All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work.

~ 2 Timothy 3:16-17 (emphasis added)

Do we believe this?

Do we actually believe that Scripture equips us adequately for every good work? As in: Anything that we might do or pursue here in God’s creation? Like politics? Law? Civil government? Children’s education?

If not, then there is no hope…at least for whatever realm or area of life that we imagine to be unaddressed by this passage. (See: Limp Wristed Gospels Make Limp Wristed Cultures.)

If we do not believe that the fear of the Lord really is the beginning of true knowledge regarding anything in His creation (see: Proverbs 1:7) and that His Word lovingly gives us all that we need to experience vibrant, abundant life in every realm therein, then we are likely to produce a culture much like…well…”the land of the free” and the home of the NSA. (See: Are we really free? Do we even want to know?)

If we reject His Word as our standard for law, we will get – and have gotten – a culture in which Christians are jailed for being obedient Christians. (See: Woman jailed for obeying God in America…while Gay America chants “love wins!”)

If we reject His Word as our standard for law, we will get – and have gotten – a culture in which child sacrifice for convenience is “legal” and protected business in “the land of the free” and the home of the self-described “brave”. (See: Selling murdered baby parts in America? Sure. Why not?)

If we reject His Word as our standard for law, we will get – and have gotten – a culture in this the abomination of “gay marriage” is “legal” and “legally empowered” to openly persecute all who would stand upon Scripture in calling it sin and treating it accordingly. (See: Supreme Court” Votes for Wrath of God Upon America.)

If we reject His Word as the basis for our understanding and pursuit of knowledge, we will get – and have gotten – a culture in which each successive generation is programmed by the State to be more pagan, secular, and openly unbiblical than the last. (See: Statism 101: State-run “education” makes a State-dependent population.)

However, if we do believe what God has lovingly revealed so clearly in His perfect Word to us – then there is hope. Then – and only then – there is hope for every realm and area of life in His creation. (See: Jesus Conquers Everything.)

Then – and only then – there is hope for true and just law. (See: Presuppositional Law: Where we begin with law determines where we end.)

Then – and only then – there is hope for true and life-empowering liberty. (See: Enemy of the Statist: Christ-Centered Liberty vs. Man-Centered Tyranny.)

Then – and only then – there is hope for true and beautiful art. (See: Art, math, beauty, logic, law and economics…it’s all about Him.)

Then – and only then – there is hope for true and righteous civil government. (See: Presuppositional Civil Government: Who we view as owning civil government determines how we will pursue civil government.)

Then – and only then – there is hope for the pursuit, appreciation, and enjoyment of true knowledge. (See: Redeeming Children’s Education: Confronting Our Satanic Approach to the Pursuit of Knowledge.)

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The American culture is in flames, Christian, because it has chosen to burn. “We the People” have chosen to make ourselves God in practice. (See: Who owns America? (Hint: Not “We the People”.)

The flames are spreading quickly and climbing higher by the day.

The American culture is dying before our eyes.

But these flames are also giving us even more light. They are providing us with even more helpful, albeit painful, revelation. They are giving us even more clarity concerning the unbreakable nature of God’s Law and the unshakable nature of His Word.

This added light and revelation also further shatters any excuse that “We the People” might have once claimed or imagined regarding our ultimate authority over anything.

The question now, as always, is: Do we believe the Word of God…or do we not?

Will we repent?

Or will we choose death?



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2 Responses

  1. I don't understand, you preach a message that saying "His perfect Word to us" but yet I do not believe you believe we have a perfect word of God. Why do I say this? If you put 5 people in a room reading from Psalms 23, out loud, from their version of the Bible, this is confusion, God is not the author of confusion. In other words, If Jesus came to your church which Bible would he use?

    Satan is working behind the scenes to bring about a global government and one world religion. Part of his plan is to convince Christians to turn in their King James Bibles for "new and improved" versions (NJKV, ESV, NIV, et al) that have been systematically corrupted to advance a New World Order. Once God's people have been disarmed of their spiritual weapon, they will be powerless to stand against it.

    The changes being made in the modern versions are not incidental. They are part of a satanic agenda to undermine key Biblical teachings and prepare the population for an all-inclusive one world religion.

    I believe this is what is wrong with America, we have, (Romans 1:25) Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.

    Of course only the Holy Spirit can convince, convict you. (Psalms 12:6) The words of the LORD are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times.

    (Galatians 3:1) O foolish Galatians, who hath bewitched you, that ye should not obey the truth, before whose eyes Jesus Christ hath been evidently set forth, crucified among you?

    This verse I leave with you to ask yourself, (Psalms 10:5) the wicked, are his ways grievous or do they prosper? For lack of space read the whole chapter of Psalms 10 (KJV) what God says about the wicked. Again, do they prosper, in what? No wonder America is being destroyed.

    1. I did not came tonight for your post, but Psalm 23 led me.
      Too many people do not understand Psalm 23 and if you will 'listen', that is "have eyes to see, ears to hear", I would like to teach you what The FATHER, through The Holy Spirit, has taught me, what Psalm 23 means ….

      A psalm of David:
      ADONAI is my shepherd; I lack nothing. (The LORD provides for all of my needs)
      HE has me lie down in grassy pastures, (HE, The LORD, causing me to lie down in grassy pastures, I am protected)
      HE leads me by quiet water, (HIS quiet water quiets me)
      HE restores my inner person. (when my inner person is at a jumble, HE calms my spirit)
      HE guides me in right paths for the sake of HIS own name. (For HIS glory, not so the enemy can take glory from HIM)
      Even if I pass through death-dark ravines, I will fear no disaster; (HE is always with me, I have no reason for fear)
      for YOU are with me; YOUR rod and staff reassure me. (YOU never leave me, regardless of circumstances)

      YOU prepare a table for me, (dinner is set for me with what I like to eat)
      even as my enemies watch; (and there are many of them)
      YOU anoint my head with with oil (just as Mary anointed HIS body before Passover)
      from an overflowing cup. (can you imagine? what does your faith tell you?)

      Goodness and grace will pursue me everyday of my life; ( goodness & grace — not evil, I will have HIS peace)
      and I will live in the house of ADONAI for years and years to come. (This is a love letter from The LORD, ADONAI, not a death dirge as so many people believe it to be.)

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