Confronting a devotee of The American Political Puppet Show is a lot like confronting a fan of professional wrestling.

While they’ll of necessity concede much of the laughably contrived and choreographed nature of their prized fiction (you can only pretend so much), they just can’t bring themselves to admit what each and every connected dot and rational observation confirms at every point along the path of of examination where where their favored fantasy is concerned. That being: It’s fake.

It’s a fiction.

And a pretty bad and poorly concealed one at that.

Oh sure, there are instances and events scattered along the way that are not as controlled as the rest of the program, but those scripted “wing-it” episode slots are almost always only allowed to occur within prescribed parameters that are themselves designed (meaning, again, contrived and controlled) to propel the whole show on down the track, giving it just enough of a veneer of credibility to maintain a “willing suspension of disbelief” on the part of its fans…or, more appropriately in the case of American pro-wrestling and presidential politics “believers”, a willing suspension of rational thought and sanity.

Talk to a pro-wrestling fan about the farcically fictional nature of their “sport”, and they’ll often concede much early on in the conversation, often out of what seems to be an inherent embarrassment at the position they know they’ve put themselves in (but just cant openly admit and fully face). But at some point along the way they’ll transition into a defense of pro wrestling, claiming that, despite all  – and I do mean all – evidence to the contrary, it is still somehow “real” in a fundamental, sport-legitimizing way.

“Don’t tell me those [insert favorite violent pro-wrestling move here] don’t really hurt! Don’t tell me those guys aren’t really putting their bodies on the line!” And on and on it will go.

Much like devoted fans of the just-as-contrived, just-as-controlled national-level political scene in America.

I was one of these folks for a very long time ’til the Lord opened my eyes, all by His grace (meaning not at all due to anything inherently brilliant or better-than-anyone-else about me).

I bought the whole line: I swallowed the “necessity of the lesser evil” lie and supported the Pagan Political Right as though it was somehow not directly linked to the Pagan Political Left wing of the beast that is devouring America.

Having since repented of my slavery (a bondage that I adored, by the way, since I truly loved the spin, rationalizations, games and propaganda offered up by the Pagan Political Right), I thought I might try to encourage others who are where I once was to think biblically about exactly what is going on here as we ramp up for the big WrestleMania event scheduled for tomorrow: The Iowa Caucuses.

In particular, the Republican Iowa Caucus, since the Pagan Political Right wing of the Pagan Political dragon that is eating us alive has so much more sway over professing conservative Christians in America than does its counterpart on the Left.

As we move into Monday’s Big Event, let’s remember that every Republican seeking the GOP nomination is a stark raving Socialist and Statist.

Every one of them!

(To better understand exactly what this means and why it matters, please consider reading The Ten Commandments of American StatismThe Kingdom of God vs. The (Collapsing) Empire of America and The Many “Conservative” Faces of American Statism.)

Sure, some are more bizarrely anti-Christian than others, like The Donald, who is a biblically illiterate casino and strip club promoter. (Little things like that don’t keep him from receiving the endorsements of “American Christian conservatives”, of course, which alone confirms that professing Christian conservatives are most responsible for leading our culture to hell.)

But even the “nice, ‘Christian'” guys like Ted Cruz are absolutely drenched in Statist religion and a State-centered worldview.

At this point it’s worth revisiting a post we made back in September- 5 things every Statist will agree on at tomorrow’s Republican “debate”. – which included the following tidbits of hopefully helpful info:

As we await tomorrow’s glorious installment of the purposefully never-ending saga of “Pagan Political Right vs. Pagan Political Left” puppet show theater, it seemed like a good time to run down a short list of very telling positions that all of the Statists participating in tomorrow’s grand event will likely agree upon.

Here we go:

  1. They will all likely agree that State-run children’s “education” is a good thing and that it needs to be “strengthened”. Should the subject of children’s education come up, each and every Republican Statist on the stage will address the topic based on the assumption that the State (be it on a national or local level) should be managing the mind-sculpting of our children. (See:Statism 101: State-run “education” makes a State-dependent population.)

  2. They will all likely agree that the overtly Marxist/Socialist State-dependence-generating wealth redistribution program known as Social Security is a good thing and that it too needs to be “strengthened”. US confiscation and redistribution of wealth so that The State might better “take care of” (and thus make more dependent) the average American citizen is now a non-negotiable pillar of modern American Pagan “conservatism”. (See: How’s that Pagan “conservatism” workin’ out for ya, Christian?)

  3. They will all likely agree that we need to maintain a gigantic military engaged in numerous, large scale overseas adventures…even though we are supposedly “broke”. The same “conservatives” who pretend to care about budget deficits and the mountains of debt that we’vealready buried our own children and grandchildren under do not hesitate to spend wealth that we simply do not have in order to feed a gigantic military industrial complex and pursue perpetual war overseas. Perhaps Rand Paul will be an exception here, which would be great, but listen closely for the details in what even he has to say on this. It’s nearly impossible to make a serious run at the Republican nomination while clearly tackling the rank Statism that currently defines the party’s core. (See: Problem>Reaction>Solution – Why we will beg to have our freedoms taken away and go to war forever.)

  4. They will all likely agree that “traditional marriage” should be “respected” and/or “honored” in some vague, subjectively defined manner…while refusing to take a clear stand on the Word of God as the basis upon which marriage is to be understood, defined, and pursued anywhere in God’s creation, including America. Pay particularly close attention to Statists like Mike Huckabee and Ben Carson, who routinely make reference to their personal preferences,personal faith, and “heartfelt” personal beliefs on this, that, or the other thing, including marriage, all while refusing to make the Word of God the standard by which they would see marriage objectively defined and protected.

