IWantYourDaughters650pwYou know all those wars we keep launching here, there, and everywhere, often times pitched as a part of our effort to stop things like the evils of ISIS, who has been known to butcher thousands in cold blood…while at the very same time we protect the open operation of mass baby butchering facilities “legally” allowed here in “the land of the free” and the home of the self-described “brave”, where we murder on a far more massive scale than anything ISIS has managed?

And you probably recognize the massive American military that most “conservative Christians” say needs to be made even more massive so that we can fight even more (and bigger) wars in more (and bigger) places…despite the fact that we’re supposed to be broke. (Or, actually, we’re much worse than broke. We’re $19 trillion in debt and piling on more by the second.)

And you’ve probably already noticed that practically every major party candidate has expressed, at minimum, a commitment to continuing the perpetual war machine/Warfare State approach to American Empire, and, at worst, has made its perpetuation a major thrust of their campaign (think: Donald Trump and Marco Rubio).

So in this context, when the same American Statist goons start to talk about snagging your daughters along with your sons via the draft, you’d better be paying attention…and ready to fight.

Which brings us to a report posted yesterday by the New York Times:

Two senior military leaders said Tuesday that women should be required to register for the draft now that the Pentagon had opened all combat roles to them.

Although the move would be largely symbolic — the draft has not been used since the Vietnam War — it would represent another step in the military’s shift toward viewing men and women as equals.


How thoughtful.

How sweet.

Now we can be the property of the State equally.

Now we can be slaves to the State equally.

This is the pitch, people.


The Times article continued with this gem from Statist pimp/pimpette Claire McCaskill:

The officials had been asked their views by Senator Claire McCaskill, Democrat of Missouri, who said she was in favor of having women register.

“Part of me believes that asking women to register as we ask men to register would maybe possibly open up more recruits as women began to think about, well, the military is an option for me,” Ms. McCaskill said.

Just remember things like this the next time someone prompts you to sing about “the land of the free” or take a pledge to a flag that was written by a devout Socialist who wrote the pledge in 1892 to help sell flags to newly enshrined public schools.

And also try to remember this: Free people are not owned by the State.

The State is not entitled to our sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, husbands, or wives, regardless of their age.

And that is something we should be willing to fight for.


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One Response

  1. Observations:
    1 – Eisenhower warned the nation to "beware the Military Industrial Complex".
    To this needs to be added the admonition to never trust their political enablers, the politicians who are dependent upon large donations from Industry Lobbyists who represent the Industrial side of the complex that provides the generals and admirals with all of the shiny new toys of war.
    2 – This is the logical outcome of the Feminist Movement. Be ~very~ careful what you wish for, when you finally get it, it may be something more than what you wanted and answerable only to the Law of Unintended Consequences.
    3 – This is the outcome of multiple generations of lib/prog "progressive" "education", where real education has been slowly replaced with propaganda based on socialist doctrine that has lead to the destruction of societies and the death of an estimated half a billion people [and the unnecessary suffering of billions more] under socialist rule during the 20th century.

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