In case you haven’t heard, a new “budget deal” has apparently been struck between the Pagan Political Right and the Pagan Political Left in Washington DC.

So did we defund Planned Parenthood?


Did we even reduce the public funding of Planned Parenthood?


Not even a little?


Not even a teeny, tiny, eensy-weensy li’l bit?


“We the People” here in “the land of the free” and the self-described “brave” didn’t reduce the public funding of open child sacrifice for convenience in America by one single cent.

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Even with those videos that came out?

Oh yeah!

Even with the videos out…which were great for generating just the sort of energy the GOP will use to the benefit of the GOP, by the way! As for benefitting the children slated for murder in the coming days, week, months, and years here in “the land of the free”…well…the videos aren’t really gonna help them much at all, apparently. (See: No Child Sacrifice Left Behind: New GOP Speaker of the House “doubtful about defunding Planned Parenthood”.)

But the videos will definitely be used to gin up the paganized America-over-Christianity “conservative” base to fleece ’em for more campaign money and get ’em all excited and passionate about hitting the polls in November to “do their duty” and support the “conservative” Republican Party. As for actually inspiring serious pursuit of the abolition of child sacrifice in America, are you kidding? The abortion issue is way too valuable to the GOP as a perpetual campaign and fundraising tool. (See: Just in case you still think Republicans are ever going to actually stop abortion…)

This is why despite all of the big “pro-life” talk year after year and decade after decade from the Republican Party, at the end of the day it always ends up preserving in practice the open murder of children for convenience and profit in America to the tune of 1,000,000+ butchered baby boys and girls each and every year.

Yet year after year and decade after decade these folks still get the votes of most “conservative Christians” in America.

Year after year and decade after decade they still get the campaign contributions of most “conservative Christians” in America.

Year after year they talk the big “pro-life” talk, suck up the big “pro-life” dollars, and snag tons of “pro-life” votes.

And year after year 1,000,000+ baby boys and girls are openly sacrificed on the All-American alters of profit and convenience.

Clearly, this approach to addressing the child sacrifice issue has been a total failure…unless you’re a Statist who wants to keep folks enmeshed in the fictional battle between Right and Left wings of the same dragon while steadily advancing the power and control of the American State over the American people. (Sound familiar?)

In that context you’d have to call the last 40+ years of open child sacrifice a stunning – and I do mean stunningsuccess. Not only have the Pagan and paganized population managers atop the American State’s System of systems gotten their way, but vast sums of resources and energy from professing Christians have been diverted from productive use (in advancing the Kingdom of God rather than the kingdom of the GOP or America) and wastefully shoveled down a bottomless rat-hole of political delusion.

Here’s the 2015 installment, as reported by The Hill:

. . . As expected, the spending bill does not defund Planned Parenthood, a clear deal-breaker for Democrats, but the absence of spending cuts is still noteworthy given the intensity of the push to defund the group earlier this year. 

. . . After pushing for complete defunding of Planned Parenthood ahead of the Oct. 1 funding deadline, the conservative House Freedom Caucus scaled back its demands to a call for compromise language that would give states the ability to choose to defund the group.

The compromise was not included in the final spending bill.

I guess this means we need to vote even more Republicans into office, and pronto!


Wrong, actually, at least if we’re talking about more of the same paganized America-over-Christianity “conservatives” that have come to define the right wing of America’s laughably unconservative “conservative” party. (See: Why are American “Christian conservatives” so ridiculously liberal?)

The only kind of leadership that will ever truly right this already terminally damaged ship is the kind of leadership supernaturally inspired to repent, believe, and submit to Christ as King in practice…and then lead others to do the same in every area of life, including the realms of law and civil government. (You won’t ever see that solution pitched by Fox News or Rush Limbaugh.)

Only when we are broken enough to let go of the pride and self-centeredness that’s taking “We the People” to hell on a bullet train will we then finally find our way to true peace, prosperity, justice and life for all…including the little children that we now freely murder in the name of “liberty” at a rate of 1,000,000+ each year.

May God bless America with repentance and submission to Christ as King in practice…while there is yet time.


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  1. Well this is the problem when you allow candidates who are PAID FOR to lie to you and steal your Republic. We don't need "perfect"… we just need GENUINE with honest good intentions.

    TRUMP 2016

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