Of all the Orwellian doublethink idiocy that passes for “serious political conversation” these days, none is more Orwellian or more idiotic than the prevailing notion that a President (or anyone else) shouldn’t dare ask in a straightforward manner what the exact position of a judge (or anyone else) is on abortion.

Could it be that maybe – just maybe – one of the big, bad, and painfully obvious reasons we keep getting Republican Supreme Court Justice nominee after Republican Supreme Court Justice nominee who ends up supporting abortion from the bench is that…*drumroll*…we don’t bother to ask them exactly where they are on the issue of protecting human baby lives before nominating or confirming them?

Maybe I’m just spiffballing here, but this sure does seem incredibly stupid to me, and the track record of Republican-SCOTUS formed courts is, if we’re honest, basically a bloody mountainous mass made of the dismembered bodies of tens of millions of baby boys and girls.

So could some “conservative” elected official at the center of the confirmation process please, please, please just ask this Kavanaugh guy exactly what he thinks of abortion and exactly what he thinks of unborn human babies? Could some such “conservative pro-lifer” in a position of power please do that…and not take vague dodge as an answer?


This is not rocket science.

It’s not “smart” or “sophisticated” to purposefully avoid these necessary questions.

It’s not “politically savvy” or cool to play this moronic game.

If we really want judges who will overturn Roe v Wade and abolish the mass murder of babies in America, why not just make it plain in the SCOTUS hiring process?

If the Republican Party really wants the systematic government-protected mass murder of American baby boys and girls to end, then why not be clear and tackle the issue head on?

One of the more obvious answers to these questions is that the national GOP is not about the abolition of mass baby murder in America. The national GOP is about government management of mass baby murder in America. That much is plain…or should be by now to anyone with two brain cells to rub together.

Ironically, it’s Democrat Senate bigwig Chuck Schumer who’s threatening to make these sorts of “what do you think about abortion” questions a part of the official confirmation process.

And, just as ironically (but not surprisingly), it’s Republicans who are out in force decrying such a move.

Not. Even. Kidding.

I heard a Republican U.S. Senator on “conservative” talk radio just this morning talking about how crazy and wrong it would be to actually ask such questions of the SCOTUS appointee. He went on about how “the Ginsburg rule” prevents such an approach.

Yes: the Ginsburg rule.

This is the kind of now-routine garbage that flows from our controlled/contrived political puppet show. It’s also the sort of bilge that inspired us to post Just in case you still think Republicans are ever going to actually stop abortion…, wherein we considered several points that seem worth reexamining right about now:

“So which of the two All-American Pagan political parties gave us the majority of Supreme Court Justices who gave us “legal” abortion in America?

The Republicans.

And which of the two All-American Pagan political parties gave us the majority of Supreme Court Justices who gave us ObamaCare, which expands federal funding of…you guessed it…abortion.

The Republicans.

And which of the two All-American Pagan political parties talks and postures relentlessly regarding its supposed opposition to abortion yet, despite having had control of the Presidency and both houses of Congress time and again over the past 40+ years of “legal” baby butchering in America, never seems to actually get around to (or anywhere near) making child sacrifice illegal.

The Republicans.

Hrmmm….weird, huh?

Nah, not really.

It’s quite predictable, actually, once you accept the obvious (yet painful and thus often ignored) truth that the Pagan Political Right and the Pagan Political Left are two wings of the same dragon.

They’re two heads of the same beast.

They’re two personas  – the “good cop” and the “bad cop” – of the same sociopathic predator that is purposefully leading us into the Orwellian hell of anti-Christian Statism.

This is why, despite all of the rhetoric and posing and nibbling at the edges, the Republican Party has no intention of ever actually doing what so many Christians and other “pro-life” advocates claim to want. The GOP isn’t about solving this problem by taking a biblical stand against child sacrifice. The GOP is about preserving its “good cop” role in the controlled political puppet show that is American Corporate Politics, and it does this by, among other things, constantly pretending to be “pro-life” (and “Christian” too in some vague, never-defined-biblically-in-detail).

Wanna know what the Republican Party really thinks of our long ongoing practice of child sacrifice for convenience and profit in America?

Wanna know how the Republican Party really sees the issue of innocent children’s lives being taken year in and year out by the tens of millions?

Wanna know whose side the Republican Party is actually on?

Just look at the last 40+years.

Do the math.

Count the “victories”.

Then count the dead babies…if you can (and you can’t; there are far too many).

While there may well be some sincere, dedicated Christians doing what they think is best from within the Republican Party, the inescapable reality with which they (and we) must contend is that the Pagan Political Right never has and never will seriously address the issue of child sacrifice in America. At least not from a biblical perspective. It will instead always pursue Pagan objectives through Pagan “solutions” which are, by definition, openly at war with God.

But because they put a “conservative” spin on their Paganism and sprinkle on some vaguely Christian-ish lingo here and there, Christians in America have had their time, energy, and resources directed away from biblical restoration through the Gospel-fueled Great Commission and towards Pagan counterfeit approaches to societal salvation.

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Want to see child sacrifice end in America?

Really and truly end?

Stand clearly and unwavering on the Word of God.

Stand unequivocally for the lordship of Christ the King over us here and now in every realm of life.

That is our one and only true hope…and that is the one thing that you will never hear pitched by the Pagan Political Right.

How many mountains of dead babies will it take for us to accept this truth and repent accordingly?”

The national Republican Party and its Pro-Life profiteers/distractors/tools don’t even want us to know in a simple, straightforward and clear manner whether their hand-picked SCOTUS appointee thinks unborn human babies are actually unborn human babies and are therefore worthy of respect and the most basic protection.

What are they afraid of?

Not the Lord.

That much is clear…or should be by now, anyway.

May God grace this proud, murderous land with a broken spirit of repentance…while there is yet time. May God move us to abandon our America idols and submit to Him as King before He breaks us into pieces and grinds us underfoot as we deserve (see: Want to see America in Scripture? Try Psalm 2.)

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  1. I don't think most Christians grasp the abortion issue. I think how the Allies in WWII took the common German people to the concentration camps after the war to let them clean up the mess. Then they got it – right in the face. Take a look at this link and consider the numbers for 5 minutes. There are no bloody pictures, just numbers… of babies, humans, being destroyed. http://www.numberofabortions.com/

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