  5. They will all likely definitely agree that a satanic approach to “religious liberty” – by which Satanism and Islam are “legally protected” – is a good thing. This is foundational to the religion of Statism. In the wake of the Kim Davis/”Gay Marriage” drama, the fact of Mrs. Davis’ initial clear stand on the Word and authority of God as the basis for refusing to “legalize” that which God has plainly contemned as lawless, Republican Statists will unanimously aim to conflate Davis’ initial Christ-centered position with a more vague appeal to “religious liberty”, “religious freedom”, and the “right to conscience”. In this, all Republican Statists will ironically use very Christian-sounding appeals to “religious liberty” in order to preserve the right to, among other things, freely practice Satanism and openly worship Satan in America. (See: Why do we allow the open practice of Islam, witchcraft, and Satanism in America?)

    (We covered this subject in some detail in this week’s Fire Breathing Christian Podcast, which can be heard here.)

We can’t afford to continue pretending that each and every one of these Republican candidates is anything less than thoroughly consecrated to the anti-Christ religion of Statism and the worship of the State as god in practice.

All of the evidence points to the same conclusion, if only we will examine it honestly under the perfect light of Scripture.

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Back in December, we posted What if American Christians were half as committed to obeying Christ as they are to following the Republican Party?, in which we noted that politics aren’t the problem. It’s our allowing the enemies of Christ to define and dominate politics that is the problem:

Despite the thorough manner in which we’ve seen Christ’s creation of politics corrupted, contorted, and perverted into the slimy, steaming pile of filth that it tends to be at its best these days in America, there is nothing inherently evil about politics.

Jesus Christ, the reigning King of creation (see: Matthew 28:18-20) is the One who created the political realm, owns the political realm, defines the political realm, holds the Political Office above all other political offices, and has commanded and equipped His people to reconcile the political realm (and all others) to Himself by the power of His work on the cross and the Gospel-fueled Great Commission. (See: The True Gospel Conquers Everything; The Modern American “Gospel”…Not So Much.)

That’s how we need to understand politics.

That’s what politics are here in the real “real world” – a world that Christ created, owns, sustains,defines, and calls His people by His grace through His Spirit to subject entirely to His will (see: 2 Corinthians 10:5).

This true understanding of politics is what every Pagan or paganized “leader”, “expert”, media tool, and disciple in America aims to distract us from. The true nature and purpose of politics is what every aspect of the manufactured, controlled, and contrived Pagan Right/Left Wing political paradigm is aimed at obscuring and dismissing en route to further establishing an anti-Christ approach to politics. And since politics touches everything, anti-Christ politics leads to anti-Christ everything.

For verification of this principle, just look around the American cultural landscape (a landscape significantly shaped by “conservative Christian” Republicans).

So how’s this Pagan Political Right Wing deal going for us?

How’s our perpetual support of “lesser evils” working out?

What are the results?

What are the consequences?

Do we even really want to know…or would we rather just go on pretending, like good little WWE fans?

We continues the December article with the following hopefully convicting (and subsequently repentance-inspiring) questions:

What if we as Christians spent our political energy seriously and clearly glorifying God above man?

What if Christian political action boldly and clearly reflected what Scripture thematically proclaims is an essential “fear of the LORD”?

What if Christian political action boldly and clearly rejected what Scripture thematically condemns as the life- and culture-destroying “fear of the world” and “fear of man”?

What if Christians actually believed that the primary purpose of politics – as with everything else – is to glorify God? (And by “glorify God”, we mean here the glorification of God on His terms as clearly revealed in detail in His perfect Word.)

What if Christians modeled for the rest of a watching American culture the healthy, life-enabling “fear of the LORD” in the political realm over and above the cowering, whimpering, “fear of man”-driven approach that has come to rule and define American politics (certainly including American “conservative” politics)? (See: The Fear-Fueled Politics of American Statism.)

What if Christians approached politics as if Christ (the reigning King of creation) owned the political realm and all therein instead of as though Christ isn’t really King over politics or America and therefore the Republican Party is “our only hope” here and now in “the real world”? (See: Why are American “Christian conservatives” so ridiculously liberal?)

What if Christians stopped supporting and encouraging a political party that is consecrated to Socialism and Statism in direct opposition to the Nature of God as revealed in His Word? (See: How’s that Pagan “conservatism” workin’ out for ya, Christian?)

What if Christians in America took it upon themselves to acknowledge, repent, and turn away from their pivotal role in leading the culture to where it is now rather than blaming this, that, and every other “evil” group they can point to (Democrats, Liberals, homosexual advocates, etc.), each of whom are only following the “American Christian” example of dismissing anything Scripture says that confronts a cherished idol (like public schools, Social Security, the Republican Party, or even America itself)? (See: Judgment begins with the Church…not the Democrats.)

What if Christians stopped shoveling mountains of time, energy, and resources into the contrived political systems of distraction designed by enemies of King Jesus to waste the time, energy, and resources? of Christians?

What if Christians rejected and opposed the religion of American Statism in accordance with the Gospel-fueled Great Commission?

What if we as American Christians were half as committed to obeying Christ as we are to following the Republican Party?

I aim all of this first and foremost at myself. I’ve had much to repent of when it comes to buying into all of the lies and distractions pitched to me through thoroughly paganized “conservative” politics that pay lip service to Christianity while openly waging war against His rule as King in practice.

I’ve been as duped and distracted as anyone for most of my politically active life, and I thank God for the grace-fueled conviction and repentance that He’s given.

I hope that these questions provoke each of us to increasingly Christ-centered thought, prayer, and perpetual political reformation.

May God grace His people with the brokenness and shame necessary to repent of and repudiate the political puppet shows that have long been used to distract us from our Lord, dissuade us from our mission (the Gospel-fueled Great Commission; see Matthew 28:18-20), and lead us further into the ever-increasing darkness of American Statism…while there is yet time.


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