Are people who cannot dissolve a political union really free?

At what point do we break up the U.S.S.A.?

With things like ObamaCare and “Gay Marriage” routinely imposed on us by way of Federal power, should we simply say no to Federal control?

Is it finally time to recognize that The Ring of Power used in DC is not a tool that can be repositioned into an instrument of true liberty and freedom for “we the people” because it is, by its very nature and by design an instrument of bondage, darkness, and enslavement to the Mega State?

Put another way: Were the Anti-Federalists right all along? (Spoiler alert: Yes.)

I’ve been posting articles exploring questions like these for many years now, and while it’s been a long and lonely road for that time, I’m happy to report that more and more people seem to be waking up. They’re beginning to see things that they’ve been told to ignore or avoid considering their entire lives. They’re beginning to seriously ask questions that have been framed as heretical by our corporate overlords, the pop-culture they control, and the state-run child programming factories (“schools”) that we send out little ones off to day after day, year after year, and generation after generation, expressing “shock and outrage” all along the way at how each generation of public school product turns out to be more anti-Christian, more pro-Big Government, and more Marxist than the last.

Then along came Trumpzilla, followed a few years later by COVID, and suddenly we began to see at least a part of the dark, authoritarian spirit of our system – a system literally build on a State/Corporate controlled counterfeit economic construct that literally enriches the criminal elites at the top of this nightmare system the more carnage is unleashed on the 99.9% of us not at or near the top of the greatest pyramid scheme in human history.

Even some Leftists are beginning to notice and dare to ask previously heretical and systemically disallowed questions, as evidenced by a recent article in The Nation entitled Should the United States Stay United? (Their take: Not necessarily.) The articles opens as follows:

“The United States has never been an equal, peaceful, or functional nation, despite what the history textbooks say. It was built from genocide, slavery, and stolen land. This year, the Black Lives Matter protests and the abolition movement, coupled with a pandemic that preys most on people consistently excluded from the broken health care system, demonstrate the lie of our “more perfect union” even more. Will there ever come a time to abandon this myth and the 50 “united” states altogether? If so, is that moment already here?

These are just some of the questions Richard Kreitner invites with his new book, Break It Up: Secession, Division, and the Secret History of America’s Imperfect Union. While secessionism is probably most commonly associated with the Civil War, Kreitner shows that support for disbanding the union has always been present throughout the country’s history and among Americans with contrasting political beliefs, including abolitionists. As Kreitner notes in the book, abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison considered the Constitution “a pact with the devil.” While opposition to the idea of a union existed even within the original colonies, Donald Trump has highlighted the fault lines and contradictions in federalism significantly over the past four years, causing many, including Kreitner, to reconsider the value in staying together.”

This awakening to the legitimacy (and, I would argue, the necessity) of decentralization is one of, if not the most refreshing and inspiring attributes of the post-2016 political landscape. Where successful insurgencies against Globalism like Donald Trump’s victory and the winning BREXIT vote delivered sudden, unexpected (by the Globalists, anyway) haymakers and body blows to what had previously been pitched, marketed, and assumed as an “inevitable”, “progressive” march of humanity into a New World Globalist Order, so too current events like Trumpzilla (which I intend entirely as a term of praise and endearment) and COVID are exposing our massive centralized systems of finance, education, and civil government, to name a few, as far more of a drag on true progress than a benefit.

Moreover, this realization is even now being amplified by the increasingly apparent fact that these systems have not suddenly become detrimental to our liberty, freedom, and ability to pursue a vibrant culture composed of capable, responsible adults. Hardly. The more we look around, pay attention, and actually think for ourselves as 2020 rolls on, the more clearly we can se that these systems are designed to make us little more than tax cattle and human resources to be programmed, directed, and spent as the almighty State and its corporate sponsors sees fit.

And the more we continue down this rabbit hole, the more we will see how long these massive, systemic, and purposefully destructive institutions have been dumbing us down, ripping us off, and literally enslaving us to the privileged few at the top of the pyramid who are granted the power to magically counterfeit wealth out of thin air and then use it to buy everything and everyone beneath them.

These are not new enemies that we’re finally seeing clearly for the first time.

They’re very old ones.

For every Orwellian, inherently anti-freedom NSA, Department of Education, or CIA, there’s an IRS or Federal Reserve that came before it, paving the path from past light into future darkness, all by design.

The sooner we realize these things, the better.

The sooner we’re able to set aside the props, flags, songs, and emoticons used to distract us from even considering, much less diligently pursuing, vital questions like the ones above, the sooner we will move on to the next logical set of questions and begin to ask the questions that will demonstrate just how abused, emasculated, domesticated, and controlled we’ve allowed ourselves to become under the banner of “All-American values”.

The sooner we stop auto-piloting to our programmers’ tune, the sooner we will ask other important and relevant questions, like: Would the Founding Fathers say the Pledge of Allegiance?

When we start thinking this way – when we start thinking for ourselves – the dominoes will begin to fall, and quickly so, as they are now.

It’s still early and there are a lot of dominoes waiting their turn to go down, but the cascade of awakening has begun.

The sea change that our government run schools and Corporate controlled pop culture have sought to prevent or delay is now underway. The Marxists and Marxist sympathizers, some of whom are quite ignorant of their Socialist tendencies and have accidentally slid into “useful idiot” roles as vast swaths of Marxism have been rebranded as “all American” and even “Conservative” over the past 100+ years), will surely do everything that they can to prop up their All American idols, but the gig is up.

