“Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one. You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might. And these words that I command you today shall be on your heart. You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise.

~ Deuteronomy 6:4-7

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge...

~ Proverbs 1:7

Everyone’s a student.

Everyone’s a teacher.

We’re all learning and we’re all teaching in every day that we either witness an action or perform an action that might be witnessed by another. Put another way, we are in a perpetual state of education – a perpetual state of pursuing, acquiring, polishing, applying and imparting knowledge.

Every action flows from a thought. Every thought is the product of a worldview. And every worldview has a foundation. So it is that the concept of education – the pursuit and acquisition of knowledge – is an all-encompassing, everything-touching sort of thing.

In this context we should have no trouble seeing that everything that we do or enable or allow in the name of education tells a watching world (particularly those watching from places closest to us) what we actually believe about reality – about truth – at the most fundamental, foundational level.

The way we approach education tells our neighbors, our community, and our culture what we believe about the subjects covered under the massive umbrella of education, which is another way of saying every subject under the sun.

Or, to be more accurate, under the Son.

Which leads us to the main point here and everywhere else: Jesus.

He is either God and King and Lord over our lives in detail or He is not.

Our answer to that question in educational practice is everything.

The manner in which we approach His lordship over the subject of education – particularly children’s education – will determine much (everything, actually) about the culture and world that is formed generation after generation by the product of the systems we empower to shape and mold the minds of the young.

While parents may think that they’re handing off teaching duty to “the professionals” when they hand their little 5-, 6-, or 7-year old off to the State-run school system, this is only partially true. The hard and ugly truth of the matter is that a parent, through the act of choosing to ship off their precious little Johnny or Jill to Uncle Sam for an “education”, is teaching that child many remarkably evil, life- and culture-wrecking things.

The parent who ships their little one off to the State for immersive worldview training is modeling a certain approach to reality. They’re showing little Johnny or Jill how things are supposed to be done. They’re teaching Johnny or Jill a great many significant things about a great many important subjects, among them that the satanic model for the pursuit of knowledge first introduced to mankind by the serpent in Genesis 3 is the way to go.

In order to help us all more rightly deal with the critical subject of children’s education, I’d like to offer for your consideration the following list of 10 Evils Parents Teach By Sending Their Children To Public Schools:

1. The State should mold the minds of the young. The notion that the State should do that which is explicitly (and purposefully) reserved for the family and the church has become so normal after generations of State-run children’s mind-sculpting that most professing Christians in the land don’t even recognize this profound problem as a problem.

Ask a typical evangelical American – including most “leaders” within the church – whether State-run mind-molding of children should be acceptable within a Christian worldview and you’re likely to hear some version of: “But I went to public school and turned out just fine, so obviously it’s okay to send kids to public schools.”

When someone gives you that answer – or any of its numerous variants – you know that you are speaking with a thoroughly programmed disciple of the State who is so thoroughly programmed that they don’t even see it as programming…which is, of course, the end-product goal of State-run children’s education.

When a parent ships their young child off to the State for years and years of worldview training, that parent is teaching their child is that the State should mold the minds of the young…in direct violation of the crystal clear commands of God.

2. The State should mold the minds of the young in an explicitly anti-Christ manner. Everyone shipping off their little boys and girls to the American State for “education” knows full well that they will receive from said State both A) a form of training that dismisses Christ as essential to rightly understanding anything in His creation, and B) a form of training built upon a philosophy of the pursuit of knowledge (education) lifted directly from the serpent’s tongue in Genesis 3.

When a parent ships their little one off to the State for explicitly anti-Christian training using a philosophy of education that is literally satanic in its origin, that parent is teaching their child is that Christ is not essential to understanding His creation and the satanic model of education embraced by the State is the way to go.

3. The State should exalt itself above all other gods. When the State presumes to sweep aside God as essential to the instruction of the young, it is, by default, placing itself in God’s place.

Interestingly (but not coincidentally), the vast majority of those who do not see Christ as the essential, explicit source, object, and goal of education also tend to view the State as being essential to children’s education.

By shipping off their little ones to the State for education through a system that dismisses Christ as essential to anything while exalting the State as god in practice, parents are teaching their children to dismiss Christ and embrace the State as the essential core definer and manager of law, civics, art, economics, and pretty much everything else.

Including children’s education, of course.

In this, one God (the real One) is replaced with another (the State). Which is, again, precisely the point of State-run children’s education.

