“Show your pride and your support for Trump with this exclusive equality tee.”

That’s the tagline posted for a neat new “LGBTQ for TRUMP” shirt posted at the Trump campaign’s online shop (pictured below):


I wonder how many Veep wannabe Mike Pence has ordered?

Whatever the answer to that one, other answers are, by the grace of God, being made excruciatingly plain to all watching this late chapter in American history.

God is showing us something with great clarity here.

Whether we want to see it or not, whether we want to admit it or not, or whether we want to deal with it or not, we are having our own godless pride redundantly paraded about before our eyes, ears, and minds in vivid detail. We are being left without excuse…a thousand times over.

We are being shown “the American way”.

We are being shown where pride – the centerpiece of the American way – ultimately leads any people.

As for the antithesis of pride: Repentance – the one and only true cure for all that ails us, we’re really not into that much at all.

Repent and submit to Christ as King in practice?

Economic practice? Legislative practice? Artistic practice? Educational practice?

Are you kidding!?

This is America!

The “land of the free” and the home of the NSA!

“We the People” do what we want around here! We make the laws! We define reality!

So bring on the $30 pro-LGBTQ t-shirts in the name of Making America Great Again!

Which is another way of saying: We’re not about to repent and submit now, even with all that God has shown us.

(For more on this theme, please read Gay Old Party: How The GOP Is Trading Christians For Homosexuals and What The Republican Convention Taught Us About Christian Prostitution.)


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  1. Treating all people as human does not mean you agree with them or what they choose to do. THAT is Trumps stand. He does not support homosexuality, but he is in the postilion he has to support all humanity. One of those between a rock and a hard place deals.

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