Some of my favorite people have been public school teachers. Some of my favorite people are public school teachers. Some of my favorite people are Christians who are teaching or have taught in American public schools.

As a product/victim of American State-run worldview programming myself, I have much to be thankful for. High on the list is God’s perfect, purposeful use of even the satanic system of mind-sculpting known these days in America as public schools. I am thankful for God’s perfect use of even the pagans who taught me in those schools. I am also very thankful for the Christians who taught me in those schools. Most importantly, I am thankful that the Lord has since delivered me from much, if not all, of the explicitly anti-Christian worldview foundations upon which the whole sorry State-run public school approach was, and is, built. True to His unbreakable Word (see: Romans 8:28), He has perfectly used even the things crafted by rebellious men (many of whom claim to be Christians) in direct opposition to His Word, all to His glory and all to my benefit.

Because I love the Lord who has delivered me from so many of the fundamental lies that this system was designed to have me believe and build my life upon, and because I love both the Christians and the lost who are still subjected to that system as students or empowering it as adults, I am compelled to share some hard biblical truths in a Spirit of faith, trusting that by “testing all things” and challenging others to do the same (1 Thessalonians 5:21), including the deeply entrenched and often adored idol of State-run anti-Christian “education”, the Lord may be pleased to use my flawed expression of obedience and concern to help awaken His people and move them to repentance so that we might together experience restoration on the vital life- and culture-shaping subject of children’s education. (See also: Redeeming Children’s Education: Confronting Our Satanic Approach to the Pursuit of Knowledge.)

Before diving into the ten items respectfully submitted here for your prayerful consideration in light of the Word, two quick points of clarification are in order:

  1. While many points considered here will generally apply to the subject of State-run/anti-Christ “education” as it is currently practiced throughout the West and the rest of the world, this post is aimed primarily at addressing modern American public schools.
  2. I wholeheartedly agree with and am eternally thankful for the fact that God does indeed use Christians in sinful circumstances to advance His Kingdom. This certainly applies to Christians currently employed by the State for the purpose of educating children according to State-defined (and explicitly anti-Christian) standards. The ten biblical critiques of the system and satanic approach to the pursuit of knowledge presented here are in no way intended to question the sincerity or salvation of those presently involved in the State-run system. We are all works in progress. We are all learning as we go. The hope here is not to crush true Christians who are, for whatever reason, presently enabling the System in question. The hope here is to lovingly confront and correct the unbiblical foundations of the System itself, as well as our defense or enabling of that System as Christians, so that we might honor the Lord as Lord in practice, and thereby find the true joy, peace, and life that flows from a biblical, Christ-centered approach to the pursuit of knowledge.

I hope that these clarifications are helpful.

I also recommend the following three previous posts in order to get a better sense of how we are striving to approach this tender and very important subject here at Fire Breathing Christian:

