Back in August and September, we chronicled the rise of gay conservatism in America by having a painful, necessary and painfully necessary look at Milo Yiannopoulos, a stark raving pagan homosexual who has become something of a darling with what passes for conservatives these days in ‘Merica.

Now comes news that Simon & Schuster has ponied up a quarter-million dollar advance so that Milo might craft an autobiography for them, which will then no doubt be used to pitch, spin, and promote the Big Gay Conservative Movement as it continues its proud, tragi-comedic pillaging of the culture.

Apparently the market for gay conservatism is yuge these days. (For more on that, check out Conservatives Champion Trump As “Most Pro-Gay Candidate In American Electoral History”.)

Here’s how The Hollywood Reporter broke the fabulous news:

Milo Yiannopoulos has parlayed his ban from Twitter  — and some controversial appearances on college campuses and cable TV shows — into a $250,000 book deal with Threshold Editions, an imprint of Simon & Schuster, The Hollywood Reporter learned on Thursday.

“They said banning me from Twitter would finish me off. Just as I predicted, the opposite has happened,” Yiannopoulos told THR, confirming the upcoming book without commenting on financial details. “Did it hurt Madonna being banned from MTV in the 1990s? Did all that negative press hurt Donald Trump’s chances of winning the election?”

For those of you who missed the Romans 1-meets-‘Merica details we shared on the Milo front earlier this year, here’s a quick refresher from Gay Old Party: How The GOP Is Trading Christians For Homosexuals, which was originally posted here back on August 16:

In case you haven’t noticed (and honestly, in order to miss it you have to be trying very hard to do so), the Republican Party is incredibly gay and getting more so by the minute.

While we shouldn’t need much in the way of convincing on this, I thought it might be helpful to those of you still in the closet of denial to share a little story from here where I live in the Bible Belt heartland of America (Middle Tennessee).

During the Republican National Convention one of our local “conservative” talk radio stations was covering the whole thing in detail, with several broadcasts streaming live from the convention in Cleveland. As I was rolling home from Nashville during RNC week, I tuned in to The Phil Valentine Show.

Providentially, I started listening the program just in time to hear Mr. Valentine spend a few minutes on air with Milo Yiannopoulos, a raging, flamboyant homosexual who’s rapidly gaining popularity due to regular promotion and gushing support from the likes of “conservative”-adored icons and media sources…apparently including Bible Belt “conservative” talk radio tools like Phil Valentine.

Milo is now a regularly featured writer and promoter of “conservatism” at Breitbart. He’s got fans in many of the Big Name “conservatives” roaming the countryside, including Ann Coulter, and is often pitched through the Drudge Report and Gateway Pundit blog. Milo has basically become, for a moment anyway, the most fabulously fruity face in a massive wave of homosexual (and pro-homosexuality) “conservatives” that is now molding American culture from a Pagan Right perspective.

This Pagan Right perspective, operating (knowingly or not) in conjunction with the Pagan Left, is aimed at defining and pursuing freedom, liberty, justice, law, truth, and even life itself through the lens of a thoroughly Pagan worldview. Pagan Right “conservatism”, just like its Pagan Left counterpart, is aimed at dismissing Christ and His Word as the basis upon which we understand and pursue politics, law, sexuality, family, art and everything else. Through these Pagan Right and Pagan Left perspectives, “We the People” are being encouraged (and increasingly coerced) into embracing a satanic approach to reality in every realm of life. That’s where all Christ-dismissive worldviews (aka “anti-Christ worldviews”) inevitably lead.

So back to Milo and Phil Valentine…

As Milo went on and on promoting himself and homosexuality by linking ’em up with conservatism, Phil just laughed and played along as Milo dove deeper and lower into the filth of what now passes for conservative thought in America.

[Language Alert – please skip the following paragraph if you’d rather not be exposed to the purposefully pathetic title of Milo’s self-promotion tour, which was mentioned repeatedly and discussed on The Phil Valentine Show.]

Listening to Mr. Valentine roll around on air with Milo was sickening, saddening, disgusting and revealing all at once. While there were many low points, one recurring trip to the gutter floor came when Phil laughingly entertained discussion about Milo’s ongoing tour, tabbed “The Dangerous Faggot Tour”.

