How sadly appropriate it is that a week begun with relentless media obsession over President Trump having supposedly referred to certain nations as “shitholes” now ends with the looming release of a detailed memo that could seriously threaten and possibly even crack the very foundation of America’s farcical approach to freedom, liberty, and democracy?

Before we get into the four page FISA memo that’s about to nuke Washington, let’s take a sec to focus on this “shithole” concept since it’s both relevant and important to understand right about now.

When Trump uses a harsh term (whatever term he actually used) to describe obviously bad-off, profoundly hobbled nations, he is, whether he fully intends to or not, assessing the consequences or product of the governments of the nations in question. It is these nations’ governmental policies that are largely responsible for the awful conditions that he is pointing toward.

Government control and intrusion in realms reserved by God to the individual, family, and church is a central element in making these horrible national situations possible.

To me more specific and accurate, it’s the metastasizing of civil governmental power at the expense of church governmental power, family governmental power, and individual governmental power that inherently and inevitably leads to the loss of true freedom, privacy, liberty, peace, prosperity, and security throughout a culture and a civilization.

Which is certainly and quite obviously the path that we’ve been on here in the “land of the free” and the home of the NSA for quite some time. It’s just that we have the veneer of fiat wealth to cover and comfort us, so we don’t look and feel like the “lesser” nations we like to look down our collective nose at.

We can fund all manner of asset bubbles (think: stock and home prices), welfare programs, government systems, and military adventures using black magic “money” that we just whip up out of thin air.

We keep our ongoing mass murder of babies nice, clean, and neat in government licensed facilities often found in very nice neighborhoods with well maintained landscaping and good public schools nearby.

So obviously we’re not a shithole.

Or are we?

What if the worst sort of nightmare culture is one drenched in phony wealth to the point that it’s people actually believes it’s right and good to do the many overtly evil things that we routinely do in the name of American-style freedom and liberty every day? What if the worst sort of civilizational shithole, from a biblical perspective, is one that loudly claims to be “Christian” (whatever that means anymore) or to be “based on Christian values” while, in practice, the very same culture extols things like the open worship of false gods and the production/promotion/consumption of porn as “God-given rights”?

What if our civil government’s long running (and quite purposeful) war on church government, family government, and individual government is a crystal clear indicator that ours is a land in the deepest of cesspools…so much so that it’s too drenched in pride to even notice, much less repent and climb out of the sewage?

With these questions in mind, let’s move on to the forthcoming FISA memo, which was described as follows in a ZeroHedge article posted earlier today:

“All hell is breaking loose in Washington D.C. after a four-page memo detailing extensive FISA court abuse was made available to the entire House of Representatives Thursday. The contents of the memo are so explosive, says Journalist Sara Carter, that it could lead to the removal of senior officials in the FBI and the Department of Justice and the end of Robert Mueller’s special counsel investigation.

These sources say the report is “explosive,” stating they would not be surprised if it leads to the end of Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel investigation into President Trump and his associates. –Sara Carter”

While this FISA Memo Event will – and, in part, should be – understood and addressed in a partisan manner, it is vital that, as this memo makes its way into the light, we do not allow ourselves to lose sight of its greater significance when it comes to honestly, accurately, and productively assessing the massive centralized and increasingly Orwellian systems of power under which we now (temporarily) labor in the land currently known as the United States of America.

As we learn more about how American systems actually work, how law is actually applied, and how things like privacy are actually treated in – yes, I’m gonna say it again – “the land of the free” and the home of the NSA, we need to stop deflecting, ignoring, and evading the clear (albeit brutal) truths that God is so graciously revealing at this moment.

As we watch the coming FISA tidal wave roll over DC in the coming days, let’s stay focused.

Let’s not get distracted from larger, overarching revelations, however painful they may be to acknowledge, by focusing completely on the far less significant (though still important) partisan political aspects of the whole deal.

To that end, I’d like to re-share a list of questions that we should always have in mind and be willing to contemplate and discuss here in a land that proudly proclaims itself as “standing for freedom” or “based on Christian values”. This list is taken from an earlier article entitled 13 questions you’re NOT supposed to ask on “Independence Day” in America:

1. From where (or Whom) does true freedom come? (See: What does Jesus bring to politics, education, law, and economics?)

2. Is it possible to attain or maintain true freedom apart from ongoing, detailed fidelity to its Source? (See: Art, math, beauty, logic, law and economics…it’s all about Him.)

3. What does the open, systematic sacrifice of millions of our own children on the altar of convenience and profit tell us about our American notions of “freedom”, “liberty” and “justice” in practice? (See: 51,000,003 reasons why America owes Nazi Germany an apology.)

4. Do Americans really have privacy? (See: Privacy is for masters. Transparency is for slaves. Welcome to “the land of the free” and the home of the NSA.)

5. Can Americans even operate a business in an openly, explicitly Christian manner in America? (See: Get with the Big Gay Program or be driven out of business in “the land of the free” and “the home of the brave”.)

6. What are the Corporate powers who finance, own and operate the American State doing to ramp up the economic persecution of Christians in America? (See: Corporate America’s Big Gay Push (Or: “Mark of the Beast” economics, here we come!)

7. Is handing our children over to the American Corporate State for “education” something we ought to be doing? (See: American Public Schools are Officially Gay.)

8. Can Americans even own a home in America? (See: How “free public schools” make us all renters from the State.)

9. Is the American dollar actually made effortlessly out of thin air by some so that they might control and effectively own everyone and everything beneath them? (See: Fiat $lavery: We have been bought and paid for…with nothing.)

10. Is there really a “God-given right” for Americans to openly worship false gods? (See: Note to ‘Merica: There is no “God-given right” to worship false gods. Repent accordingly.)

11. Is there a connection between our ongoing loss of true freedom and liberty and our ongoing dismissal of the one true God as the essential, explicit Source of said freedom and liberty? (See: Enemy of the Statist: Christ-Centered Liberty vs. Man-Centered Tyranny.)

12. Are Americans really free? (See: Are we really free? Do we even want to know?)

13. Do Christians actually need America? (See: Roaring into Post-America Christianity.)

This are questions that should always be on our minds and in our conversations…even more so as the fast approaching FISA Memo nuke explodes over Washington.


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