With these points of clarification and reference made, off we go into…

Ten Reasons That Christians Should Not Teach In Public Schools

  1. Teachers in pagan/State-run schools are modeling a satanic approach to the pursuit of knowledge. (See: Genesis 3.) While it is certainly true that one can learn enough to, for a time, productively use mathematics, language and the like in a practical manner apart from repentance and regeneration by the grace of God, even this practical use of God-crafted reality is wholly dependent upon His Nature and His grace (something every Christian should clearly emphasize to every student when considering any subject). Put another way, when an unrepentant sinner “learns” math, they are relying upon God’s Nature to both learn and apply what they have learned, however much they may ignore, dismiss, or even hate the fact of the provision.
    The pagan mind believes that it can rightly learn and apply truth in math, art, history, language, etc. apart from God – as originally advocated by the serpent in Eden. (See also: Redeeming Children’s Education: Confronting Our Satanic Approach to the Pursuit of Knowledge.) Everything about this satanic worldview centers on the notion that Christ can be dismissed as essential to the pursuit of truth in life here in “the real world”. Thus, the satanic approach to education openly dismisses the (biblically essential) authority of Christ.
    The Christian worldview, in stark contrast to this, makes plain that Christ is the Author, Sustainer, Owner, and Definer of all things – including law, art, economics, math, science, and everything else (see: Colossians 1:16 and Romans 11:36), and that all true knowledge and rightful application of anything in His creation requires explicit connection with and subjugation to Him. When a professing Christian teacher agrees to dismiss the lordship and authorship of Christ in pursuit of understanding anything in Christ’s creation, they are modeling for their students a satanic approach to the pursuit of knowledge.
  2. Teachers in pagan/State-run schools are modeling open rejection of the Gospel. The Gospel command to repent and submit to Christ as Lord is comprehensive. It covers everything. It calls us to nothing less than the faithful proclamation and application of the Nature of God as revealed in His Word as the binding, perfect standard over every realm of life. When teachers agree to treat many vast swaths of life – like the arts, law, and the sciences – as though they may be somehow coherently set apart and properly studied from the Gospel, they are denying the true Gospel, replacing it with a pathetic counterfeit (see: Beware the “Gospel in a Bottle”) and they are “educating” in a manner that is openly opposed to the Gospel-fueled Great Commission (see: Matthew 28:18-20).
  3. Teachers in pagan /State-run schools are, in practice, endorsing a pagan worldview. All education is religious. All education is theological; it all begins with an assumption about the nature and necessity of God. Every approach to life (including the pursuit of knowledge) is inherently religious. Approaching the pursuit of knowledge rightly by beginning with God is a core truth about the pursuit of truth that could not be made more plan in Scripture (Proverbs 1:7, Proverbs 9:10, Psalm 111:10, Colossians 2:3, Colossians 1:16). When teachers in practice reject the many biblical commands to maintain a Christ-centered approach to the pursuit of knowledge and instead embrace a Christ-dismissing (and therefore Christ-mocking) view of the same, they are inherently endorsing (and modeling endorsement of) the pagan worldview and religion.
  4. Teachers in pagan/State-run schools are modeling opposition to the Great Commission and the subversion of discipleship. In a Christian worldview, the pursuit of knowledge (education) is always understood in the context of discipleship. The Gospel-fueled Great Commission couldn’t be more beautiful, powerful, or clearWe are to become and create disciples to obey all that Christ has commanded. (See again: Matthew 28:18-20.)
    This obviously includes all that He has lovingly revealed on the vital subject of children’s education. Christians are commanded and equipped to take every thought on every subject in every context captive to Christ (see: 2 Corinthians 10:5). The pagan/State-run system of satanically inspired “education” is diametrically (and purposefully) opposed to that God-given command. When teachers embrace or enable a pagan approach to the pursuit of knowledge in which obedience to Christ isn’t advocated, much less vigorously pursued, they are modeling both rejection of and active opposition to the Great Commission.
  5. Teachers in pagan/State-run schools are modeling a self-centered approach to knowledge…and life. Enabling an approach to education that centers on how we might acquire and use knowledge of His creation as we see fit according to our desires to suit our purposes apart from explicit connection with and subjugation to Christ is to validate the foundation of a thoroughly satanic approach to reality and life (see again: Genesis 3). When teachers agree with the basic pagan proposition that knowledge is ours to pursue and apply apart from God in such a self-serving manner as we see fit, they are modeling a self-centered approach to life.


