It’s been a revealing year or so here in “the land of the free” and the home of the NSA.

The American Perpetual War Machine is as itchy for war with Russia as it’s ever been and we’re as nonchalant as we’ve ever been about committing flagrant acts of war all over the globe while simultaneously raving on about the “sanctity” of our electoral processes and such, lest any “hostile power” out there decide to take out some Facebook ads to try to influence our elections (or something like that). From our perspective, if we want a certain leader installed in a particular foreign land, we just invade the land in question and put our puppet in place.

That’s how we roll. That’s how we “influence foreign leadership choices”.

[insert “U! S! A!” chant here]

So here we are in April of 2018, having just celebrated our second annual bombing of Syria, which seems like a good occasion to take stock of various related situations.

For example, there’s the way that Republican Presidents just can’t seem to do anything but massively grow the power of the State by steadily delivering boatloads of stolen-from-taxpayer funds to everything from the Military Industrial Complex to mass murdering, baby butchering operations like Planned Parenthood.

Lest we forget, it was just weeks ago that Republican leadership, including President Trump, signed off on an insanely deranged, detached from reality omnibus bill that kept right on shoveling the cash into the Welfare/Warfare State machinery while finding half a billion dollars for Planned Parenthood…all while preparing to run again in November on “defunding Planned Parenthood”, of course.

Oh yeah, that’s credible.

That makes perfect sense.

At least if we assume Einstein’s definition of insanity and understand that America has apparently been “given over” and is under judgment a la Romans 1.

The evidence just keeps piling in on this, not the least of which is the now laughably tragic repetitiveness of it all.

Last April, after Republican President Donald Trump authorized the first of what now appears to be an annual event where attacking Syria is concerned, we posted What if the US military was used to end the mass murder of American children?, where we noted:

Today in America, hundreds of American baby boys and girls will be openly, systematically and “legally” murdered. They will then often be “legally” dismembered and “legally” sold piecemeal to “legally” protected (and often taxpayer funded) ghouls.

Today in America, the once-private conversations of American citizens are slurped up and analyzed by an Orwellian surveillance system so thorough in its invasion and obliteration of privacy that even the vague thought of such a system would have made even the most vile and authoritarian of gestapo or KGB agents weep with envy.

Today in America, we’re not even free to own our own home. The State owns ’em all. We’re just serfs renting from our master, the Almighty American State. Don’t believe me? Try not paying your rent (“property taxes”) and see how long it takes for your true landlord (the State) to remind you of your true position as a perpetual renter in practice.

It would seem that we’ve lost quite a lot of liberty and freedom here in “the land of the free” over the past 100+ years.

It would also seem that, at the same time, we’ve been spending our children (the ones we allow to live, anyway) into perpetual debt bondage under the weight of a massive military machine supposedly commissioned for the sake of “protecting our freedoms”.

So what’s the deal?

How can we have such a gigantic, globe-dominating military force and yet be losing freedoms and liberties hand over fist year after year and decade after decade?

How can this be?

How can heartbreaking pictures of children tragically murdered across the globe be held out as the reason for our latest step down the long path of American perpetual war…while thousands of American children are “legally” murdered in America each and every day.

Where is our military?

Why is our right to own a home outright not protected?

Why is our right to a private conversation not protected?

Why are our children’s lives not worthy of protection?

Why is our massive, globe-spanning military machine not brought in to defend any of the innocent little baby boys and girls being butchered for convenience and profit here in “the home of the brave”?


Because it’s all a lie.

A very purposeful lie.

If the notions of “freedom”, “liberty”, and “bravery” that we’re encouraged to mindlessly sing about on cue like trained chimps had any real meaning to us at all, we’d be openly questioning what our military is doing spending a(nother) fortune attacking a(nother) country on the other side of the planet while our freedoms are being eviscerated right here and now at home.

The answer is as obvious as it is diligently ignored by most Americans: Our military doesn’t defend us against the most pressing threats to American freedom because our military is a tool of those destroying our freedoms. It’s a central cog in the Orwellian machine.

Something to think about as pictures of terrible things done to Syrian children are used to drag us off to yet another war while thousands of baby boys and girls are murdered openly and “legally” each and every day here in “the land of the free and the home of the brave”.

That was from April of 2017.

Now here we are in April of 2018, half a billion in Planned Parenthood funding and another open act of war on Syria later, all under Republican “leadership”.


Yeah, really.

And what’s the most disturbing part?

Well, there are many viable candidates, but one worthy of nomination has to be the way that so many American “conservative Christians” are cheering it all on.

Have they no shame?

No. Not really. Anything done in the name of patriotism or The America Idol seems to be above and beyond serious criticism.

Have they lost their minds?


Again: Romans 1.

That passage is no joke…and it fits 2018 America like a glove.

How crazy have we become?

How stark raving hypocritical and murderously arrogant are we as a people?

To get a sense of just how far gone we are, I suggest asking five or ten average self-identified conservative Christian Republican diehards what they would think if Russia successfully launched missile strikes on Planned Parenthood facilities operating in the United States.

Ask that question.

Press for detailed answers.

Get their sense of what sort of response we should have to that attack.

Test for their consistent application of any worthwhile virtue or value system.

And be prepared to weep.

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