Security is theft from workers of today to pay for the "benefits" paid to those who were stolen from and lied to in the past. Whatever you were forced to pay into Socialist Security was money STOLEN from you. That was THEFT.

      The only way the Socialist Security scam can continue is through the theft and distribution of stolen money.

      The money that was stolen from you has been long spent by the liars and thieves who stole it.

      As terrible as the theft and lies perpetrated upon you and others in the past may have been, that past theft and deceit in no way entitles you, me, or anyone to else excuse, perpetuate and personally benefit from ongoing Socialist Security theft going on today – a theft undertaken every day in order to prop up a Ponzi Scheme scam that we all know cannot last and will ultimately crash hard on the heads of some working generation who was stolen from throughout their working lives.

      Whatever you (and I) paid into Socialist Security is GONE.

      It was STOLEN.

      It was not set aside somewhere to somehow be paid back to you later. It was STOLEN and spent by the thieves who stole it.

      This is really important to get down: Any money being paid out by the Socialist Security scam today is money that is being stolen from workers of today. Just because the State is doing one's theft for them does not make the theft any less wrong, and one is not entitled to a slice of what's stolen from someone today just because they were stolen from in the past.

      Supporting the theft from others today so that we can "get back" something stolen from us in the past is fundamentally wrong.

      Thus, schemes like Socialist Security are hated and condemned by God…and until/unless we repent and turn away from such lawlessness and evil, we will continue to get the downward spiraling culture we deserve.

      Thanks for chiming in and thank you for considering these things. I know that the words are hard, but we need to be confronted with the THEFT that is going on here so that, by God's grace, we might repent of rationalizing and enabling the very systems that purposefully make us slaves…slaves who are paralyzed by their dependence of this wicked system that they defend and enable.

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