    article continues below
  6. Teachers in pagan/State-run schools are modeling denial of the sufficiency of Scripture. (See: 2 Timothy 3:16-17.) When the clear manner in which Christ addresses the nature of knowledge in general (it’s all about Him) and the pursuit of children’s education in particular (see: Deuteronomy 6:4-7) is dismissed in favor of diametrically opposed approaches to truth, knowledge, and the necessity of Christ as the heart of it all, education becomes fundamentally corrupted. Where God has lovingly provided us with everything that we need to know in order to pursue and enjoy true, life- and culture- invigorating education, the pagan/State-run System of systems has lead us into ever-increasing darkness and chaos by convincing us that the satanic model of education is somehow legitimate here in “the real world” (see also: Encouragement from Satan). When teachers enable and participate in this openly anti-Christian approach to truth and knowledge, they are modeling denial of the sufficiency of the Word of God.
  7. Teachers in pagan/State-run schools are modeling rejection of the complete and comprehensive lordship of Jesus Christ. Having a Bible on one’s desk is not enough. Going to church on Sundays (and/or Wednesdays, and/or every other day of the week) is not enough. Being polite and kind and well-groomed and generous and sweet is not enough. Non-Christians of all sorts can do all of these things. True Christians, on the other hand, are lovingly commanded and supernaturally equipped by the grace of God to be disciples, and Christian disciples are all about the faithful proclamation and application of the lordship of Christ over every subject in every area of life (see: Romans 11:36). The reason that the true Gospel is so hated by the world is that it is comprehensive. It leaves nothing to the lordship of man. When teachers openly comply with the pagan notion that Jesus can, if one insists, be “lord” over part – but not all – of life, they are modeling open rejection of Christ’s lordship over everything.
  8. Teachers in pagan/State-run schools are modeling satanic expressions of theft and covetousness. By endorsing an approach “education” centered on pursuit of the things made by God (art, language, logic, math, etc.) apart from submission to God Himself, teachers encourage students to covet and pursue that which is not and can never be theirs (true knowledge of any subject apart from God). To claim that such true knowledge on a subject can be had apart from God also models and encourages theft – the theft of God’s glory. With the entire foundation of State-run “education” modeled on a satanic approach to the pursuit of knowledge, we should not be surprised that coveting God’s possessions and attempting to steal His glory are fundamental to a State-programmed worldview (see: Isaiah 14 and Ezekiel 28).
  9. Teachers in pagan/State-run schools are enabling the perpetual redefinition (or undefinition) of reality. In accordance with the satanic drive toward chaos – and in direct opposition to Christ’s call to submission and order through Him (Matthew 28:18-20) – teachers in  pagan/State-run schools are enabling a system that has over the course of many generations already managed to radically (and unbiblically) redefine everything from liberty, freedom, justice, and law to marriage, family, gender, and even life itself. The approach is purposeful and systematic. The trajectory is fixed and will continue for as long as this satanic model to the pursuit of knowledge is enabled by Christians. (See also: American Public Schools are Officially Gay.)
  10. Teachers in pagan/State-run schools model the embrace of religious pluralism and the supremacy of the State above all “equally submissive lesser gods” (Statism). The pagan/State-run system centers itself on rejecting God’s clear repudiation of religious pluralism (see: Exodus 20:1-3) by promoting and building upon the wildly unbiblical presupposition that “all gods are equal”. This blasphemy is now central to America’s identity. (See also: Note to ‘Merica: There is no “God-given right” to worship false gods. Repent accordingly.) This “equal regard” for all gods, aside from being the equivalent of a vulgar gesture and spit in the face of the one true God, is also inherently dishonest (go figure!) in that it’s actual aim is to establish the supremacy in practice of one true god – the State – above all lesser gods. This is known as Statism. Satanic Statism is therefore not surprisingly the one religion that is openly advanced at every turn through State-run “education”. (See also: Statism 101: State-run “education” makes a State-dependent population.)
That we are stopping here at ten points is not intended to convey the notion that there are merely ten major items of consideration along these lines. To the contrary, there are many more, and we may well add another list (or two or three) at some point in the future.
There are also many more thoughts to share as to what each point means in detail, but, as this post is already getting to be bit long, I’ll pause here and thank you for your prayerful consideration.
If we truly Love the Lord, we will strive to obey Him in all things at all times in all contexts (see: John 14:15).
If we truly love our children, we will teach them to do the same.

The answers to these questions will determine our place in God’s creation of history.


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20 Responses

  1. Scott,

    Thank you for exposing much evil that goes on in the public schools.

    God brought some things to my mind-
    Proverbs 20:23 says, "Divers weights are an abomination unto the LORD; and a false balance is not good."

    Do you expose other professionals that do not recognize the Lordship of Christ? For example, do you expect a Christian mechanic to tell his customers that the Lord Jesus gives Him the knowledge He needs to fix the car and he does his work unto the Lord Jesus? If he is in sin for not telling customers this, then is the mechanic giving into a pagan way of fixing cars? Is it sin for him to simply do his job and speak from time to time? Ecclesiastes 3:7 says, " A time to rend, and a time to sew; a time to keep silence, and a time to speak;" Acts 16:7 "After they were come to Mysia, they assayed to go into Bithynia: but the Spirit suffered them not." Of course, God sent His people to preach in Asia, but according to His timing! Could we use this principle for Christian professionals?

    Do we expect a Christian doctor to tell every patient that Christ is Lord and the maker of the body? If not, is she giving into a pagan way of practicing her trade? How about a Christian waiter? Do we expect the waiter to tell all customers that Christ is Lord? If not, is this Christian being a waiter the pagan way?
    Is it possible that God gives open doors to share Christ to His people before and after relationships have been built?

