As we collectively lurch like a zombie toward the coronation of either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump as this cycle’s system-selected counterfeit savior, people are losing their minds.

They’re just going nuts out there.

Panic and hysteria abound.

Fear is everywhere.

Which is just the way they like it; with “they” being those who are all about the business of keeping us distracted from a life- and culture-enriching fear of the Lord so that we might be manipulated, controlled, and enslaved through our perpetual fear of everything and everyone but the Lord.

That’s what’s going on here.

That’s the game we’re allowing ourselves to play, and that’s the game by which we are being played.

It’s all about distraction.

It’s all about our own enabling of our own slavery through our own willingness (and often eagerness) to be distracted.

One of the greatest purposes of The Great American Political Puppet Show is distraction.

Arguably the single most significant consequence of our tragi-comedic obsession with national-level politics is the way that we happily divert our passion, focus, time, treasure, and energy away from the many things that we can actually do right here and now to radically improve things. Rather than pursuing the many impactful activities readily available to us in the realms of children’s education, economics, law, and civil government – each of which is clearly and lovingly prescribed in those Bibles that evangelicals like to thump and talk about all the time (but apparently don’t actually read much) is all that we need to know in order to actually build something breathtakingly beautiful out of the smoldering, rotting wreckage that is our present American culture.

But that would be hard.

That would take effort.

And, worst of all, it would involve repentance and rejection of the numerous red, white, and blue idols that we’re still clinging to with so much pride.

This is why cycle after cycle, decade after decade, and generation after generation we are so easily steered to pour our passion, energy, time, and treasure into “making America great” by pinning our hopes for the future of culture and civilization to one thoroughly anti-Christ presidential candidate or another.

This is why cycle after cycle, decade after decade, and generation after generation we are effortlessly drawn like moths to a flame, fixated on the increasingly pro-wresling-ish presidential election drama that is (always) portrayed each and every four years as “the most important election of our lifetime” or “the most important election in American history” or “the most important election in the history of the time and space and anything else you can think of or care about”.

And generation after generation, while this real-life nightmare scenario rolls on like clockwork, we go right on supporting, defending, and feeding ourselves, our fortunes, our attention and even our little children into the System of systems rather than actually opening our Bibles, seeing what God has said about things like children’s education, economics, law, and the role of civil government, and obeying what He has commanded.

You know, like actual believers would do.

But we don’t do that, do we?


Not really.

Instead, year after year we dive deeper and deeper into the Political Puppet Show (doubly so in Presidential election cycle years) and year after year we are distracted from doing the very things that God has clearly and lovingly told us and equipped us to do if we really, truly want to see legitimate, lasting peace, security, prosperity and hope in the land.

So here we are again, in 2016 America, with most politically active self-identified conservative Christians still being manipulated (and trying to manipulate others) through fear of everything and anyone but the Lord, pursuing and promoting the many terminal distractions of the enemy while neglecting the very things that God has placed within our reach to actually turn our lives, families, churches and culture around.

In this context, it seems like a good time to share some things that we should be doing that are much, much, much more important and impactful than voting for President – things that if left undone (as they have been left undone by most professing Christians in the land for generations now) will only help to secure the death of American culture that now seems so imminent and obvious, regardless of which anti-Christ is elected President this time around.

Before we get to the list, a couple of important clarifications…

First off, I am in no way advocating that people not vote for President. I plan on voting for President myself in November and have narrowed my choices down to two men, neither of whom are named Trump or Clinton. I hope to write more about this very soon.

But the point here isn’t to direct anyone towards the presidency or the United States on a federal/national level as the source of any real hope. The point here is to direct us all toward the things we can actually do to make a positive change with the time, treasure, passion, energy, and opportunities that God has given us in the places that God has put us.

In order to even see these things, much less pursue them these days, it seems necessary to first force ourselves to look away from the presidential race.

Look away from the White House.

Look away from Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Look away from the American flag.

Look away from the bug zapper that’s killing us again, and start looking toward the life- and culture-restoring Word of God.

That’s the big idea here, however poorly I may express it.

Additionally, it should be noted that this is not anything close to a comprehensive list. There are far more than ten things that are much more important, valuable, and impactful than voting for President of the United States. This list is also not necessarily presented in any order of importance. It’s just ten things that seem to me to be significantly more important than voting for President, that’s all.

