Who rules over us?

Who rules over America?

Who creates true and immutable rights?

Who creates true and unbreakable law the likes of which must be obeyed right here and now?

The answers to these questions tell us much, and in this present chapter of God-ordained history the answers that most professing Christians in America provide are, more often than not, as damning as they are revealing.

While the typical Americanized Christian may well give a solid (or at least passable) answer to the first three questions, it’s the fourth that causes ’em to choke almost every time.

Somehow we’ve become programmed to embrace the idea that God can be God and Jesus can be Lord, but only in some detached, distant way that allows us, practically speaking, to do what we want to do as “good Americans” (as we define “good”, of course).

After generations of immersion in the official State religion of America (State Supervised Polytheism), we have grown quite comfortable – confident even – in speaking of Jesus as God or Lord or whatever while openly dismissing His Word in practice with regard to how we understand and pursue things like education, economics, law, and civil government.

So here we are, with our culture circling the drain while millions of America-idolizing professing Christians beg and plead not for repentance and submission to the crystal clear Word of God as our only hope of salvation, but instead they flail and howl for a return to…the Constitution.

Yes, the Constitution will save us!

We don’t have to repent, beg God to forgive us, and actually submit to His Word on education, law, and government.

Oh no!

Not us!

We’re Americans!

And as good State-programmed Americans, we will not have Christ to rule over us.

“We the People” have our own gold standard for law givers, you see, and our own gold standard for law; and these gold standards aren’t God and His Word.


They’re the Founding Fathers and their words.

That’s our standard.

That’s our idol.

And until we’re willing to test even these most cherished of American idols and reform them in light of the Word of God, they will continue to fail us.

That’s just how things work in God’s creation…which, yes, actually includes the bit of land currently known as the United States.

If any governing document is to endure in God’s creation, it must explicitly submit to Christ as King in practice in every detail.

That’s the bottom line.

Vague references to God or Jesus won’t cut it. They’ll only heap more judgment upon us, actually. To claim Christ as King while dismissing His clear Word on economics, education, law, and everything else is to pile on the blasphemy – something Americans tend to specialize in these days.

If we truly love America, we will proclaim the whole Gospel – a Gospel that the world hates precisely because it demands complete submission to the King of creation in every realm of life.

When a Constitution embraces that Gospel, true liberty, freedom, peace, security, and prosperity can endure.

Apart from that submission to the reigning King of creation, any supposed governing document is destined to fail. It’s just a matter of time.


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4 Responses

  1. Yes Richard, In a TRUE God controlled world, we will live in a type of Communistic Life. Communism will only work if controlled by a Super Righteous person or God. It CAN NOT work if the Prior statement is not true.

  2. Amen, brother!!! Absolute truth. I’m so done with the “Christian” delusion that is nothing more than Patriotic American idolotry. Until King Jesus finally rules and reigns it’s all nonsense.

  3. The civil government you are proposing that we should have is provided for in the Book of Revelations, chapter 21. It won't occur prior to that time. Realistically, there is no nation at this time that could be a true biblical theocracy. Unless the hearts of a great many Americans are regenerated then even getting back to the original intent of the Constitution and We the People back as the sovereigns will not occur. With materialism being king and sending our children to Molech, if not first butchered in the womb, we deserve to be hauled off to Babylon.

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