    I would love for teachers to preach the gospel during the day in school, but are they being wise as serpents by waiting for "Good News Clubs" after school? Good News Clubs are run by adults, many times teachers, who preach the gospel to public school students. Also, there are Christian teachers who are invovled in their neighborhoods and are able to preach the truth to students outside of school.

    May Gob bless you brother!

  2. Hi again Scott,

    What do you think of private Christian schools and people who choose to work their instead of public schools?

    As an undergrad, it is good to read this even before I go on to get my master’s. Reading your blog has actually impacted my decision on where I would like to get a master’s. Now, after reading this, I know I would love to go to a Christian university rather than the secular one I am currently at. If I could go back in time and tell my high school senior self to attend a faith-based university, I totally would (although, on second thought, some of those are even worse than secular schools). But alas, I am a senior at a secular school. Now I know what to look for when I’m searching for grad school, so that’s good! I know I will feel pressured, though, especially by my parents to get a job at a public school, since they are paying for my education. Please pray for me in that respect! Thankfully that won’t come for a while. Anyways, thanks for pointing this out when nobody else is! I know it must be hard to stand up for this and then get so much opposition.

    I would love to see how you are in person. If people just read your blog and listen to you on SUFTT, they will probably think you’re this angry guy who walks around huffing and puffing. I would love to see how you are in the daily. Btw, none of that was intended to be an insult, so I hope it didn’t come off that way. LOL.

    Also, one last thing (thanks for making it so far). How old are your children? When they’re at homeschooling age, how do you plan on educating them? Do you have any homeschooling resources you can recommend to parents who are new at this?

    1. Howdy and Happy Thursday,

      What a truckload of awesome points and questions!

      I will try to get back to dive into ’em soon, but time is short for me at the moment. I did want to at least drop in to thank you for the excellent post and let you know that not only was no insult taken, but your point on how people might perceive the presentation of hard truths (and what that might mean about the attitude of the one presenting them) was particularly good and is a subject that I hope to explore more not only here in the blog but also in the (hopefully) soon-to-come podcast.

      Thanks again for chiming in! I hope to be back soon to try to provide some useful answers… 🙂

      In His grip,


  3. Love that word, "mind-sculpting". Good one! OTOH, I always prefer state schools or government schools, not "public".

  4. Tina

    August 24, 2015 at 11:06 am | Reply

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    edited for misspellings due to “smartphone”

    I am appalled at the thought of leaving children who have no choice to the mercy of a system intent on destroying the mindset of our children….we are called ministers of light….we shine in darkness….our power is manifested against the enemy through the power of the Blood of Jesus Christ and the witness of His Holy Spirit…we don’t cower. …that is why the world is in such a sad state…darkness shows up, we flee… God did His greatest deliverance through a man raised in a pagan educational system. …MOSES.

    1. Did you have any Scripture-based critique or refutation using the most relevant passages from the Word in context relating to any of the ten detailed points made in the article, Tina?

      I'd very much like to see that sort of thing if you have it to offer.

      As for the fact that we have, in your words, "a system intent on destroying the mindset of our children", our participating in and ***modeling*** that anti-Christian approach to the pursuit of knowledge (education) isn't going to help anything. It's only going to do what it has done already. By justifying and rationalizing our enabling of the evil system in question rather than simply obeying Christ's clear *commands* do to the contrary, we are modeling rebellion and leading children into darkness.

      Additionally, the fact that God uses people who pass through such evil systems in no way justifies our enabling of those systems. That "argument" seems to flow from the same spirit that would build those evil systems in the first place.

      What seem to be seeing again and again here in defense of the serpent's model for "education" is a reliance upon emotion, preference, and experience over and above simple submission to the crystal clear Word of God on the subject of children's education.

      We cannot coherently claim to have the power of Christ without advocating and demonstrating obedience to Christ as the actual standard in every area of life…certainly including the vital realm of children's education.

      I hope that these clarifications are helpful and I welcome any specific, Scripture-based critique of any of the ten points made in this article.

      Thanks and have a good one!

  5. As a Christian, and a public school educator for the past 28 years, I can tell you that what is going on at the governmental and administrative levels in education is appalling. That said, most classroom educators I know are conscientious, caring individuals, who really do care about doing their best by their students. The New Age, Third Way agenda that is being pushed in the schools today is also occurring in the churches, social media, mainstream media, and our judicial and legislative systems. It is pervasive. Making it a moral imperative to "opt out" of teaching in the schools is futile. We live in a dark world.

