Of the many false religions and anti-Christ worldviews masquerading as Christian in 2016 America, few are as pervasive, impactful and adored as American Statism.

While the name may suggest otherwise, the impact of American Statism is globe-spanning, extending well beyond the borders of the United States. This makes its counterfeit gospel (Statism) and messiah (the American State) all the more dangerous and destructive.

The religion of American Statism has been so successfully taught for so long in “the land of the free” and the home of the NSA, and promoted so aggressively the world over, that most professing Christians in America and many throughout the West have come to conflate America with Christianity.

Back in an early July article entitled Confronting Americult, we tried to tackle this challenging situation in the wake of then-recent Supreme Court decisions that seem to have positioned American culture and civilization on the brink of oblivion:

The one thing to watch for in this or any other culture where death is near and restoration is desperately needed is the one thing that America is in no mood to embrace. That thing is repentance.

Broken, humble, contrite and complete repentance before God.

Even in the wake of last month’s wave of catastrophically anti-Christian, culture-wrecking edicts from Washington DC, the vast majority of professing “conservative Christian” Americans still took to the streets with their progressive Left brothers and sisters to cheer America on, sing about the awesomeness of America, and generally proclaim by any and all means available the matchless wonder and exceptional greatness of the American State. (See: Are we really free? Do we even want to know?)

After all, who needs repentance when you can have pride instead, right?

That’s the American way, don’tcha know.

And in this prideful, unrepentant approach to dealing with our present situation, the professing Christian church and professing Christians from sea to shining sea have once again chosen to lead the culture further toward death by way of pride rather than leading it away from the darkness by broken repentance and submission to God. (See: Judgment begins with the Church…not the Democrats.)

Where every one of the mountain of relevant biblical reference points should have professing Christians in America in full-blown “sackcloth and ashes” mode, instead we see American Christians leading the culture in blind, unflinching American pride. (See: 13 questions you’re NOT supposed to ask on “Independence Day” in America.)

All while loudly complaining about the state of the culture and looking to their favorite Pagan Political Right “leaders” and “experts” to save the day, of course. (See: Confronting the Gay Orwellian Party: Dragging the Pagan Right out of the closet and into the light.)

And woe unto anyone who dares to point out, much less call to repentance, this Cult of America.

If you speak out against Americult, you are the problem.

So in keeping with our Gospel-fueled mission to be that sort of “problem”, we would like to share here now for your prayerful consideration…The Ten Commandments of American Statism:

  1. You are “free” to have and openly worship any god(s) you like, so long as it is understood that the American State is above them all in practice.
  2. You are “free” to make a physical or immaterial idol out of anyone or anything that you like. Distinctly American State-centric icons are particularly encouraged, though ultimately anything goes, of course.
  3. You are “free” to openly blaspheme or mock the one true God in any way that you like. What good is a “freedom” if it can’t be used to openly mock God and repudiate His crystal clear commands, right?
  4. You are “free” to do whatever you want whenever you want, so long as you always submit to the American State. Setting aside a day (or anything else) for the express purpose of honoring the God that we’ve already spat upon in each of the first three items here doesn’t really make any sense at all, now does it?
  5. You are to honor, obey, and depend upon the American State to define and provide for all that you need as an American citizen, including everything from law and the State-managed “education” of your children to the State-provided “necessities” of Social Security, Food Stamps, Medicade, Medicare, Unemployment and Disability “benefits”. The American State is both god and parent in practice. Therefore the American State must be honored, cherished and defended by all of its loyal, loving, and dependent children.
    article continues below:


  6. You are “free” to openly murder your own children for convenience. You are also “free” to openly operate “legally protected” businesses dedicated to “serving” those wishing to murder their children.
  7. You are “free” to commit adultery. You are even “free” to openly operate “legally protected” businesses dedicated to “serving” those seeking to commit adultery.
  8. You shall steal from your neighbors through the power of your beloved American State. After all, you’re “entitled” to the wildly anti-Christian/pro-Marxist constructs of Social Security, Public Schools, and State-managed health care, so your neighbors must be stolen from in order to provide what you “deserve” from the anti-Christ American Socialism system.
  9. You are “free” to fundamentally warp, pervert, and corrupt truth, language and marketing to the point that nobody will even expect for the typical lawyer, salesperson, preacher or politician in the American culture to be truthful in their most significant claims. Lying and deceit must be be the accepted and expected norm in a land dominated by American Statism.
  10. You shall absolutely, positively covet anything and everything that you want but don’t have! Material greed and gluttony are two of the primary means by which you are to be enslaved to the Corporate-owned American State. If you actually obeyed God’s command to be content with whatever you have and believed His clear promise to provide all that you need in any given moment, what room for exploitation would be left for the religion of American Statism and the god of the American State?
I hope that this is helpful, convicting, clarifying and encouraging where appropriate.
Repent, America.
Or be destroyed.
Those are the only two options available, and I share them out of love.


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