Like it or not and believe it or not, the Star Wars saga has become one of the most timely, relevant, and informative fronts in the culture war.

Just to be clear, by “Star Wars saga” I don’t mean the films that are a part of the franchise. The saga to which I refer is the ongoing rape and pillaging of all things Star Wars by Disney and the radical/radically incompetent Feminist ideologues chosen by the Mickey Mouse Club to escort Star Wars and its fans into the dark, pathetic land of SJW politics, bondage and pomosexuality.

The latest twist in this sad, painfully revealing drama comes by way of the box office bomb that is Solo, A Star Wars Story (alternatively known as Soylo, A Soy Wars Story by many fans who dare to notice, mourn, and mock the castration, emasculation, and comically over-the-top feminization of the franchise since The Mickey Mouse Club bought the rights to rape and pillage it at will).

Even after pre-release ticket sale projections were significantly lowered and then significantly lowered again in the weeks before the film opened, Soylo still managed to substantially disappoint and underperform, so much so that battalions of Disney programmed media shills have been deployed to float dozens of theories, excuses, and “explanations” as to why (oh why!) Soylo has been so limp and lame.

In what’s become an increasingly humorous parade of attempts to avoid all of the many obvious reasons for the film tanking (like “it’s just really bad”, for example), Disney shills and Social Justice hacks have been concocting all manner of defenses, deflections, and – in true SJW fashion – accusations as to why their precious Soylo just can’t get the job done.

One of the latest comes in the form of…you guessed it…the inevitable Race Card.

Yeah, Soylo is bombing because Han Solo is white…which is somehow inspiring bitter white male basement dwelling fanboy racists to avoid the film in droves. Or something like that.

At any rate, whiteness is apparently a key part of the problem. Either the whiteness of some Star Wars fans, the whiteness of Han Solo, or some combination of the two.


Soylo is failing ’cause it’s “too white”.

In this we see a familiar general SJW approach adopted and implemented in a particularly Disney way. Here’s the formula as applied through Disney’s Soylo:

Step #1: Utterly humiliate and destroy an iconic white male heroic character from the greatest sci-fi franchise in history. Disney began this process right out of the gate with Han Solo in Star Wars Episode VII: The Farce Awakens. They then amped up the hatred of white male icons to criminally idiotic levels when they trashed and humiliated Luke Skywalker in last year’s horror/sci-fi/dark comedy Star Wars Episode VIII: The Least Jedi. Trashing icons of the past (especially white males) is definitely A Thing at Disney. The company is as committed to tearing down and putting white males “in their place” as it is determined to elevate idiotic, trace-paper thin, character-less female cardboard cutouts in their place. Oh, and the promotion of “pansexuality”, too. Can’t forget that. Disney’s all about the pansexuality. (More on this later, unfortunately.)

Step #2: Attempt to rebuild and remarket said character in a new emasculated, Feminist-dictated, SJW-obsessed context where every other teen/twenty-something woman seems to be a master pilot/criminal/fighter/Jedi of some sort while the only male “leaders” to be found are comically incompetent bad guys. The Mickey Mouse Club actually seems to believe that as long as their remade and reprogrammed Soylo bot wears a familiar blaster on his leg, hangs out with Chewbacca, and rides around in the Millennial Falcon, we’ll all see him as basically the same manly, explicitly heterosexual man played by Harrison Ford in the pre-pansexuality promoting Disney days.

Step #3: Blame the dramatic crash ‘n’ burn failure of a new film featuring this castrated, re-imagined SJW-immersed “hero” on the fact that he’s…whiteOnce everything blows up and the obviously moronic plan comes crashing down Hindenburg style, just explain all the mountains of obvious and legitimate criticism away by playing The Race Card.

Obviously Soylo is failing because he’s a white guy and there’s just not much of an appetite for white guy leads anymore in our increasingly SJW world, right?

Soylo just couldn’t be failing because the lead character is a ridiculously hollow shell of his former, glorious self.

It couldn’t be failing because it’s loaded with painful-to-watch Social Justice Warrior bilge like its trainwreck of a predecessor, The Least Jedi.

It couldn’t be circling the box-office drain in part because the biggest pre-release promotional item Disney’s script-writers could think of is that Han’s similarly emasculated pal, Lando Calrissian, is actually and has always been “pansexual”. (See: Pando Calrissian And Disney’s Ongoing Rape Of Star Wars.)

Oh no, the dumpster fire known as Soylo couldn’t be burning and bellowing clouds of toxic Feminism into the air for any of those reasons. Nope, Soylo is failing because Han Solo is white.

So much for white privilege.

Then again…

I seem to recall a certain leading character by the name of Thor. He seems to have done fairly well at the box office over the same time Disney’s SJW Wars flicks have been trending downward into their current dumpster fire condition.

What about you? Ever heard of Thor?

Or Captain America?

Howsabout Iron Man or Spider-man?

Maybe Dr. Strange?