    If, as a Christian, I abandon my students who are required by law to attend school (and before you promote homeschooling, be sure you understand how increasingly little control private schools and homeschooling programs have over their curriculum) I have truly helped to sentence them to a Godless education. If I were a missionary dedicated to bringing Bibles into China, for instance, I wouldn't avoid the country. I wouldn't set up a table at the airport with a big sign. I would find a way to bring them in quietly, build relationships and trust, and let God show me where the opportunities for reaching people are. I see teaching in the public schools much the same way.

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Vic.

      Since the article made ten specific points, citing Scripture and making plain how a teacher is modeling ten explicitly anti-Christian approaches to reality when they play along with the modern American pagan/State-run system of satanic "education", I was wondering if you had a critique of any one of those ten points centering on the most relevant passages of Scripture in context as opposed to your own feelings, hunches and experiences?

      I'd very much like to see that sort of thing, if you have it to offer.

      And, respectfully, until I do, I will reasonably assume that you have no such argument or critique to offer and that each of the ten points stand as presented.

      Obedience to the Lord is always a moral imperative in a Christian worldview, and Christ has lovingly provided great clarity on the subject of children's education. The fact that the world (quite predictably) rejects His life-giving Word on this vital subject in no way excuses us to do the same.

      With education, as all other things, Christians are to strive to obey Christ, not question Him, and certainly not oppose Him so openly as is *required* by the pagan/State-run "education" system in America.

      Thanks again for your time and consideration of these things.

      1. My disinterest in jumping through intellectual and theological hoops for you should not be construed as a lack of ability to do so, or as an acknowledgement of your position, regardless of your belittling characterization of my comments as being based on "hunches". I see that you feel fairly smug in standing on your own rigid interpretation of scripture on this subject (and it IS an interpretation), so I will leave you to it, and get back to working with my students, saved and unsaved, who are at the mercy of the world system. I wish you well.

        1. Vic, your disinterest in even **attempting** to provide a clear, compelling Scriptural basis for your critique of the clear points made in the article using the most relevant passages from the Word in context will indeed be construed as a lack of your ability to do so until you do so.

          That is not me being "a big bad meanie" or anything of the sort. That is me being a man calling out a professing Christian out of love and respect for them in accordance with Scripture.

          We are lovingly commanded to correct and rebuke one another (2 Timothy 3:16), to test all things in light of the word (1 Thessalonians 5:21), and to engage in Scripture-centered iron-sharpening-iron debate (Proverbs 27:17) as a means by which we pursue and encourage depth and maturity (in stark contrast to the Scripture-evading spirit of pride and apathy that defines most "Christians" in the West these days).

          Your approach to all of these things says a lot about your understanding of truth, the pursuit of truth (education), and what you are modeling in your approach to the same.

          If you'd like to model biblical Christianity, obey Christ in detail as He has commanded and let Him perfectly handle the consequences…as He most certainly will.

          That would be a beautiful and powerful thing for students to see modeled by teachers. I pray that God will move His people to take those sorts of stands, suffer the temporary consequences as subsequently doled out by the satanic system in which they take their stand, and in doing so model true obedience to Christ in such a manner as to radically impact and change the worldviews of watching students.

          Do feel free to bring on a clear, compelling, contextual presentation of the most relevant passages of Scripture to support any critique that you may have of any of the ten positions made plain in the article…if you are able…

          1. I have to totally agree, having read Vic's initial comments my question was did he READ your 10 points at all. How can a person read them and then go on his merry way? Vic?

        2. Amen Vic…No debate…As I too am an educator myself I realize I have been called by God – NOT men, to share the Gospel IN ALL MY WORLD… Matthew 28:18-20 scripture…FOR GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD…not systems… I don't compromise…I love just as He loved a fallen world……HE GAVE HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON….Thank God I serve a Holy God who saw fit to save me from a darkened world to serve Him and placed me as His Beloved in a place where I can reflect that love to others who may never know.. He has ALL Power… I am His representative…His ambassador……..I represent thousands of Christian teachers who are fighting to save innocent children from a world gone mad..not just the educational system…ALL OF IT!!!…do I jump ship..NO! I will continue to preach and teach as long as God allows me to because it is the life of Christ IN ME that makes a difference…We can't make a difference by standing on the sidelines shaking our heads at what the devil is doing…I serve a powerful God!!! Vic, keep preaching and teaching while others point there fingers,!!!