With that said, let’s get to it…

10 Things That Are Much More Important Than Voting For President:

  1. Spending our time seeking (and striving to submit to) the revealed will of God in detail through His Word on specific subjects. What has God said in detail about economics? What has God said in detail about civil government? What has God said in detail about children’s education? Do you even want to know? (If not, feel free to just stop here and go back to watching Fox News, CNN or whatever.)
  2. Getting our kids (and/or help/encourage others to get their kids) out of public schools, which are nothing more than Temples of Statism consecrated to an approach to life and knowledge lifted directly from the serpent’s tongue in Genesis 3. If Christians refuse to repent and take point in leading the culture out of the bondage of satanic worldview training that is our public school system, the America they claim to love will certainly continue to produce, by design, generation upon generation of young Americans that are each more satanic, more socialistic, more Statist, and more anti-Christ than the last. (Just as we’ve been doing for 150+ years now.)
    Attempting to “make America great” by supporting Trump while shoveling (or encouraging/enabling others to shovel) children into the mouth of the beast that is State-run satanically inspired “education” is just about the most destructively incoherent and idiotic course one could possibly choose…yet, at this very moment, most professing Christians in America seem to think it’s still the way to go, no matter how much smoldering cultural wreckage piles up around them. It’s way past time that we as Christians stopped propping up this beast and started leading the way to killing it. (See also: Ten problems with the “salt and light” excuse for feeding children to the State., Ten answers to those “What about socialization?” questions from public school advocates., and 10 Reasons Christians Should Not Teach In Public Schools.)
  3. Spending a little of our time learning the basics about our fiat economic system. This is a biggie, what with the love of money – especially magical fake money – being the root of all manner of evil and all, so it’s important to take the time to get a handle on the very simple, yet critically important, foundation of the satanic economic system under which we now labor (and are controlled).
    Lest you think that this task will require years, months, weeks or even days of deep research, rest assured that all that should be needed to get a solid, basic understanding in place on this one is an hour or two of actual, moderately focused study. Seriously. It’s that simple. You just have to want to know the truth, no matter how bizarre and Matrix-like it may be (and is). Learning about the satanic foundation of our fiat economic system is infinitely more valuable to advancing the Kingdom of God than casting (or arguing about casting) a vote for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.
  4. Spending our time, treasure, and passion building our life, home, church and family around the Gospel-fueled Great Commission. Are you and your family actively striving to pursue and live out a Christian worldview in every area of life? Put another way, do you believe in the Gospel-fueled Great Commission? If so, you will be building your home around discipleship and advancing the cause of discipling the nations, as King Jesus has commanded and equipped His people to do. This begins in the home and doesn’t lend itself to much Trump promotion, if you know what I mean.
    More specifically, is your family out of debt? If not, are you working toward that end?
    Is your family using the any of the many overtly satanic/Marxist “assistance” being offered up by the State, thus making your family more dependent upon the State?
    If so, what are you doing to address that situation? We’re almost all in this boat to some extent after many generations of increasingly socialistic/satanic approaches to economics and life in general being embraced even by “conservative Christians”, and if we as Christians won’t finally own up to this sad reality, repent, and seek the Lord in practice, how can there be any real hope for the broader American culture to do anything but slide even deeper into darkness?
    If Christian families do not free themselves from State dependence, nobody will, and if families are not freed from State dependence, the State will continue to own and direct them ever deeper into bondage. It’s that serious, and it’s all on us to lead the way, Christians (all by God’s grace and all for His glory).
  5. Seeking out and serving in a local church that is actively pursuing the Gospel-fueled Great Commission. And remember: No local body of believers will do this perfectly. Few will even do it very well, especially in this culture. Thus, the incredible need (and great opportunity!) for true servants to humble themselves and help build up the Bride of Christ on His terms in accordance with His Word (while understanding that many local churches are operating from a very weak and fragile place right now).
    This means striving for biblical approaches to everything (not just our pet issues), including the offices of elder and deacon, and the practice of discipline (all things sorely lacking to the point of being openly hated by a Christ-hating American culture largely because professing Christians in America have modeled a disdainful, rebellious approach to things like elders and discipline for so very long).
  6. Helping our local church play its biblically assigned role in dismantling the American welfare state. Are there State-dependents in your church? If so, formulate plans to address that situation. Have open discussions. Seek the will of the Lord on these things as lovingly revealed in His Word.
    The State has become God in practice and is entrenched in that position now primarily because the State has made people economically dependent upon it. If the Church actually preached and applied biblical truths regarding theft (including theft via the State confiscation and redistribution of wealth) and covetousness (including the State-encouraged covetousness that defines even most modern “conservative Christian” politics), the State would shrivel up like a deflated balloon before our eyes.
    If the Church was the Church in economic practice, the routine threat of the American State to compel its (economically dependent) subjects to embrace “gay marriage” or allow profoundly confused men into girls’ bathrooms by threatening to withhold funding for Social Security, Medicare, public schools or any other overtly Marxist program would become toothless. The State would be defanged, lose it’s power, and people would finally become free…if only the Church would be the Church.
  7. Helping our local church fulfill its obligations to widows and orphans. These are obligations, not options. In conjunction with point #6 above, help your church to formulate a detailed plan of action on this important front in advancing the Kingdom of God in America (and everywhere else).
  8. Helping our local church build bridges to the people, institutions, and communities that are right there in arm’s reach. In other words: Spend time and energy in the areas that you (and your local church) can have the most impact.
    This is something that each of us will model differently in the unique positions that God has given us. We should be spending much more time building relationships with those around us – people, businesses, and institutions that we can actually impact in a meaningful way – rather than obsessing over national political puppet shows that we have very, very, very little (if any) actual opportunity to influence in any significant sense. We need to begin to embrace a true Gospel-centered, grassroots, ground-up approach to cultural change, rather than allowing ourselves to be distracted every four years like clockwork into looking for DC-based saviors to somehow weild wildly unbiblical centralized power in a a way that will “make America great again”.
    That approach will never work.
    If instead of continuing to shovel our time, talent, passion, and treasure down that rat hole we instead finally choose to knuckle down and spend the time and energy required to develop debt-free, non-State-“educated”, non-State-dependent, non-State dominated businesses, families and communities defined by deep local relationships modeled by Christ-centered local churches committed to the Gospel-fueled Great Commission, we will finally actually see positive change the likes of which most of us have been conditioned to believe isn’t even really possible (which then becomes one of our primary justifications for not even trying the Great Commission approach to cultural renewal).
    This can be done.
    The Word of God says so.
    It’ll take time. Many years. Many decades. Many generations. But it can and must be done.
    So let’s get to it!
  9. Engaging aggressively in LOCAL politics. If Christians would seriously engage in the political realm at the local level with one tenth of the vigor they waste arguing for Trump to beat Hillary or worrying about what will become of the universe if Clinton is elected President, vast portions of the United States would radically improve at such a dramatic pace that it would strike absolute terror into the hearts of those atop the many systems currently keeping us so distracted, dependent, and compliant as the culture goes to hell around us.
    Christians with detailed biblical worldviews and a commitment to the Gospel-fueled Great Commission becoming County Commissioners, City Mayors, County Mayors, and – most importantly – County Sheriffs – will be infinitely more effective in reviving culture and civilization than the election of an anti-Christian buffoon like Donald Trump (which is precisely why we are encouraged to waste our political passion, energy, and resources on the Trump vs. Clinton farce).

