When Ted Cruz wins the Republican Party nomination for President of the United States, let’s remember that despite the fact that he may well be a super nice guy and that his father is an impressive man in many substantial ways, Mr. Cruz is, at the end of the day, a classic American Statist deeply committed to fundamentally unbiblical approaches to law, economics, war, liberty, freedom, privacy, and civil government in general. (See: How’s that Pagan “conservatism” workin’ out for ya, Christian?)

Moreover, he’s a classic American Statist who just “happens” to be married to one of the highest ranking folks at Goldman Sachs, which is another way of saying that he’s married to a woman who operates at the highest levels of the Matrixlike System of systems built upon the black magic fiction of fiat economics. To understand what this means at a basic level, please read Fiat $lavery: We have been bought and paid for…with nothing.

So if you think that President Cruz represents a legit path to anything seriously resembling biblically based solutions for the smoldering wreckage that is America, think again. He’s just – at this moment anyway – another American Statist dressed in paganized conservative garb with enough Christian rhetoric sprinkled ’round the edges to dupe masses of American evangelicals prone to proudly swig down and regurgitate everything from Heaven is for Real to whatever Blood Mooning episode the likes of John Hagee decides to parade out and profit from next. (See: The Blood Mooning of American “Christianity”.)

Barring a supernatural combo of conviction, repentance, and the radical reformation of his views at a fundamental level (something God most certainly can accomplish in Mr. Cruz or anyone else and something that we should certainly be praying for where Mr. and Mrs. Cruz are concerned), there can be little hope for much true and lasting good to come of a Cruz presidency. On the other hand, there should be every expectation that under President Cruz’s watch civil government in the United States will continue to grow in size and power as the actual freedoms, liberties, and privacy of the masses continues to shrink…just as they’ve been doing for many generations now under the watch of any number of “conservative leaders”.

So what’s a politically aware and active Christian to do then?!

What’s a thoughtful, serious Christian man or woman to cling to for hope if the most “conservative Christian” of options being offered up by the Pagan Political Right wing of The American Political Puppet Show isn’t actually going to lead us anywhere but deeper into proud idolatry of America itself while growing the very systems that “leaders” like Cruz repeatedly rail about in carefully prepared political speeches?

Well, howsabout this: Let’s simply trust in Christ the reigning King of creation and do what He has commanded and equipped us to do, regardless of whatever happens during this season’s run of The American Political Puppet Show.

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Let’s stop getting all wrapped up in the controlled, contrived political game that is a Corporate owned and operated fiction. Let’s stop hanging on every word spouting from the right head or left head of the American Statist dragon that is killing us and finally, fully grasp the glaring truth that the Pagan Political Right and Pagan Political Left are, in fact, two heads of the same dragon.

Last month in Cruz Control: How Ted Cruz is positioned to win the GOP nomination…and why Christians shouldn’t pin their hopes on it., we tried to remind both ourselves and readers of the need for Christians to avoid the many powerful, destructive distractions of The American Political Puppet Show, keep our politics completely rooted in Scripture, and do the things that our King has placed us here to do:

In this context, the one thing I would encourage every politically active American Christian to do in light of the GOP once again only offering up American Statists to choose from is: Stop looking to the Presidency for solutions.

Stop pinning hopes, burning energy, and spending resources on the top-down approach of American Statism and start focusing on the bottom-up approach of the Gospel-fueled Great Commission.

Stop looking to the State to fix unfixable things (like unbiblical/inherently Statist Public Schools and Social Security) and start obeying God’s clear Word on the subjects of everything from law and economics to art and children’s education.

Stop looking for another Pagan Political Right “leader” or another “expert” to do for us what God has commanded that we do for ourselves.

Stop looking to the State to govern what God has commanded and equipped us to govern as individuals, families, and churches.

That approach – and only that approach – can and will save any culture, no matter how far gone, by the supernatural power of God one salvation and grace-enabled act of obedience at a time.

That approach begins with individuals…spreads through families…and churches…and then permeates and redefines the culture. In that order.

That’s how Christ conquers and restores through His Gospel-fueled Great Commission.

That’s how He has chosen to reconcile all of creation unto Himself by the power of His cross.

And that is something you will never see clearly proclaimed, much less faithfully applied, by any American Statist, no matter how nice and vaguely Christiany they may sound. The Pagan Political Right and Pagan Political Left are two wings of the same Statist Dragon.

God has given us all that we need to revive and restore our dying culture…and none of it requires any “help” from Washington DC (or anyone therein).

Let’s spend our time, talent and treasure accordingly.

As the last GOP presidential nominee wannabe debate of the year gets underway this evening and we’re subsequently inundated with post-game reports and opinions and prognostications from all manner of Pagan and paganized “experts”, let’s remember that The American Political Puppet Show, while funny and sad and tragic and even exciting at times, is still ultimately just a puppet show.

And as this controlled, contrived game runs its course, the real King of all creation (yes, including America) is on His throne. He commands everyone (yes, including everyone in America) to repent and submit to His rule in every area of life (yes, including law, economics, education, and civil government), and He has ordained that His people by His grace with His Spirit in accordance with His Word will make obedient disciples through the power of His Gospel-fueled Great Commission. (See: “…on earth as it is in heaven.”)

So we have work to do. (See: Man up, buttercup. Rome wasn’t conquered in a day.)

His work.

By His grace, for His glory, and to our eternal (and often temporal) benefit.

So let’s get to it…regardless of what any Goldman Sachs sponsored puppet may have to say tonight, tomorrow, or any day thereafter.


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3 Responses

  1. I have just discovered this blog. You have given a lot of rhetoric but made pretty much no suggestions about what one should do politically beyond figure it out for yourself according to your relationship with God. I know that already. I don't need you to tell me what to do but the reason right now I am interested in your opinion is that you have put a lot of time into this, so I am assuming you have something profound to say and perhaps studied some issues that gives you insight. Otherwise why would you write?. I will read more to see if my assumption is right. This was not a helpful essay, at least not to me. What I want, I will speak only for myself, is to do my part, however small, in helping our culture. I already know, as most likely most of your readers do, that the left and right have meshed into one.
    I know I need to seek God, but I also know I need to vote. Like the poster above. What is your opinion? You think Hillary will do better than Cruz? Or just as well? We are going to be voting for someone. Or, is it your opinion that we stay home as many did in the last election. I would really be interested in whether or not that is your view.

  2. So then, we should let the godless and heathen continue to control our country? Are we not to be salt and light in the societies in which we live? The Presidency is not a solution to the problem, I agree, but by the same token, should we not be electing men to office who epitomize righteousness? What a man believes will creep into the way he rules, of this there is no doubt.

    Whom do YOU suggest as a viable Presidential candidate? We have to have someone.

    1. What Cruz believes *in practice* is the religion of Statism. He's a Statist, through and through. While I certainly hope and pray that changes, until it does I cannot support Mr. Cruz, no matter how much Christian lingo he sprinkles around the edges.

      I like Ted Cruz personally. A lot. Even so, he clearly embraces unbiblical approaches to everything from law and civil government to war and economics.

      As for who I may vote for, I am as of yet undecided, but I will certainly not be limiting myself to the options presented by the Pagan Political Right and Pagan Political Left wings of the Statist dragon that is devouring our culture.

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