          1. Tina, any interest in going to the most relevant Scripture passages in context on any (or all) of the ten points made in the article in order to present a Bible-based (rather than emotion-based) critique of those points? You seem content here to use vague concepts and passages out of context like Tinker Toys or Legos in a manner that really can (and is) being used to justify **anything**…which fits right in with the program that State-run/Pagan “education” is built upon, of course.

            If you are Christ’s representative, you will obey Him when it comes to all that he is spoken on in detail.

            To love Him truly is to obey Him.

            To trust Him truly is to trust Him to perfectly handle the “consequences” of your obedience.

            As for Vic’s “preaching”, are you implying (and/or is He implying) that he is faithfully, clearly proclaiming the essential nature of Christ as the Author and Source of every subject when he teaches those subjects in a Pagan/State-run “school” setting?

            That would be AWESOME if it was so!

            I would love to see that faith in action in which Christians would not dismiss Christ as the State tells them to, standing instead boldly and clearly by proclaiming in vivid, undeniable detail that Christ is the necessary starting point for every subject of study during every class on those subjects.

            Is that what you are saying is happening here?

  6. I have a very close friend, my right-hand man in ministry, that is a math/science teacher. He spent tens of thousands of dollars and borrowed thousands to get his education to answer God's call on his life to teach secondary and advanced math. He worked for a private Christian home school, university-style, program before and during the time that he was obtaining his Masters in Arts and Teaching for Mathematics as well as his Masters of Mathematics.

    He was totally committed to the private Christian program and fully intent on utilizing his education and gifted talents to serve Christ in the Christian program.

    The problem with the Christian program(s) is that they will not pay a suitable wage for someone to live even a very humble and modest lifestyle, much less be able to pay student loans.

    He had no choice but to secure a position in public high school in order to fulfill his financial obligations associated with his education costs.

    These churches have enough money to pay these teachers, their pastors are certainly paid well, yet they are too….unwilling, I'll say, to pay the teachers a fair price for their work.

    This is in direct violation of the scripture.

    These teachers are worthy of their wage. especially when it is their certifications, that they pay to obtain, that the Christian schools operate on.

    So I am sad to say that until greed is removed from the church and they decide to be serious about Christ, the children and one another, these teachers have no other place to teach except in public school.

    Until the church repents, it is status quo, unfortunately.

    I see no way to fight this battle of children's education and win, unless the fight is first fought and won within the church.

    1. There is MUCH repentance to come through God's people if there is to be restoration in the vital realm of children's education.

      The road will be challenging, to be sure, but by God's grace we will find our way to obedience and the abundant life that comes through obedience.

      Thanks for sharing this example!

  7. Hey Scott!
    As an aspiring educator, this was really good for me to read. Thank you for your dedication to this blog!
    Quick question, though. You mentioned above the pagan pursuit of subjects such as math, and you also said that Scripture gives all we need to know (I apologize if I misunderstood you). If we only teach children Scripture,, then they won't learn things like algebra or important events in history after the apostles died. Do you think that we should still teach children those things, or would that mean we are not relying on the suffiency of Scripture?

    Sidenote: I went to a Christian high school, and my math teacher gave us a lecture at the beginning of the school year about how God created math so that there would be order in the universe, and she would pray for us before each test. I always thought that that was pretty cool.

    Thanks! 🙂

    1. Thanks for the kind words and excellent question!

      The sufficiency of Scripture means that all that we need to know has been provided for us to pursue any good work in life, including teaching math. The point is that math (or anything else), when it is taught, is to be taught in a manner conforming to the nature of God as revealed in His Word. This would include making His authorship of the subject plain, as well as emphasizing that anything true and good covered or expressed through the subject in question is a purposeful reflection of His Nature.

      I will try to answer this in more detail soon, but am out of time for now…in the meantime, I hope that this little bit of clarification is helpful and I very much appreciate your patience with me. 🙂

      Thanks again for the kind words and have a great night!

      1. That clarifies it a lot more. Thank you!
        I think a lot of public school education is just teaching kids what to think rather than actually teaching them how to think for themselves. It's important for parents to educate their children and encourage individual thought within the lessons so that kids are not just regurgitating what the parents tell them.

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