It sure seems like these white guys have managed to do quite well under the guidance of a man(!) by the name of Kevin Feige during Kathleen Kennedy’s time ushering Star Wars towards its looming Feminist/SJW-dug grave. (For more on the laughably lame “franchise fatigue” excuse being used by lazy, talentless Disney shills in the media, please check out  Avengers Celebrate May 4th By Destroying “Franchise Fatigue” Excuse For Star Wars Implosion.)

Could it be that maybe – just maybe – the ideology of the people running Disney’s Lucasfilm is the problem?

Is it even possible that Disney’s Star Wars films are the problem, rather than the Star Wars fans who dare to criticize them?

In typical SJW/Cultutal Marxist fashion, these possibilities are simply not to be entertained by the shills and Sith Lord wannabes at Disney. Any suggestion that Disney’s far-left employee opinions and ideologies are reshaping Star Wars in an ugly and unappealing way must be met with swift denials followed closely by a barrage of insults.

You’re a “fanboy” in the worst sense if you don’t uncritically buy into what Disney’s selling.

Your fan card should be revoked if you claim to love Star Wars while not supporting Soylo.

You’re an “angry white male” if you happen to be white and a male while critiquing the pathetic SJW turn of Star Wars under Disney’s watch.

And you’re a flat out loser if you won’t lick the boot of radical Feminism and celebrate the remaking of Star Wars in its image.

If you want a Star Wars of the future that’s true to Star Wars of the past, you are the problem. You’re living in the past. You’re not properly Progressive. You need to shut up, buy your ticket, and get with the program.

This is what many pro-SJW Wars Disney shills are saying. Loudly. Proudly. And often in print at “professional” sites.

So in response and in closing, I want to take a moment to briefly list three simple reasons why many people like me took a pass on Solo when it opened last weekend. Before diving into that list, and in the interest of full disclosure, I should probably take a sec to mention that I’m one of those forty-somethings for whom Star Wars has been something special since I first saw the original in theaters when I was five years old. (For more on where I’m coming from on this, check out Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Rolls Over In Bed…and what Christians oughta do about it.)

I’ve loved the films (yes, even the prequels) despite many sometimes dramatic flaws. I’m no perfectionist when it comes to this stuff. I tend to have a lot of grace where Star Wars is concerned and I went into the first Disney installments both hoping for and expecting good things. Very good things.

Beyond that, I’m hoping for good – even great – things in Star Wars’ future. This hope and desire for a bright Star Warsey future is a primary motivation for my bothering to write articles like this.

I want problems to be acknowledged.

I want lessons to be learned.

I want mistakes to be corrected…rather than doubled down on, which seems to be the Disney/SJW way.

All o’ that said, I’d now like to present for your consideration Three Simple Reasons Why Many Star Wars Fans Took A Pass On “Solo”:

  1. Disney’s well-established commitment to combining SJW politics with awful storytelling (or story butchering, to be more precise). Disney’s last Star Wars flick, Episode VIII: The Least Jedi, shoveled so much bad writing, so many bad characters, and so much SJW garbage into the mix that it was awful at a gag-inducing level. The Least Jedi was so bad that it managed to remove me (and many others) from the default “sure, of course I’ll go see the next Star Wars flick” category. While four years ago this would have seemed impossible to me, I’m now a “maybe I’ll Red Box it later” kind of guy when it comes to new Star Wars films.
  2. The Soylo trailers were uninspiring, to say the least. Listening to some guy that doesn’t look like Han Solo, sound like Han Solo, or seem anything like Han Solo gurgle out lines about how he’s gonna be “the best pilot ever” did nothing to make me want to hand over 10-15 bucks and two and a half hours of my life.
  3. Disney’s attempt to pitch Solo on the basis of Lando Calrissian being pansexual. Of all the idiotic moves – and there are many where Disney’s abuse of this franchise is concerned – this one pegged the meter. When Jonathan Kasdan boldly, proudly, and quite confrontationally announced and then doubled down on how awesome and important it was to him to promote the LGBTQRSTD agenda and pansexuality through Lando Calrissian and whatever other character he might molest accordingly, he managed to find a new low for a company and franchise already plunging the depths of SJW perversion. Way to go, Jonathan!

These are not necessarily The Big Three or most important three reasons why many (or anyone) decided not to check out Solo last weekend. They’re just three examples that hit me this morning, that’s all.

Whether anyone at Disney cares now or in the future about these perfectly rational and predictable reasons for many fans avoiding or limiting interaction with their product, our culture can and hopefully soon will benefit from the light that Kathleen Kennedy & Company is shining on the suicidal stupidity of the Feminist/SJW worldview. Whether they intend it or not, Lucasfilm’s Kennedy and the legion of Feminist zealots under her wing have managed to highlight and shout from the rooftops the incredibly lame nature of what they believe and where they want to take us.

That’s very useful information to have.

Let’s use it wisely.

The future of art, speech, and pretty much everything else hangs in the balance…like a classic battle between good and evil, you might say…

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