    article continues below


  10. Spending the time necessary to pursue and model perpetual Reformation in our own life. Always be willing to test anything in light of Scripture – including your most cherished traditions, habits and approaches to life. With idolatry of the State and many other related concepts being used to control and direct the energies of most Christians in America right now, it is critically important that we actively model a personal willingness to test every preference, tradition and political/economic/legal position in light of the Word of God.
    This is not just a philosophical approach or stance; it’s a persistent activity. It takes time. It takes energy.
    Be willing (and eager, even) to share with others how you’ve reformed by God’s grace in recent months and years as He’s patiently guided you through the process of sanctification and the pursuit of Christ-centeredness in increasing detail.
    Were you once a lover and defender of Statism? Did you once worship America as though the American State was the Kingdom of God? Were you once economically dependent (partially or completely) upon the loot stolen from others through State-sponsored confiscation and redistribution of wealth? Were you once a defender of the satanic model of children’s education purposefully practiced by the State in its “public schools”?
    If so, share. Explain. Encourage others with your testimony. Inspire others with your Reformation. Give God the glory for opening your eyes, changing your heart, and bringing you more and more into conformity with His Nature as revealed in His Word, all by His grace, all for His glory, and all to your eternal benefit.

That’s how discipleship happens.

That’s how the Gospel-fueled Great Commission works.

That’s how the Kingdom of God advances.

And that’s what we’ve been called and equipped to do right here and now.

Donald Trump is not required. The Republican Party is not required. America isn’t even required.

The faithfulness of God’s people is all that’s required.

So don’t be distracted.

And certainly don’t despair.

God has His people exactly where He wants them, and victory has already been secured.

Now let’s start acting like it.

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  1. I couldn't agree more. Letting people like Obama and Hillary win and rule the country, resulting in the brutal destruction of the lives of countless innocent millions, the outlawing of Christianity, and the destruction of the whole planet, through our own pride and inaction…. is a brilliant God inspired plan.

    I just treat others the way I want to be treated… and I look forward to being raped, tortured and murdered ! And I want the same for others. So I will let Hillary and Obama win because Trump allegedly said a woman looked fat once……

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