The idols are coming down. Some slowly. Some quickly. Probably over an extended period of time punctuated by massive surges of decentralization – the thing that has made the Marxists’ “Long March” into a bit of a bad joke at the end.

It’s as though God, by raising up wave after wave of individual empowering technology over recent decades, has spiked the end of the Long March plan, transforming its lofty goal into a hysterical punch line. The original Globalist/Marxist/Progressive fantasy end point of total global domination through control of centralized institutional powers has been flipped into farce with Marxists finally, after generations of effort, having come to dominate the institutions that they targeted so long ago, only to find those institutions stripped of their credibility, power, and ability to prevent what power they have left from bleeding away as decentralizing technologies empower people to think, learn, communicate, and build for themselves at an ever-accelerating rate.

We covered this bit of under-appreciated awesomeness back in 2018 in The Left’s long march to dominating…dying dinosaur institutions? Here’s what we had to share along those lines back then:

“It’s easy to be distracted from a good joke when the world is burning around you.

But sometimes the joke is so good – so delicious in its irony and powerful in its purpose – that we’re well served to take a sec out of our crazy busy lives to savor the awesomeness of the divine humor playing out around us.

Okay, so what am I talking about? What’s the great joke I think we all need to notice?

So glad you asked!

We’re all familiar with the Left’s “Long March” through the institutions that shape and, in many instances, control culture and civilization, right? Even if we’ve never heard of the Frankfurt School and its long planned SJW/Identity Politics/Cultural Marxism push to infiltrate and eventually dominate institutions like public schools, churches, and mass media, we are living in a culture that has largely been shaped by those people and that march.

What’s so funny about that?

What’s humorous about the Left’s Long March having been so successful over many decades in America that even most professing Christian conservatives are stark-raving Socialists in practice who still keep right on voluntarily feeding their children to the State for “education” in a system built by and for the very worldview advocated by those early Social Justice Warriors who launched the Frankfurt School?

The punchline is this: Even as the Left’s long march nears its goal of total domination of schools, media, churches, and other centralized hubs of power over our culture, you know what else is happening?

The radical decentralization of power, that’s what.

Trough God’s gift of technology, radical decentralization is becoming “the thing” of our age.

Centralized powers in media, education, art, publishing, and everything else are even now being revealed as zombie dinosaurs uncontrollably hobbling toward their own fast approaching graves…all while they pretend to be as legit and super important as ever, of course.

But the gig is up.

The truth is shining brightly, and more so by the month.

Every day more people wake up to the fact that we don’t need these centralized powers controlling how we live, learn, work, think, and create.

Every day more people wake up to the reality that the centralized powers in education, media, and politics are actually our enemies – agents who actively strive to subvert our ability to grow into and function as true adults.

Every day more of us become aware of just how we’ve been sold up the river by systems of centralized power designed to control us through fake money, fake political theatre, fake education, and fake news.

Is it sad that so many professing Christian conservatives still prop up things like the rank American Socialism that has strangled our culture for so long, leaving the masses utterly dependent upon the State?

Yeah, sure.

It is pathetic that even now so many professing Christian conservatives still feed their children to the beast of State-run education?

Oh yeah.

Even so, the bigger picture is quite funny in important ways.

The Left – now accompanied by vast swaths of “Christian conservatives” in America – have marched to near-complete control over most hubs of centralized power in our culture.

And just as these Marxists (and their pawns) have arrived at the doorstep of victory, what has God done?

Broken their precious centralized power.

Through technology.

So yeah, feel free to laugh.

Feel free to enjoy the delicious irony.

The fact that God has such a fine-tuned and awesome sense of humor shouldn’t surprise us at all since He invented and owns humor, laughter, and every other good thing in His creation.

And that, my friends, is a perspective that you will never see taught through public schools or any of the other dying dinosaurs of centralized power.”

2020, and this week in particular, has offered up incalculable amplification of this theme of current and coming decentralization, but one in particular stood out to me on Tuesday at the first Presidential Debate.

It was a massive piece of artwork on display behind the two candidates’ podiums, with a giant bald eagle carrying a banner that read: “The Union And The Constitution Forever”.

They’re still counting on us clinging to their warped, perverted notion of “union” no matter how deep it drags us down into depravity and darkness. They’re still counting on us embracing all manner of Marxist and anti-Christian bilge as long as it’s wrapped in red, white, and blue. They’re still banking on us submitting to an economic construct that pillages and plunders us by design, purposefully enslaving us and making us less capable of standing on our own two feet with each passing decade.

But the end for them has come. It might take a while to unfold, but it’s here.

And that is a very good thing.

While there will no doubt be massive pain involved in our detoxing from state dependence and transitioning into the early stages of an adult-based culture, the true freedom, liberty, and beauty on the other side of the coming storm is more than worth the pain. While the price that we must soon pay for our multigenerational flight from Christ and plunge into Socialism will be great, the chance for our children, grandchildren, and countless future generations to live in a land of true freedom and true liberty with truly free markets and a culture that actually exalts adulthood and responsibility is a treasure that makes it all worth enduring.

Their last ditch grabs for power and desperate attempts to distract or divert our thirst for the real versions of the things they’ve counterfeited will not dissuade us.

Their pathetic pandering and lame attempts to prop up dying dinosaur systems of mass control won’t revive their Long March dreams.

Their day is ending.

Ours has just begun.

“The Union And The Constitution Forever.”

We’ll see about that.

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