‘Bout this time last month, ‘Merica was treated to the news that Bruce Jenner had “transitioned” into a Republican Christian Woman.

‘Bout this time last week, news erupted on the Duggar Family front, centering on revelations of serious sexual sin on the part of Josh Duggar when he was in his mid-teens (over a decade ago, if I am understanding correctly – and by pointing that out I’m not at all aiming to minimize the significance of the sin(s) in question.)

In the six weeks’ time encompassing those two stories hitting the news, we’ve chronicled some of America’s ongoing sexual/gender/family transition through the following reports:

It’s not hard to see the trend here. It’s not hard to see the nature and trajectory of America’s presently unfolding transition into sexual, gender and family chaos. (See: Gender Chaos: The Insanity (and Impossibility) of “Sex Change”.) It’s not hard to see that the rate at which this transition is occurring is already alarmingly fast and seems to be accelerating by the day.

In this context, it should come as no surprise that a family like the Duggars has come under extreme assault from our transitioning culture while Bruce Jenner “transition” into a Republican Christian Woman is being very gently, warmly and kindly received at the same time.

How differently have these two stories been reported by Corporate-owned news and media mouthpieces and how differently have these two stories been perceived and digested by masses of Corporate-owned pop-culture obsessed Americans?

How differently have the core worldviews represented by Jenner and the Duggars been represented and subsequently understood by the average pop-culture immersed American citizen?

More importantly, what does all of this tell us about where we are going as a culture, why we are going there, the nature of those leading us there, and what our final destination looks like, particularly on the subjects of gender, sexuality and family?

These seem like fairly obvious (and hugely important) questions to contemplate right about now, so…

In an article last week – If a Duggar came out as a homosexual who’d acted out in their mid-teen years, they’d be the most celebrated creature in the media universe. – I made the observation that there seemed to be quite a lot of purposefully selective application of “shock”, “horror” and “outrage” with the Duggar situation. While what had been reported (regarding the sins of Josh Duggar and perhaps others) was indeed serious and should be treated as such, it was hard not to miss the venom and hatred that this particular family inspired from a very loud and influential segment of the culture.

This is anything but surprising. I’m not “shocked” about the venomous hatred flowing from Corporate/State-directed masses of pop-culture defined Americans, and you shouldn’t be either. We’ve all been aggressively, progressively and purposefully conditioned over the course of many generations now to increasingly revile God’s unbreakable definitions of gender, family and sexuality; and, by extension, those who at least try to hold those definitions high and live by them.

As sinners saved by grace, each and every Christian fails in this, and the Duggars are no exception. The point that is seems to be increasingly clarified with each passing week is that those who dare even try to faithfully proclaim and apply the Word of God in life are going to be more vigorously hated and more openly targeted by those composing the bulk of our increasingly anti-Christian American culture. Those who dare to even attempt to stand on the Word of God in practice in areas of life most coveted for dominance by anti-Christians will be increasingly persecuted and marginalized into silence. This hostile approach to obedient Christians is now the expected and accepted norm in an American culture largely shaped and molded through Corporate- and State-dominated schools and pop-culture.

Pagan Right politicians, however they may pretend and appear to be in opposition, actually conform in practice with their brother and sister puppets on the Pagan Left. (See: Confronting the Gay Orwellian Party: Dragging the Pagan Right out of the closet and into the light.)

Pagan corporations and businesses are even now in the process of pegging the throttle and attacking obedient Christians on the economic front as never before. (See: Banks Inch “Mark of the Beast” Economics Toward Reality.)

And where would the Pagan politicians and these Pagan business types be without the necessary opening made by the Pagan-influenced, Pagan-friendly “leadership” of the professing Christian church? Without America’s  “Christian” Church paving the way for the eventual widespread acceptance of things like Trans-Jennerism by preaching (and living out) a soft, weak “Gospel in a Bottle” worldview, the present high octane (and high success rate) assaults on family and gender would simply not be possible. (See: Beware the “Gospel in a Bottle”.)

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So thanks to our culture’s gates being swung wide open by the professing Christian Church in America, the Pagan American un-definition of gender and family is on. (See: Why is the beast of Socialism eating our children? Ask your pastor. and How has “Christianity” paved the way for gender chaos insanity?)

This is why the Bruce Trans-Jennerism story is being presented with such sympathy, empathy, joy and acceptance by Corporate- and State-controlled mouthpieces, while the Duggar situation is being used as an(other) opportunity to maul and malign a Christian family who is at least trying to seek and apply the Nature of the Lord as revealed in His Word as the basis upon which they dare to live their lives.

Those atop the American Corporate/State empire are doing all that they can to tell us that Trans-Jennerism is beautiful and good. It is the future. It is our future. We should embrace this inevitable future as the sweet thing that it is.

The same leaders, elites and successfully programmed pop-culture drones tell us that “extreme” biblical Christianity and those unhinged, unreasonable zealots committed to the lordship of Christ in practice here and now are…well…pathetic at best, dangerous at worst, and well worth leaving in the rear-view mirror of the Human Progress mobile either way.

Remember always that everyone involved in both of these stories is a sinner desperately in need of the grace of God in order to repent, submit to Him, and then attempt seriously for the first time to walk – all by His grace – in accordance with His Word. Please pray for the Duggars, the Jenners, the Kardashians and everyone else involved in either of these stories. Pray that God will break the unrepentant of their prideful rebellion and continue to inspire His repentant people to increasingly mirror the grace, beauty and truth of Christ in all that they do, though they will sometimes stumble mightily along the way.

While praying, remember to note and plead for this prideful, dying culture on the macro level, too. The Big Picture is bad and getting uglier by the minute, but even this is purposeful and will ultimately resound to the glory of god and the benefit of His obedient people (See: Romans 8:28).

The spiritual darkness is thick and thickening, the cultural carnage is great and growing, and the hour is very, very late.

Which makes the opportunity that we have here and now as Christians all the more amazing!

What better time or place than here and now to faithfully proclaim and apply the Word of God in every darkening realm of life and culture? Law, economics, art, education, politics…they all need His perfect light.

What more desperate need can there be for His lordship in practice than that which we see at every “transitional” turn right here and now in America?

Our realization – and seizing – of that great opportunity is what the present rulers of this present American Corporate/State system fear the most.

The faithful proclamation and application of the Gospel-fueled Great Commission of Jesus Christ by His obedient people is the one thing that they will strive most vigorously to malign, impugn and prevent at all costs…including family, sexuality and even the very concept of gender identity itself. They will do and destroy anything in order to prevent the Nature of God as revealed in His Word from being acknowledged and embraced as the standard by which we are to actually understand and pursue all areas of life right here and now.


On this, all Pagans agree. The Pagan Right, Pagan Left, Pagan Socialists, Pagan business-people…they’re all on the same page. They may each have their own “reasons” for rebellion against God, but they all want the same Christ-dismissing “transition” in America at the end of the day.

They will all hate and work against obedient Christians in their own ways using whatever means available (which are usually the means we choose to give them) if we dare even try to stand against that transition and for the lordship of Christ in practice.

And you know what?

That’s fine.

Let’s just stand anyway.

Let’s do our best to faithfully proclaim and apply His Nature as revealed in His Word in every realm of His creation anyway, all by His grace, all for His glory, and all to our eternal benefit.

Isn’t that a cultural “transition” worth fighting for?


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