First off, before anyone gets any wacky ideas about hijacking and mutilating the point of this article, let me make something crystal clear: The practice of chattel slavery as practiced in and advocated by the Confederacy was (and is, in the many lands that still practice it today) a vile, disgusting thing. It is one of the most repulsive, dehumanizing, hateful, vulgar concepts possible for one image-bearer of God to impose upon another. God despises such slavery. Therefore we should too, without excuse or qualification.

With that said, there is one more clarification that ought to be noted before we move along to the point of this post: This article is in no way aimed at defending the Confederate States of America. While there are many virtues and vices of the CSA that certainly warrant careful consideration and biblical examination, this post is not aimed at any of that. This post is aimed at clarifying why the Confederate flag (along with all Confederate symbols and icons) is uniquely vilified by the Powers That Be atop the modern American Corporate State.

The flags, symbols, and icons of the Confederacy are vilified because they are feared.

They are feared by the American Statist because of their clear association with the resistance of Federal tyranny, the decentralization of power presently held in Washington DC, and the growing desire of many for peaceful secession from that Federal tyrannical power.

As we touched upon last week in The Great American Purge of Decentralized Thought Continues:

Anyone advocating the radical decentralization of power must be silenced.

Anything inspiring people to seriously consider and possibly embrace such decentralization must be eliminated.

Any challenge to the supremacy and indivisible nature of the almighty American Corporate State cannot and will not be tolerated. (See: The God of Government “Education”.)

[insert “U! S! A!” chant here]

As we covered yesterday in America’s Preferred (and Protected) Symbol of Slavery and Oppression, the increasingly weird, wacky and surreal manner in which The (temporary) Powers That Be in America are striving to selectively malign and banish certain symbols and icons isn’t out of some noble effort to make the world a better, happier place. Not by a long shot. At the end of the day, they’re doing what they’re doing because they aim to banish certain concepts associated with those symbols.

And their target isn’t “racism”.

It isn’t “hate”.

Their target is decentralization.

This is why Wal-Mart still sells the flag of Communist Cuba and still sells Soviet Union flags while both are adamantly and dramatically yanking Confederate flags from their (real and virtual) store shelves.

So the flags of centralized State power are in, and the flags of radical decentralization and secession are out. Statist obsession with centralized power is the unifying theme through which we can accurately see the motive, purpose, and consistency of what’s going on here. While it may seem (and actually be) weird and wacky from time to time as it continues to roll on, there is great clarity of purpose in The Purge after all, if we will only stop to notice.

Anything associated with the radical decentralization of power must go!

It must be destroyed.

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The recent Supreme Court decision to openly declare war on God’s institutions of marriage and family has shaken and awakened many to the truly malevolent and malignant nature of the present Federal tyranny under which we live. (See: “Supreme Court” Votes for Wrath of God Upon America.)

Shockwaves and echoes from that decision will continue to awaken more people as time goes on. American Statists understand this and are acting accordingly to prevent “certain thoughts” from creeping into the consciousness of the masses.

With ObamaTrade, ObamaCare and “gay marriage” scoring huge (if temporary) victories in one week’s time, the precarious nature of our situation here in “the land of the free” and the home of the NSA is becoming clear to more and more Americans by the minute. (See: Will America repent or will America be destroyed?)

This is why it’s so important for the powers atop the American Corporate State to suppress any serious consideration of things like radical (biblical) decentralization of government power up to and including the concept of peaceful secession.

So as the predictable pro-Statist distractions are deployed and the tarring of decentralization and secessionist thought as “racist” continues throughout the Corporate State controlled System of systems, remember to keep your eye on the ball.

Remember that “racism” is not the true primary target here.

Decentralization is.

Advocating the radical, biblical decentralization of power does not make one hateful.

It does not make one “racist”.

It makes them a biblically coherent Christian….which is, of course, the greatest threat imaginable from the Corporate American State’s perspective.


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4 Responses

  1. I think we’re also afraid of what we can’t understand. I can’t picture what it would be like to have fifty different countries, and I don’t like change. I don’t if this sounds weird

    1. Also in my country, I don’t know what if that thing happens. Indonesia is inherently unitary and an attempted federation in 1950 was a failure. I don’t even thought I can identify more to, for example my tribe than identify myself as an Indonesian.

      Tell it to the Indonesians why. Even Christians. We can’t afford another East Timor repeat.

  2. Those who practiced chattel slavery in the CSA were a small percentage, sometimes referred to as the "Planter Elite". Most Southrons couldn't afford to own slaves, they were far too busy eking out a meager existence off the land or trying to make their small businesses work. All the bluster and blather about slavery in the South is easily countered by history: Lincoln didn't care one whit about the practice, so long as he could save the Union. The Emancipation Proclamation ONLY covered those states alleged to be 'in rebellion', not to those states who remained loyal to the central government. Union troops often treated escaped blacks worse than Confederates. And finally, those blacks who fought for the CSA have been largely forgotten, even though there were quite a number. (Yes, SOLDIERS, not laborers, but armed soldiers with guns, uniforms and everything.)

    The Union was NEVER against chattel slavery, only against the splitting of the Union. Americans have been lied to so much about the Confederacy that they will believe anything they hear that reinforces the lie that the Confederacy was an evil entity full of slavers hell-bent on murdering blacks and/or subjecting them to the lash.

    Even the motto of the Confederacy will tell you more than all of the lying Union history books: Deo Vindice (God Vindicates).

  3. Regarding your observations revolving around the recent obsession in this country to banish the Confederate flag, I absolutely agree. My sense, however is that the American public, including a large number of those who we would consider part the church (Christian) have been so dumbed down through public “diseducation” that they are unable to think past what they have been told. It is not out of the question that those who would stand for the Christ of Scripture will be forced to do so as an act of civil disobedience. I hope that we as pastors will teach our folks how to stand in difficult times. Further, we may be the first fruits of that effort. I trust a holy fire will be ignited in the church that will be a powerful standard against evil.

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