“Rational people, not the fringe, are now talking about whether states could be separated from the U.S.”

That’s one noteworthy line from a recent article entitled Disgruntled Democrats Want A Constitutional Convention To Leave The Union.

Not that I’d necessarily count on “disgruntled Democrats” to identify, much less understand, what “rational people” are like, but you get the picture.

Then there’s Calexit – California Secession Petition Gaining Strength After Trump Win, an article published last month elaborating on the building momentum in California to ditch the DC-forged chains that bind 300 million Americans to DC-defined law, DC-defined privacy, DC-defined ethics, DC-defined morality, DC-defined truth, and DC-defined justice.

Add to that a nifty little follow-up also published at ZeroHedge titled OreGONE – Oregon Joins California In Proposal To Secede After Trump Victory, which included the following tidbits of insight into the new secession-friendly mindset building here in “the land of the free” and the home of the NSA:

Just yesterday we wrote about the “Calexit” proposal that was starting to gather steam after Trump’s historic victory on Tuesday night.  Now The Oregonian points out that a group in Oregon has also filed the “Oregon Secession Act” in response to the perceived notion that “Oregonian values are no longer the values held by the rest of the United States.”  But, unlike the Calexit proposal, the distraught Hillary supporters in Oregon are thinking big picture and have invited the states of California, Washington, Hawaii, Nevada and Alaska to all band together to form a new nation.

“On Thursday morning, Jennifer Rollins, a lawyer, and Christian Trejbal, a writer, filed the Oregon Secession Act.

“Oregonian values are no longer the values held by the rest of the United States,” Trejbal said over the phone Thursday.

Those values? “Life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness,” Trejbal said, “plus equality.”

“Obviously,” he said, the ballot proposal “came about partially in response to the election results on Tuesday.”

Trejbal said that joining forces with other states like Washington, California and Nevada is “a viable way to go forward.”

These states, he said, “could all get together and form a nation that uphold the values that we share.”

Hrmmm…shared values, you say?

Shared principles are important?

You mean like shared ideas as to the basis for and pursuit of law, education, justice, peace, privacy and prosperity

And shared ideas as to the meaning of family, manhood, womanhood, liberty and freedom

Yeah, that sounds kind of important.

Sounds like it might all come down to a shared idea as to the Nature of God and how His Nature defines everything else in His creation – things like freedom, family, law, liberty, peace, prosperity, economics, and education, to name just a few examples.

And, contrary to what most American State-worshiping Democrats and Republicans might think, rational people have understood this for a very long time. It’s just that those rational people aren’t very popular with the die-hard American Statists riding the right and left wings of the Progressive anti-Christian dragon that has come to dominate the culture, so those rational people tend to be ignored and dismissed.

But their time is coming.

It’s getting closer by the day.

Rational people see what’s going on and, by God’s grace, are preparing accordingly for the great opportunities soon to come in the wake of the radical decentralization to come.

Rational people have long understood that a State that becomes what America has become is a State that cannot lead the masses under its power anywhere but deeper and deeper into the darkness of dependence.

Rational people have long understood that a State – even when draped in red, white, and blue – that claims for itself the “right” of ownership of every home in the land so that it can fund overtly Marxist/Socialist/Satanic constructs like public schools (aka “Temples of Statism“), is a State that has purposed to program its people with a philosophy of education first introduced by the serpent in Eden (see: Genesis 3).

Rational people have long understood that a State – even when drenched in Uncle Scam sanctioned jingos and propaganda – that purposefully co-opts, destroys and replaces the Church and Family so that it can make the masses increasingly dependent upon Mommy Government by “helping them” with flagrantly Socialist tools of bondage like Social Security – such a State is an active agent of evil and must be resisted by all who would have the true liberty, freedom and privacy necessary to secure true maturity and adulthood.

So yeah, secession is legit.

It’s nice that even the loons in California and Oregon get it at some level.

Now if we can just help so-called “conservative Christians” on the right to ditch their idolatry-fueled defense of an overtly unbiblical welfare/warfare SuperState funded by the black magic of fiat currency used to promote everything from State-supervised polytheism to the “right” to murder children to the “right” to produce/consume/market porn to the “right” to “gay marriage” – if we can just, by God’s grace, get those folks to repent, believe, and obey Christ as King in political practice long enough to pursue true freedom, liberty, prosperity and peace in accordance with His clearly revealed will, then maybe we can finally put DC in its proper place.

DC as it currently exists is a chain of bondage dragging all attached deeper and deeper down by the minute. It is a roach motel where members are free to come in, but are never allowed to leave.

We’ve been championing this theme for years here. Please check out the following examples of articles and podcasts posted at FBC over the past year or two:

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We look forward to cranking out more material along these lines as we do our small part to help the people of God advance the Kingdom of God more and more aggressively, confidently and happily as the age of radical decentralization washes over God’s green earth, sweeping away the tyrants and wannabe tyrants who see the State as God in practice and embrace the anti-Christ collectivism that has defined all variants of Christ-mocking Statism from Babel to America.

We have a lot of work to do, Christians. We have a lot of freedom, liberty, peace and prosperity to secure.

Rome wasn’t conquered in a day and we have a long way to go, but, thankfully, we’ve been given everything we need to get there…and one thing that we don’t need is Washington DC.

Soli Deo gloria…and let’s roll!

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One Response

  1. Secession … sounds like a good idea to me!
    Oregon – California – Washington – Hawaii – Nevada – Alaska …
    Please, just remember, when opt out, you lose everything.

    Don't come crying for a loan for food, education, roads, health care, anything else your gonna need.
    'Cause POTUS will not give it to ya'!
    Hey CA, you're already pretty much bankrupt now, which state is gonna give ya' what cha' need?

    Oh, that's right!
    I forgot … these state are going to be self-supporting by selling pot.
    Not all other states will be wanting to buying from ya'.

    Your going to be needing military.
    What about the hurricanes, the earthquakes.
    Will you create your own Red Cross?
    Ya' can't count on POTUS to send the US resources to treasoned states.

    But ya'll are smart and have already figured all that out, haven't ya'?
    Keep your chin up!

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