4. All lesser gods are to be treated equally beneath the State. Jesus Christ, Allah, Satan, and any other god/religious figurehead must be regarded as equally protected/”respected” under the State, which quite obviously places the State above Christ (who is, it is worth repeating here, to be viewed as an equal of Allah, Satan, etc.). Another thing that should be quite obvious in this context (unless you’ve been “educated” by the State) is that this practically makes State-Supervised Polytheism the official religion of the American State. (See also: State-Supervised Polytheism: The Official Religion Of America.)

5. Statism should be exalted above all other competing worldviews and religious systems of thought. With a Christ-centered worldview swept aside in favor of a man-centered/State-centered alternative, it’s no overstatement to say that, through the example of their actions, parents who ship their children off to public schools are teaching their children to embrace a man-centered, State-centered religion over and above any other religion in practice.

6. Marriage, family, and all other God-ordained institutions are open to constant revision and management by the State. And here we see how parental collapse and surrender regarding Christ as the essential core of children’s education manifests itself in life and culture where the rubber meets the road. With the State as god in practice, State-run “education” will inherently produce more and more bizarre approaches to even the most basic (and once assumed “safe”) of constructs and institutions, like marriage and family.

If the State is out great provider, definer, sustainer, law-giver, and life manager, and Christ is a nonessential, then we will have precisely what we have now and the much worse that is sure to come through the continued pursuit of satanic approaches to children’s education in America.

7. Even gender can be perpetually redefined and managed by the State. Here’s another timely example of what inevitably flows from the gradual, multigenerational replacement of Christ with the State as God in educational practice.

In America and throughout the West, we now know that public schools can’t even rightly handle gender…and yet we still freely send our little children to these systems  for “education”?!

Who’s really to blame here?

Who’s most at fault for the cratered culture smoldering around us as the latest waves of State-programmed pragmatists roll of the State-run education assembly line?

The liberals? The progressives? The LGBTQRSTD advocates?


It’s the professing Christians who ship their little ones off for “education” in a system openly at war with God.

That’s who’s most to blame here.

So yeah, we as Christians have a lot to repent of here – and a matchless opportunity to model the one and only true path to the cultural renewal that we all claim to want so desperately these days. Until and unless Christians model repentance of the anti-Christ approach to education that has created (by design) the State-dependent cultureal trainwreck in which we now live, rather than defending and enabling the State-run mind-molding of the young, we are (and deserve to be) doomed as a people.

When parents ship their little boys and girls off to the State for immersion in a system that cannot even reliably define “boy” and “girl”, they have no business complaining about the life-wrecking cultural carnage that follows.

8. Coveting and confiscating the property of others is legitimate…as long as the State does it for you.

When parents freely choose to ship their little ones off to the State for State-supervised worldview training in a system funded through the forced confiscation of wealth from others, these parents are teaching their children that coveting and confiscating the property of others through the coercive power of the State is just fine.

These same parents are also confirming the truth of several of the ten planks of The Communist Manifesto.

9. The State is above and beyond the Law of God. In a nutshell, when it comes to notions of property rights, theft, covetousness, and counterfeiting, the Statist worldview is openly built upon the notion that the State is exempt from any laws or restrictions that God may have placed on individuals.

After generations of willing submission to State-run children’s education, it should come as no surprise that we have willingly submitted to State-run everything else.

By allowing ourselves to be groomed and cultivated by the State to the point that we automatically assume that the State has the power to “legitimately” counterfeit wealth (through fiat currency), “legitimately” confiscate wealth (through taxation) and “legitimately” redistribute wealth (through various programs like public schools and Social security), we have volunteered to become slaves and potentially secured the bondage of countless generations to come.

When parents freely ship their little ones off to the State for indoctrination in this context, these parents are validating the State’s claim to be above the Law of God. In this, they are validating the State-promoted notion that…

10. The State is god in practice.

When parents freely, willingly, and often happily send their little children off to be programmed and molded through immersion in a system that openly dismisses Christ and exalts the State as the true source, definer, and defender of every good thing one could need in life here “in the real world”, then those parents are teaching their children that the State is God in practice.

Do you want to see the culture turn around?

Do you want to see your children grow in a world that isn’t smoldering in ruin as it circles the drain on its way down into the complete oblivion that’s right around the corner?

Then repent.

Repent of any support or enabling of the satanic model for the pursuit of knowledge upon which our rapidly fading farce of a civilization is currently built.

Repent and reform accordingly.

Live as though Christ is actually King…over education and everything else.

I hope and pray that the Lord will use this article to provoke helpful, if temporarily painful, thoughts to that end.

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