So now we have “legalized” “gay marriage” to go along with our “legalized” child sacrifice to go along with our “legalized” porn to go along with our “legalized” adultery-based business models to go along with all the rest of our now flagrantly, obviously, and catastrophically anti-Christ approach to law and civil government.

And in the middle of all of this, we dare wonder why our culture is imploding?


From the purposeful disintegration of marriage, family, and now even gender itself to the ongoing sacrifice of millions of our own baby boys and girls under cover of the perversion of law, we’re finally beginning to reap the full, foul fruit of (still cherished and defended) decisions made long ago to chart a path through law and civil government not centered explicitly on the Nature of God as revealed in His Word and submission to Christ as King in practice.

By refusing to have Jesus reign as King over our law and civil government, we have “freely” chosen what we have now (and the much worse to come).

Did we really think that we could take this route and that it’d all somehow work out well for us in the end?

Did we really imagine that we could “play law” in such a manner and that we would somehow not bring the wrath of God down upon us?

Did “We the People” really believe that we could ever truly “legalize” anything that God has declared to be lawless everywhere in His creation (which does happen to include America)?

Law is His property.

Not ours.

The same goes for America.

It’s His.

Not ours.

The Law and the land are His property, not our playthings.

We are living by His grace on His land right here and now…and we seem to have utterly forgotten that this is so.

Yet it is so nonetheless, and any rational expectation for our being allowed to go on living on His land should be directly associated with our submitting to His unbreakable rules as He has made them plain to us in His perfect Word. For more on this, please read The US Constitution is not the gold standard for law in America (or anywhere else).

This is why we’ve come to a place in America where Bruce Jenner “transitioning” into a Republican Christian woman is a culture-moving event, worthy of praise and Corporate coronation as a supreme example of courage for the world to follow.

This is why we’ve come to a place where those doing the hard, self-sacrificial work of proving Planned Parenthood to be a grotesquely satanic baby mass-murdering enterprise are themselves indicted…while Planned Parenthood itself goes right on “legally” operating as they have for decades now openly murdering babies by the bajillions in unhidden facilities all across the fruited plain.

This is why we’ve come to a place where we cannot even define, much less defend, even the most elementary of concepts, such as gender.

And all of these surreal examples of our ongoing self-disintegration as a people flow from our exaltation of religious pluralism as a virtue rather than the abomination that God has plainly labeled it to be. We still actually believe that the freedom to openly worship false gods is a good – and even God-given – thing.

How satanically proud and stupid can a people become?

Sadly, America now seems to be the answer to that question.

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As all of this unfolds around us and wave after wave of carnage washes over the land and culture, we are even now hearing the same old appeals to the same old systems and same old pagan ideas that brought us here in the first place.

One of those ideas is a “Convention of the States” that would help us to craft a more precise and therefore more helpful version of our present Constitution.

Because, you know, if we just restate certain things a little more clearly or add a little more detail on this subject or that one, then people will start obeying “the law”.

Which is, of course, insanity. (For more on this, please read Why a Constitutional Convention can’t save us…and why so many Americans can’t understand why.)

We don’t need another Constitution that religiously avoids explicit proclamation of Christ as King and subjugation to Him in practice.

What we need instead is a new Declaration of independence from the religion of Statism, which can only be accomplished through a Declaration of complete dependence and reliance upon Jesus Christ, the reigning King of all of creation…including the realms of law and civil government.


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