Much has happened on the pandemic front since I posted Coronavirus and the Viral Spread of Decentralization at the beginning of the month, with two developments serving nicely as bookends to the situation as it stands here near the end of February:

  1.  The Coronavirus pandemic sailed past every threshold required for qualification as a pandemic, and…
  2. The World Health Organization announced that it would not be using the term “pandemic” in association with Coronavirus.

The UK’s Daily Mail covered that last bit earlier today as follows:

“The chief of the World Health Organization today refused to confirm the coronavirus crisis was at pandemic levels despite a sudden spike in cases in Iran, Italy and South Korea.

Dr Tedros Adhanom admitted the surge of COVID-19 infections in the past 24 hours was ‘deeply concerning’ but stopped short of declaring it a pandemic – which is defined as the uncontrolled worldwide spread of a new disease.

He said: ‘The sudden increase in new cases is certainly very concerning. There is lots of speculation about whether this outbreak has now become a pandemic.

‘For the moment, we are not witnessing the uncontained global spread of this virus and we’re not witnessing large scale disease or deaths.’

His comments at a press conference in Geneva came after the WHO admitted the killer outbreak will never be officially declared a pandemic.”

Never, huh?

Even if it qualifies as a pandemic?

Why yes.

Especially if it qualifies as a pandemic.

Because what better way to eliminate the threat of a pandemic than by refusing to label it as a pandemic, right? In an age defined by System-stamped “experts” routinely proclaiming (and insisting upon our compliance with) complete anti-truths like “Bruce Jenner is a woman”, we should be anything but surprised – or fooled – by such stark raving nuttiness from our increasingly Orwellian wannabe overlords.

Here’s an idea: Why don’t we all just self-identify as immune to Coronavirus?

If Bruce Jenner can “be a woman” by merely self-identifying as one, why can’t we use the same magic trick to beat this bug?

Because, among other things, this virus is nowhere near as crazy or disconnected from reality as the typical System-stamped “expert”, that’s why.

Before I go much farther here, I’d like to pause and focus on one simple and very important aspect of this unfolding drama with minimal distraction. Rather than chase after any of the dozens of very interesting and worthwhile rabbits associated with this amazing unfolding event (all of which I hope to chase down in subsequent posts), I want to make a simple, clear plea for those of you who are reading to prepare yourselves and your family for what is increasingly likely to come.

Prepare for the supply chain disruptions and product shortages that are increasingly likely (though certainly not assured) to follow in the wake of this rapidly escalating situation.

Earlier this month I addressed the preparation aspect of the Coronavirus story this way:

“If things continue along their current trajectory – which I certainly hope and pray they do not – then we probably have a couple of weeks before things get crazy in a big way. By this I don’t mean that the virus will be infecting a bajillion people or that the bug will have mutated into an even worse threat or anything like that. The way in which I’d anticipate things are most likely to get crazy in a couple of weeks if things continue along their current trajectory has to do with public panic. If things progress past the denial/joke phase and on into the “oh man, this is actually happening!” phase, then people will start getting crazy. The herd will stop grazing and start stampeding. There will be runs on food, supplies, and medicine. The medical system will be overwhelmed.

This is why we should be calmy preparing right now.

We should be acting now to ensure that we and our families have the food, water, safe shelter and supplies that they need if things get weird for a few weeks or months.

Not out of fear.

Not out of panic.

But out of a Spirit of true love and responsibility that God has commanded and equipped His people to model.”

Since writing that post, we’ve seen the scenario described take root not merely in China or other distant, culturally dissimilar, underdeveloped lands, but also in Europe, where store shelves in parts of Italy have been cleared out by a population suddenly awakening to the reality of what has come to their land.

The herd is beginning to shift from grazing mode to stampeding mode.

Yet most Americans are still very complacent.

That’s why I wanted to take some time to post this focus on being responsibly prepared.

Maybe this thing will all just blow over and fade away. I sure hope and pray so.

But maybe it won’t.

Maybe it won’t blow over and fade away before making a significant impact on most American lives.

Whatever ultimately happens, the weeks between my last post and this one indicate that things are likely to get much worse in the very near future, at least economically. Now that the stock market has been forced to acknowledge the many serious economic problems coming on the wings of Coronavirus, people are paying attention as never before. Now that our fundamentally fictional and incredibly fragile economy is under serious threat, we are likely to see an entirely different tact taken by the “experts” who were, just weeks ago, joking about Coronavirus and dismissing those who took it seriously as, you guessed it, “conspiracy theorists”.

As they shift gears, the herd of followers that they program will follow suit.

So get your supplies now.

Get what you need to survive for a few weeks (or, better yet, a few months) if you were unable to resupply yourself and your family.

Get enough storable foods. Things like rice, dry beans, and canned foods tend to be great for this. And whatever else you do, remember the can opener! (There’s not a lot that’s more depressing/embarrassing than the thought of dying in a sea of canned food for lack of a can opener, am I right?)

The worst thing that’s gonna happen if you gather up this stuff is that you’ll have a stockpile of food and supplies that you’ll use anyway over time.

Sure, the lunatic “experts” who think Bruce Jenner is a woman will probably think you’re nuts and label you accordingly. They’ll call you a racist for noticing that the virus originated in China and they’ll tag you as “alt-right” for advocating basic self sufficiency and lack of dependence on the almighty state. But who cares, really? Who cares what they think anymore? Who believes them anymore? Who takes them seriously?

Their fake economy is teetering.

Their fake “expertise” is aflame.

Their fake credibility is in shambles.

Their fake power is slipping through their fingers and their precious institutions of centralized power are on the brink of collapse.

And maybe – just maybe – Coronavirus is here to offer up the one little (or large) nudge that tips their whole sorry System of systems over and into the heap of smoldering wreckage that it has always ultimately been destined to become.

Whether or not any of that happens, we should be prepared. Based on the way things are taking shape on the pandemic front, we should be prepared now.

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  1. Good article. Excellent counsel re: being prepared for what may come. I agree, public perception of the spread of the virus may go into a dangerous direction leading to a run on just about everything. N95 masks are already increasing in cost on Amazon and retail outlets.
    I'll PM you with info on our church's group that has been at this awhile — no, we aren't LDS.
    I'll share this article to our preparedness group page.

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