A funny thing happened on the way to labeling any and all Social Justice critics as a bunch of racists.

A whole lot of really funny things, actually, the most recent example being the revelation that Social Justice Champion and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has pursued a vigorous “blackface” hobby over the years, routinely mocking “people of color” while ramping up to impose his Marxist vision and counterfeit approach to morality and justice on the rest of us.

This is the sort of dark comedic stuff that routinely accompanies the Social Justice cult as it confidently marches off the Critical Theory cliff while imploring and, when possible, forcing us all to follow suit. We’ve been chronicling the sheer nuttiness of the SJW crew for a while now in articles like The Revealed Character of MLK and TGC and Critical Race Theory & The Radical Stupidity Of Dividing The Church By Race. In those posts, we noted some of the gallows humor that God continues to shower on these Marxists (and Marxism-influenced dupes) as they pursue their “long march” to dominance over institutions that they hope will ultimately deliver complete control of the culture (spoiler alert: that approach will fail), but the Trudeau deal here is funny in unique ways that we’re well served to notice and enjoy for many reasons, not the least of which is the propensity of SJW-immersed white people to say and do some of the most idiotically hypocritical and downright stupid things imaginable for the sake of advancing their Identity Politics-based counter-Christian worldview.

So as enlightened progressive leaders like Trudeau preen and pose under the waves of wokeness washing over their vacant heads, smiling ear to ear in celebration of the personal role they’ve had in ushering in a new age of suicidal enlightenment, we don’t want to miss out on the accompanying abundance of what should be both encouraging and entertaining evidence of God’s vibrant sense of humor.

Aside from clueless leaders and “experts” welcoming the end of Western Civilization with a self-satisfied smirk, our wokeness-drenched cultural landscape is also, and not coincidentally, littered with countless blindingly white and staggeringly “privileged” Social Justice Warrior foot soldier wannabes desperate to virtue signal their way to progressive credibility by hating on things like patriarchy and God’s created order at every opportunity afforded them by social media.

Even supposedly “conservative Christian” churches are now often riddled with double agents aiming to help bring down The Patriarchy and raise up…well…nothing in particular really, aside from their own status in the ranks of progressivism, since the Social Justice/Critical Theory tools they so proudly embrace (in carefully selected safe environments anyway) are, by design, incapable of building anything. Social Justice/Critical Theory can only tear down. They’re tools designed exclusively for destruction, even (and perhaps especially) in the hands of girlishly emoting beta males.

What we see on display throughout the West in 2019 is a sea of simultaneously self-important and self-destructive virtue-signalers happily waging war (from the safety of a Twitter or Facebook account) on the foundations of actual virtue and celebrating every progressive “victory” along those lines. Little things like biblical fidelity and logical consistency are minor speed bumps to be ignored on the full throttle rocket ride to enlightenment.

Once the consistent application of an objective standard of truth is tossed out the window, ever-increasing hypocrisy, incoherence, and chaos become the inevitable, inescapable norm. Once the champions/chumps of wokeness help lead a culture over the Social Justice event horizon, things spiral downward quickly and, barring divine intervention, there is no escape. Once the black hole of Critical Theory has a culture in its grip, the culture in question is destined to descend to a place so dark, so sad, and so suicidally stupid, that it’s actually, among other things, quite funny.

In a Psalm 2 kind of way. (See: Want to see America in Scripture? Try Psalm 2.)

Which leads us to Canadian Prime Minister and relentlessly virtue signaling poster boy for Social Justice Justin Trudeau, who, for those who’ve been mercifully detached from news cycles over the past few days, has recently been outed as having indulged in what Social Justice warrior wannabes routinely describe as the unforgivable sin of “blackface”. Making matters even worse is that Poster Child and Grand Champion of Social Justice Trudeau has apparently indulged in this sin not once, not twice, but three times…that we know of at this point (the story is still young).

In an article concisely titled “Justin Trudeau, Identity-Politics Hypocrite”, National Review elaborated on the trouble with Trudeau’s dark impulses toward rank hypocrisy:

“He is asking for forgiveness, but he had none for a Chinese peer falsely accused of racism.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is desperately trying to apologize for the multiple times he appeared in blackface. He has asked for forgiveness, blaming his behavior on the fact that he comes from ‘a place of privilege.’ But now, he adds, ‘I have to acknowledge that that comes with a massive blind spot.’…”

But Trudeau is not alone in this blindness. Popular Marxist concepts of Critical Theory and Social Justice are all about promoting blindness and enabling hypocrisy through the selective application of subjective (and frequently shifting) standards.

