“We the People” in our “exceptional” pride and unrepentant arrogance have methodically and systematically produced a land and culture loaded with and defined by people who really and truly seem to believe that they are whatever they label themselves to be.

We have men who think they’re women.

We have women who think they’re men.

We have homosexuals who think they’re healthy.

We have “transgenders” who think they’re…well…whatever they think they are at any given moment.

We have white people who think they’re black people.

We even have humans who think they’re animals.

And we have stark raving Socialists who think they’re conservative Christians, including the biblically illiterate strip club and casino promoter who is in the process of sucking up huge numbers of evangelical votes in the Republican primaries.

Welcome to America!

Be sure to take a picture…at this rate, God will likely not suffer its existence for very much longer.

Repent and reform accordingly.


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