[Okay, we won’t be repeating the name of the tour anymore, though we will be referencing it.]

Milo’s tour centers on college campuses, you see, and is aimed at promoting “conservatism”.

And Phil Valentine, so-called conservative talk show host on an American Bible Belt talk radio station, had nothing but yucks, giggles, jokes and support for Milo, who was allowed to ramble on and promote Pagan conservatism.

This is just one example, of course.

From “conservative” talk radio.

In the American Bible Belt.

This is the norm now. Pagan conservatism has brought us here purposefully over a very long period of time, and it’s leading us somewhere much darker in the soon coming future unless we repent, believe, and are saved. We are now in a period of open acceleration where the GOP replacement of Christians (with actual Christian worldviews) with homosexuals (or pro-homosexuality advocates with Pagan worldviews) is concerned.

The purge is on.

The Republican Convention made this (even more) plain just last month.

“Conservative” talk radio and media makes it more and more plain with each passing day.

And college tours like Milo’s help to put an exclamation mark on the whole deal.

God is giving us clarity.

We are without excuse.

That was our first look at Milo as the latest, “greatest” cross-dressing homo-champion of Gay Conservatism in America.

We then followed up in September with Anti-Christ American Conservatism: It’s All The Rage, where we elaborated a bit on the fruity, freakish, and profoundly destructive nature of the Milo-championed Christ-less conservative worldview that now captivates much of the American electorate – including a majority of professing Christians in the land:

For those still clinging to the increasingly flamboyant delusion that the secular Republican Party and its secular conservatism isn’t gonna lead its followers to hell just as surely as any gang of (more openly) Communistic, Progressive, anti-Christ thugs, God is shouting at you right now.

He doesn’t have to, of course.

He owes you nothing.

But He’s showing you things nonetheless.




We are without excuse.

The latest example of God’s grace in the form of redundant, blaring, and still routinely ignored warnings comes by way of emerging pagan conservative icon Milo Yiannopoulos.

. . . The pervasiveness of anti-Christ approaches to life, law, liberty and everything else is breathtaking among self-identified conservative Christians in America, and Milo serves as a good example of just how rotten the Christ-dismissing American conservative worldview really is right now. He also serves as a good bellwether as to where we’re going from here where American conservatism is concerned.

The reason for revisiting Milo is that there was a nifty, proudly posted and painfully revealing article posted at the conservative (and quite influential) Brietbart site today…where Milo is a Senior Editor, of course.

The article, which I will not link to here because of its vileness (this is where pagan conservatism inevitably leads, folks), is entitled Milo As Drag Queen ‘Ivana Wall’.

Awwww…isn’t that precious!

How cute!

We’re definitely gonna Make America Great Again! (And yes, Milo is a yuge Donald supporter…in no small part, I’m sure, because Donald is a yuge supporter of sexual perversion, adultery, and vice, all in the name of All-American freedom and liberty, of course.)

Here are a couple of the featured pics from the Brietbart piece:


And if that wasn’t precious enough for ya, check this one out:


So there you have it.

This is what America worship leads to.

This is what pagan conservatism looks like.

And it only gets worse from here.

It’s way past time for us to repent of our America, Republican, and conservatism worship, Christians.

The clock is ticking. God’s judgment is pouring out upon us, yet even as it does He still shouts the Gospel command to repent, believe and be saved while shining ever brighter light on our proud rebellion and sin.

If we really truly want actual peace, hope, security and prosperity, we will repent and submit to Christ as King in practice.

If we don’t – if we’re just gonna go on claiming Christ with our lips while denying His lordship in practice in the legal, economic, political and governmental realms, we will get exactly what we deserve.

We’ll get Trump, Milo, and the even worse that inevitably comes after ’em until and unless we repent, believe, and submit to Christ as Lord in practice.

And now Milo gets a $250,000 advance from Corporate America to pitch the anti-Christian gay conservative worldview that defines him and increasingly defines America.

[insert “U! S! A!” chant here]

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  1. More veiled attacks on Trump disguised as "defending Christianity". PATHETIC.

    Maybe what the voters rejected (besides Obama and Hillary's radical Leftist vision…), was also the old Republican establishment's allergy to personal Liberty…. and a negative attitude which excluded anyone who wasn't "perfect".

    I smell a lot of that in here usually…..


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