A true Christian education and worldview centers on the fact that good things are happening and ultimate victory is assured. It assumes and builds itself upon on the inevitable victory of the King of Creation over every realm of His creation in accordance with His unstoppable, unbreakable Word and Gospel-fueled Great Commission.

It’s in this context that even with all of the cultural rot and perversion we see building around us, it’s of critical importance to note the many very significant ways in which things are improving. As things get seem to get stranger and more surreal by the day, it’s vital that we not only notice but praise God and embrace the many remarkable opportunities and victories that He has and is continuing to provide to His people even as our proud, God-hating culture collapses around us.

Last summer in Our Inevitable Victory Over Satanic “Education”, we talked about something that sounds pretty weird to most Christians in America, namely: the inevitable victory of Christianity over anything in the real world.

When it comes to education, the satanic approach to the pursuit and application of knowledge as presented in Genesis 3 has become the presupposed norm for “real world” living in America. It’s quite literally the foundation – the starting point  – of children’s education here in “the land of the free”, with “freedom” meaning the “right” to openly worship false gods, openly celebrate homosexuality, openly sacrifice childrenopenly produce or sell porn, openly promote and profit from adultery, etc.

After many generations of Genesis 3 style satanic “education” in America, the cosmos-shaking lie first pitched by the serpent and embraced by man in Eden is now the cherished and vigorously defended idol of the vast majority of professing Christians in our land. As such, our All-American Genesis 3 chickens are coming home to roost.

But one day much sooner than many (or perhaps any) of us may be able to imagine, all of these satanically and suicidally stupid approaches to education will be swept away. They will be gone. Forever.

As we wrote back in July:

Not that many years from now, Christian children and parents who are thriving in the land we now know as America will look back at all of the excuses, whining, and pathetic, selfish laziness of previous generations who surrendered their children to the State in direct violation to the Word of God, and they will wonder many things. Lord willing, they will seize that opportunity to notice and adore, among other things, the grace of God through the obedient few that He preserved in this present time of rampant laziness, apathy, and unbelief.

God is accomplishing His purposes. He is even now reconciling all things in His temporarily corrupted creation to Himself in accordance with Colossians 1:15-20. He is doing this through His Spirit-fueled people’s embrace and obedient application of His Gospel-fueled Great Commission.

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One of our great advantages in 2016 America is the very large and growing population of Christian homeschoolers who are, buy the grace of God, obeying His Word in making Him the essential core of children’s education. Like so many wondrous moves of God through His remnant people planted in proud, dying cultures that have long faded away into history, this incredible surge of true faith, hope and love in practice isn’t “just happening”. It’s being accomplished by God’s grace through specific people.

I was reminded of this over the past week as I was blessed with the opportunity to spend significant time on Tuesday and Thursday with both E. Ray Moore, the Executive Director of Exodus Mandate, and Kevin Novak of Deconstructing the Coliseum.

Ray Moore has been a force for Christian homeschooling for literally decades now, charting a path toward Christ-centered education in America when the concept of Christian homeschooling was almost unheard of in Statism-dominated America.

Since the Lord was pleased to work through Moore and others like him, we as a people and a culture have been incredibly blessed by the fruits of their labor, however much that fruit may seem to be obscured by the presently persisting and prevalent paper tiger of State-managed satanic children’s education.

Much ground has in fact been gained under Moore’s watch and by way of his faithful efforts, all by God’s grace and all for His glory. And much more ground is there for the taking…if only we too will have faith, believe, and obey our King in educational practice.

The amazing time in which we’ve been purposefully placed and the amazing men and women – lions of the faith – that have come before us to cut swaths through the enemy’s initial lines of defense should inspire us to build on what they’ve done, take once out-of-reach ground they’ve brought into sight, and continue the multigenerational march of victory of the Kingdom of God over and through the very gates of hell in our (and every other) culture in God’s creation.

Meeting, sharing, and bonding with Ray Moore and “next generation lion” Kevin Novak was such an encouragement and inspiration to me that I thought it important to share and encourage others to pray for these men and support their ministries in any way possible.

There is much work to do, and it is being done, no matter how much the world may hope or conspire to stop it. This mission cannot be stopped. It cannot fail. It’s victory has been secured by the King under whose banner His people march and live.

So be of good cheer.


And get to work.

The Christian homeschool movement as it exists today is a force for positive change that was unthinkable just a generation ago, and it is on a course that will make it much more significant in the coming generation.

God is moving.

God’s people are moving.

Aslan is on the march.

And little lions are even now being raised up in the places prepared by the lions that came before them, all by God’s grace, all for His glory, and all to our eternal benefit.


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2 Responses

  1. Wow! I just have to make a rebuttal of the above comment by "nochipforme".
    I thought the article above was excellent. After all, in the Lord's prayer doesn't it say "Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven". It was Jesus Himself who taught us to pray this way.
    The Lord's prayer does not suggest to me that we should all hide in a closet and wait for the so called "rapture".
    How pessimistic is that?
    Also, it must be stated that there are many bad English translations of the bible.
    However, the KJV is after all a translation. It's a very good translation but no translation is a perfect translation of the original manuscripts.

  2. Oh boy, I get to be the first to comment and say how disappointed I am that you seem to have fallen for some very serious deceptions that are among those in churchianity. There is not "good things happening" there will not be a "next generation" all things that are written in regards to these last days will be fulfilled before this generation passes away.

    Do you even Know Christ, the Lord? Read the Authorized King James Bible. These new age perversions really do have a lot of people fooled into thinking that they have the "word of God," when, in fact they are distorted subversions that do not have the sound doctrine, nor the inerrant nature and power of the Living Word of God, which He speaks through.

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