One of the biggest (supposed) hurdles routinely trotted out by those clinging to (or lazing in) a “we need the State to manage our lives” mentality is the subject of roads.

As in, “if the State didn’t build and manage roads, what on earth would we do?!”

Because obviously there wouldn’t even be roads if the State didn’t provide them through the confiscated (stolen) wealth of others, right?

And without roads, how would we get anywhere!

Oh, the horror!

Thank God for the State forcibly confiscating (stealing) the wealth and property of others so that we can have the roads that we need!

Yes, people actually believe this, especially in America.

To get “the government” out of a thing is, to most State-programmed minds, practically the same thing as advocating the elimination of the thing in question.

To suggest doing away with State-control of children’s education is, in the minds of most Americanized drones, tantamount to suggesting the elimination of children’s education itself.

Same goes for the mountains of State-controlled food programs and welfare programs.

If the State doesn’t steal from some in order to provide (State dependence inducing)handouts to others in the form of food stamps and the like, then how are hungry people in America supposed to survive?

Obviously, the hungry will perish if the State doesn’t confiscate and redistribute wealth.

This is how Americans “think” after generations of State-managed “education” and the building up of the Welfare/Warfare State to the point that advocates of either the Welfare or Warfare State (which covers nearly all Americans, regardless of political perspective) are more than willing to toss even the most basic, fundamental biblical and economic truths right out the window in order to prop up the relationship with the ruling idol of our day: The America Idol.

So entrenched is the America Idol that now most Americans – certainly including most so-called “conservatives” – simply cannot even begin to stand for the elimination of the Orwellian Nanny State in which we now (temporarily) live.

Which brings us back to roads…

In a nifty little piece entitled 9 Flying Cars That Just Might Take You to Work One Day, Popular Mechanics recently compiled a list of flying car concepts, many of which are likely to soon move past the concept phase and into reality, meaning that they will be buzzing around the skies moving people and things in a manner that not long ago would have sounded  much more like something out of a sci-fi novel than like something that real living people would really be experiencing and using here in “the real world”.

And shortly after this first wave of flying car-ish things arrive, there will be more of them.

And the second wave – likely coming months after the first – will be better versions, carrying more people and more stuff more efficiently than the first wave, with the first wave becoming much more affordable to the masses.

And then there will be another wave after that, moving even more people and even more things even more efficiently.

By air.

As in, not using roads.

As in, rendering one of the primary assumed “necessary” powers of the State largely mute.

The radical decentralization of power through God’s provision of technology is a theme that we happily cover here with some regularity. You can read more about this in How God’s Gift Of Technology Is Forcing Us To Think And Grow Biblically, Flying Taxis, Freedom, Prosperity, and Decentralization, and Technology, Family, and the Awesome Opportunity for Decentralization.

You can also check out a podcast that we did on the subject by clicking here.

The radical decentralization of power – be it economic, political, or industrial – is coming.

And soon.

Thank God for the tools that He is raising up to liberate and empower His people!

May we use and enjoy these gifts wisely and productively to advance His Kingdom, all by His grace and all for His glory.


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  1. Unfortunately, the statists will then say, "Without the state (FAA) regulating air traffic, we'd all collide into each other".

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