One of the many darkly comedic realities unintentionally highlighted in recent years by advocates of the culture-wrecking (and inevitably self-immolating) Social Justice movement is the prevalence of blindingly white beta/feminist males and alpha wannabe females so desperate for approval by the enlightened class that they’re willing to openly proclaim and publicly support some of the most flagrantly racist, sexist, intolerant, unjust, and downright hateful concepts imaginable…all in the name of love, tolerance, and justice. Amplifying the absurdity of this scenario is that the blind/blindingly white wokeness zealots in question often spout or promote propaganda crafted precisely to justify the open persecution of…you guessed it…white people.

These are the enlightened geniuses who’ve helped usher in a culture that simultaneously believes 1.) women are deserving of certain privileged treatment (based on Marxist Social Justice theory), and 2. Bruce Jenner is a woman (based on Marxist Critical Theory).

So we should #BelieveAllWomen …aaaaaaand Bruce Jenner is a woman.

See how sane that is?

See how Critical Theory “works”?

See how Social Justice does its thing?

The approach is very simple: Use any means necessary to tear down things you don’t like (gender, gender roles, patriarchy, family, etc.), often by finding the worst versions/corruptions/counterfeits of those things and presenting those worst versions as definitive representations of the targets in question, then leading a charge against the corrupt/counterfeit version and, if all goes according to plan, taking down the original target through a warped version of guilt-by-association.

Through this all-too-familiar and commonly employed tactic an abusive husband becomes the perfect argument against biblical patriarchy and a dysfunctional family becomes a perfect argument against the biblical family. Bad husbands and broken families are used as “proof” that patriarchy and family are inherently flawed concepts at their core.

The same basic approach is used to undermine the biblical Church and various definitive attributes of that institution, like Church discipline. Just find a bad church (or cult or whatever) and an example of poorly or wrongly implemented discipline undertaken within that group, and you have a ready-to-use battering ram to employ in your assault on the biblically defined Church and its biblically defined practice of Church discipline.

The basic idea, as we mentioned, is very simple. It’s also very effective in a culture detached from objective reality, as we clearly are at this point. (For more on this, please check out Why Fakestream News Pumps The Transgender Lie.)

This all-consuming, everything-destroying Critical Theory route is hardly restricted to Leftists and open Marxists. It’s also a preferred approach to cultural transformation for an increasing number of “conservative Christian” virtue-signalers helping to bring down family, patriarchy, and pretty much everything else from within their “conservative Christian” churches. The Southern Baptist Convention’s recent validation of Critical Theory and Intersectionality “tools” tells us that the hour is late and the Critical Theory event horizon is near…thanks, in large part, to professing Christians who are eager to lead, or at least escort, the culture to hell on an Identity Politics rail.

Critical Theory and Social Justice are the preferred tools of the moment being used by Marxists (whether they’re consciously Marxist or not) to take down The Patriarchy, the family, and every other basic building block of a healthy culture. The sooner the Church understands this, the better.

Social Justice is as much about the pursuit of true justice as the likes of Justin Trudeau and Margaret Sanger are serious about truly respecting black people.

Lest we think that a good laugh at Leftist stupidity is the greatest takeaway from all of this, we shouldn’t allow even the parade of dark comedy that is SJW-land to distract us from the many remarkable opportunities provided as a result of the flagrant, and often quite entertaining, hypocrisy of both leaders and followers within the Social Justice movement.

First, we should always remember that our having avoided the foolishness and self-immolating/humiliating aspects of SJW-ism is entirely a gift from God. Apart from His grace, we’d be at least as stupid and self-destructive as even the most stark raving of Social Justice cultists. (For more on this important truth, please check out Never forget that apart from God’s grace you and I are complete morons.)

Second, we should keep in mind that a good number of SJW-inclined Christians are in that place out of a combination of honest (as opposed to willful) ignorance and an equally honest desire to see justice done. They just haven’t got a biblical framework for things like love and justice. We should seek opportunities to help with that whenever possible, beginning by striving to personally model a Spirit of true and perpetual biblical reformation that has us constantly testing even our own most cherished beliefs and traditions in the perfect light of God’s Nature as revealed in His Word.

If we mock SJW-ism and its adherents for their many mockery-worthy attributes and actions without taking the step of testing everyone’s (including our own) theories of justice, economics, education, family, and gender roles by the perfect standard of God’s Word, we will be just another flavor of the same basic problem leading our culture to hell right now.

So let’s not do that.

Let’s enjoy and appreciate the boatloads of side-splitting humor that God is providing through the SJW gang, all while striving by His grace to personally model active submission to Christ as King in every area of life. When we do that, the pursuit of true justice will naturally follow as the Social Justice counterfeit fades away.

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