During the 2016 presidential campaign, there was a whole lotta noise about how Hillary was going to “break the glass ceiling” by becoming the first woman President.

But why would we need an actual woman for that?

If Bruce Jenner can be a woman, then why can’t Donald Trump?

Why can’t Trump just “identify as a woman” for an hour (or maybe a day) so that he qualifies as the first woman President in U.S. history? I mean, it’s not like he has to identify as a woman for very long, right? Feelings change, and we’re all growing, so he could totally identify as a man again an hour or a day after identifying as a woman.

What better way to demonstrate the utter insanity of the “progressive” pagan Left in America than by having Trump stroll up to a mic at a press conference and announce that he identifies as a woman.

Imagine the mainstream media meltdown.

Imagine Hillary’s head exploding.

Imagine the utter inability of “progressives” to coherently deny Trump’s claim to womanhood.

Better yet, why not a black lesbian woman?

Yeah, that’s even better!

Imagine the headline: Trump Becomes First Black Lesbian President

Hey, if Rachel Dolezal can “be black” just by identifying as a black woman, and Bruce Jenner can “be a woman” by simply identifying as a woman, then why can’t Donald Trump be a half Hispanic, half African lesbian woman by identifying as a half Hispanic, half African lesbian woman?

Why not?

Seriously. (Even though we have done a satirical piece on this over at The End Times.)

Who’s to say?

If these once-objectively defined categories are now to be defined by the subjective feelings of each individual, and those feelings are of course going to change as time goes on, then why can’t Donald Trump “identify” as an African/Hispanic lesbian for a day or so and then return to identifying as a heterosexual white man?

Why not?

If ESPN, Vanity Fair, and other science-denying, suicidally stupid mouthpieces of the dying dinosaur mainstream media can relentlessly proclaim the virtue and heroism of Bruce Jenner identifying as a woman, and then attack anyone who doesn’t go along with Jenner’s delusion for being “intolerant” and “hateful”, then how can they coherently critique Trump’s “identifying” as an African/Hispanic lesbian for just long enough to be on the record as the first African/Hispanic lesbian President?

And why stop there?

Couldn’t The Donald just rotate daily through various combinations of ethnicity and gender identity, becoming another first _______ _______ President in American history with each passing day?

Why not?


What a golden opportunity to expose the fake news, anti-science, God-hating insanity of the “progressives” who dominate mainstream media and other crumbling institutions of centralized power.

Please do this, Mr. President.

You are the perfect man, the perfect woman, and the perfect ______ for the job. On a daily rotating basis, of course.

You are uniquely suited for the mission of blowing up mainstream media. You are uniquely positioned to make this otherwise crazy thing actually happen in a profoundly powerful and productive way.

Please, Mr. President, be the African/Hispanic lesbian that we know you can be. Just for an hour. Maybe a full day, tops.

Then sit back and watch the insanity of the Left go nuclear…on itself.

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  1. The media will proclaim he is unfit for the presidency because he doesn't know what he is and the demon-rats will try to either impeach him or use the 25th amendment to say he is mentally unstable. It would be kind of funny, but.

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